Point 3 Types of Automotive Engine Most Popular Today

Highlighting the 3 Most Popular Types of Car Engines Today Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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As we know, cars that want to work need an engine, so the analogy of the engine as the "heart" of cars is not too much. Today's engines are very rich and varied in type. So what are the most popular types of automobile engines on the market today? Let's Thanh Phong Auto Find out in this article!

What is the concept of automotive engines?

A car engine is one of those devices that converts energy forms into kinetic energy. From there, it can create movements for the car as well as other machines.

It can be based on a number of criteria such as: number of cylinders, design, engine speed, fuel used or work cycle, ... to classify automobile engines.

03 Types Of Most Popular Engine Currently

1. Gasoline engine

Highlighting the 3 Most Popular Types of Car Engines Today Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

The gasoline engine is one of the most familiar. Just by hearing the name, I know this is a car engine powered by gasoline.

When the mixture of air and gasoline is compressed at a suitable pressure, at the end of the compression period, the compressed mixture will be ignited by spark plugs by sparking to ignite. When this combustion occurs, it will generate a considerable amount of heat to be able to push the piston from the top dead point to the lower dead point, at this time the crankshaft will rotate and simultaneously will transmit motion to the gearbox and the end. The same is to the wheels.

Spark plugs are one of the hallmarks of a gasoline engine. Therefore spark plug is also an indispensable device of this engine.

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2. Diesel engine

Highlighting the 3 Most Popular Types of Car Engines Today Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Diesel engines are also one of the most popular automotive engine types on the market today. Diesel engines are also known as diesel engines.

Diesel oil will be injected into the combustion chamber at the end of the compression-expansion period, instead of using spark plugs to be able to create electric sparks to burn the gas mixture. From there, under the impact of high pressure and temperature of the compressed air spontaneous combustion will occur.

Heating spark plugs are a new concept for some diesel cars. When winter comes, the compressed air will not produce the pressure and temperature needed to ignite when diesel is sprayed because the combustion chamber in the engine is cold. For that reason, we need the presence of a spark plug to enable the combustion chamber to warm before the engine is started.

3. Electric motor

Highlighting the 3 Most Popular Types of Car Engines Today Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Electric motor is the next name that Thanh Phong Auto wants to talk about. This engine will be different from the two types of engine because this is the type of engine that generates kinetic energy by electrical energy. Electric motors are motors that will be gradually replaced by internal combustion engines in the future.

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* Compare 3 types of engines for advantages and disadvantages




Gasoline engine

- Has good acceleration

- The sound is not too noisy, the engine operates smoothly

Structure of complex gas distribution system

- No high load capacity

- At normal temperature, gasoline can easily catch fire, endanger life and property

Diesel engine

- Has very good tensile strength and has good heavy load capacity

- A diesel engine can only ignite at high pressure and high temperature, making it very safe. Diesel is not capable of igniting at room temperature

- The diesel engine has no carburetor and no spark plugs, making it simpler to construct, very durable and with little damage.

- Sometimes, when operating, it makes a lot of noise.

The size of the diesel engine is large, heavy and quite bulky.

- The speed of a diesel engine is likely to be lower than that of a gasoline engine.

- Diesel engines have a higher compression ratio, so components such as high pressure pumps and injectors require durability and high accuracy, thereby making the price high. 

Electric motor

- There is no exhaust gas out.

The electric motor is easy to assemble and has a simple structure.

- Has a very high efficiency in converting fuel to mechanical energy.

- When operating, it does not cause loud noise.

Since the main material of the engine is electricity, it is very easy to supply the material (only need to charge).

- The energy reserve battery will quickly degrade after a period of using the engine.

- Cannot be flexible because it takes a lot of time to refuel.

- Not able to create large capacity and the battery pack has a long life because technology is limited.

The above article Thanh Phong Auto has introduced to you the 3 most popular automotive engine types on the market today. With the above sharing, Thanh Phong Auto hopes that you will have a deeper and more multi-dimensional view of these types of automotive engines.

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