3 Notes When Repairing Exhaust System, Exhaust Pipe, Car

The Car Exhaust Tuning Market Is Growing More and More
Latest update date: February 12, 06

The current trend of car exhaust is being cared for by many people, including the owners of cars. There are people who just want to create accents, slightly change the shape of the car exhaust and the explosion will remain the same. Besides, some people want to change the design of the car, while making the sound quieter or more brittle. Because of the increasing demand of users, the market of car exhaust also becomes more active than before.

So you know before the exhaust pipe for cars most need or not? These Note when fixing the exhaust, the car exhaust Below, you can refer to a number of related issues, avoiding violations of applicable laws and regulations.

The Car Exhaust Tuning Market Is Growing More and More
The Car Exhaust Tuning Market Is Growing More and More

3 Notes When Repairing Exhaust System, Exhaust Pipe, Car

1. Read carefully before making a decision

Proceeding to the top of the car brings a whole new look to your car. The car after the exhaust will have a new appearance and the sound seems to change even more.

Many car owners express their opinions that: Driving a car after the exhaust level brings a lot of excitement and excitement. The sound of the car is lower when the car rolls in the inner city, the car when traveling on the highway is soaring than the original one. The car exhaust sound loud, brittle also need to make sure your car has good soundproofing. Because otherwise the cockpit in the car will be annoyed by the exhaust. Not only that, when the car owner chooses the bonnet in a sporty, sophisticated style, it also consumes fuel of the car and the cost is also quite high.

Therefore, you need to make sure you have a clear understanding of the vehicle and the type of exhaust you want to choose from.

2. Learn the common potty categories

On the market today, exhaust pipes are used for customizing cars. It will depend on the model, version and specification, preferences of each individual.

Car owners will choose the exhaust level according to their vehicle and preferences
Car owners will choose the exhaust level according to their vehicle and preferences
  • Decorative exhaust

This type of car exhaust has the least expensive initial investment. Because the installation does not affect the structure of the main exhaust. Automobile exhaust for decoration is simply a piece of tail is added to look almost identical to the type of car, certain models that the owner wants.

Currently, there are many types of exhaust pipes to adjust cars like Lexus, BMW, Mercedes ... The advantage of car decoration is easy to install, the original explosion of the car is not affected, the cost is Low investment, does not consume too much material.

Pô decorated cars is the choice of most owners of medium-class cars but wants to create impressive and luxurious cars for themselves.

  • Car exhaust creates a sporty sound

This is the type of car exhaust that car owners need to replace both the exhaust pipe from the body mount to the top of the pipe and the exhaust bulb. Because the installation is sophisticated, detailed and requires a high level of expertise, the price will also be more expensive than the decorative exhaust. But in return, car owners can choose the type of sound they want.

The cost of installing this type of exhaust pipe is usually higher
The cost of installing this type of exhaust pipe is usually higher

The type of car exhaust sound after the warmth, the more warm the price will be higher. Information from the manufacturer said that installing this type of exhaust can make the capacity of the machine increase by 2-3 horsepower. The only downside to this exhaust is that it uses a lot of fuel in the car and the noise will be louder, requiring the car to have a good soundproof system.

  • Car bonnet 2 mode switch switch

This is the type of car topology where there is equipped with an additional switch so that the driver can easily adjust for themselves the mode of original car or sports sound. This type of topology has the highest installation cost. The highlight of this type of exhaust is that it is possible to flexibly adjust the sound mode of the exhaust depending on the purpose of use by the vehicle owner.

The 2-Mode Switch Mode is the highest priced car exhaust system
The 2-Mode Switch Mode is the Highest Priced Type of Exhaust

+ Note: 2 Experience and 4 Criteria for Selecting Car Locator

3. Find out about the installation process and pricing

It can be said that, among all the top-over car types, the top trim is the cheapest and very easy to install. There are two types of car topology: the sport acoustic muffler and the two-switch switch top have a higher price.

You should go to the car depot facilities reputable to be assured of product quality.

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