3 Notes When Customizing, Repairing and Changing Car Lights Should Refer

Led Bar Lights With Extremely High Lighting Intensity Can Cause A Lot Of Trouble For Car Owners.

Car lights are likened to the eyes of a car. They not only have the effect of increasing visibility for the driver but also have an aesthetic meaning, showing the spirit of the car.

However, after a long time of use, the lighting system is difficult to avoid the old, dim, damaged condition. If you are looking to repair and upgrade car lights, do not ignore the following article. Thanh Phong Auto will share important notes when intending to repair, customize, and make lights for your pet.

What should you keep in mind when repairing and adjusting car lights?
What should you keep in mind when repairing and adjusting car lights?

Some Common Mistakes In Headlights And Underbody Lights Of Cars

1. Common faults in headlights

Headlights often have problems due to the following errors:

  • Dim headlight light: due to not cleaning the bulbs regularly.
  • One side light does not light: due to a broken wire on one side connected to the headlight.
  • The headlight light is flickering: due to a loose or short circuit in the neck of the light switch.
  • Headlight does not light: due to sudden increase in generator voltage or lamp operation for too long.

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Car Headlight Light Error is Dim, Flashing.
Car Headlight Light Error is Dim, Flashing.

2. Common errors in car underbody lights

Car underbody lights often have problems due to:

  • Car underbody lights flashing: lamp condition degrades when used for a long time.
  • Car underbody lights are weak: because the diffuser of the underbody lights has a lot of dirt.
  • The car's underbody light does not light: the generator's voltage is high and has been operating for a long time.

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Issues to Pay Attention to When Repairing Lights, Tuning - Car Lights

1. Check the status of lighting system before repairing

Before repairing the lights, tuning - making car lights, please check the light bulb system, see if they have the phenomenon of burning balls, broken filaments or not. Then identify the cause and provide timely treatment according to the need. Specifically, in the case of a headlight bulb burn, you should replace the bulb with a new one to ensure the safety of everyone during the trip.

2. Comply with the steps of checking and repairing lights, tuning - making car lights

Steps to check car lights you need to follow:

  • Check the operation of the headlights.
  • Check tail lights, fog lights, brake lights, especially at night or in a dark garage for best results.

After the inspection is complete, you should determine the cause of the failure of the lighting system. In the case of replacing car headlight bulbs, first find the position of the lamp holder. Next is to remove the lamp holder and the burned out headlight bulb. Finally, insert the new headlight bulb into the lampholder and reassemble the removed parts.

You should install the bulb in the correct slot, do not let the rubber gasket stick out. Besides, it is recommended to wipe your hands clean before installation to limit grease from sticking to the glossy surface.

You Should Choose A Reputable Garage To Check And Repair Car Lights Properly.
You Should Choose A Reputable Garage To Check And Repair Car Lights Properly.

If you do not have experience and techniques in repairing car lights, the best option is to take the car to the garage. A reputable garage will have full tools, specialized machines as well as experienced car repairmen. They will quickly detect the cause of the failure of the vehicle light system, thereby offering a timely treatment plan and repairing it in the fastest time.

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3. Note to fix, customize - car lights do not violate the law

Many car owners often customize – add headlights, fog lights, especially led bar lights (a bar with many led lights) to make their car “cooler”. The price of these lights is only from a few hundred to a few million dong, with specialized types for off-road people going off-road, it can be up to several tens of millions.

The installation of light equipment is quite simple, so many people often manually upgrade their cars according to their needs and preferences. However, adding more lights can break the law and expose car owners to the following problems:

Clause 2 – Article 55 of the Law on Road Traffic: Vehicle owners are not allowed to change the vehicle's structure, system, and overall components with the manufacturing/renovating design approved by a competent authority.

Clause 3 – Article 16 of Decree 100/2019/ND-CP: Driving a car with additional lights in front, back, on the roof, under one or both sides of the vehicle will be fined from 800 to 1 million dong. At the same time, the driving license will be revoked from 1 to 3 months.

Document No. 6688/DKVN-VAR of the Vietnam Registry Department: Installing additional lights for cars in violation of regulations will be refused by the registration units for inspection.

Not only that, high light intensity for cars (especially led bar lights) can also cause glare, potentially causing many traffic accidents.

Led Bar Lights With Extremely High Lighting Intensity Can Cause A Lot Of Trouble For Car Owners.
Led Bar Lights With Extremely High Lighting Intensity Can Cause A Lot Of Trouble For Car Owners.

Therefore, if you want to upgrade your car's lights, you absolutely must not change the original design and design of the manufacturer yourself. It is best to go to a reputable garage to be consulted by a technical staff for a suitable modding plan, ensuring both aesthetics and class, while complying with the provisions of the law.

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Above are Thanh Phong Auto's shares about the notes when repairing lights, tuning - making car lights. Thereby, to increase visibility and ensure safety when participating in traffic, you should take your car to a reputable garage. We believe that with modern machinery and tools and skilled technicians, the car's lighting system will work well, stably and aesthetically.

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