4 Parts to Pay Attention to When Maintaining a Car

4 Parts to Pay Attention to When Maintaining High-Quality Cars at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Maintenance is the process of operating equipment regularly and continuously in a relatively fixed cycle. Regular maintenance helps you quickly detect errors encountered to promptly repair. In fact, the maintenance process is often quite long, so we often overlook some parts.

The following Thanh Phong Auto Please send to the 4 parts to pay attention to when maintaining and checking cars regularly.

1. Tire department

The part that decides directly the process of operating the car is the tire. This is a user-friendly section. Therefore, the tire is the part that needs to be checked first.

Tires are the part that directly determines the operation of the car, which is the tire
Tires are the part that directly determines the operation of the car, which is the tire

According to the production units, the tires usually have a maximum lifespan of about 4-5 years, which means the estimated running time is from 6500 to 8000km at maximum. This happens in conditions where the vehicle does not experience any major problems and stable weather is not harsh.

In fact, the quality of roads, the weather and the way you drive are not always in the best condition, so tires are prone to damage. Usually tOn the tread surface, there are deep grooves, each depth is about 1.6 mm. This is the minimum safety depth of each tire, which makes it easy for users to check tire wear periodically.

A small note: When you look at the wheel (inner and outer edges), if you feel that there are uneven burrs or the tire is worn out, you should replace the new tire.

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2. Brake pads part

4 Parts to Pay Attention to When Maintaining High-Quality Cars at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

When stopping, if the tire is a direct contact between the vehicle and the road, the brake pads are the connecting parts, receiving orders from the engine system to brake on the tires. The brake pads of cars are different from bicycles or motorcycles, they follow a fairly complex system. So changing the brake pads of cars depends on the driver's driving style, the weight of the car, the status of the brake discs and the quality of the brake pads used.

To know when the brake pads need changing, you should often visit the garage to check. In some cars, the manufacturer has integrated brake pads warning lights on the taploboard for easy use. In addition, in conventional vehicles to know the brake pads are due instead, they can be detected through the sound emanating from the brake pads.

When the brake pads wear, a metal bar attached to it will touch the brake disc, which will emit a creaking sound. Now you should bring it to a reputable repair center for quality and whether you need to replace it now? Don't go too long with the brake pads having problems if you don't want to lose extra money for it.

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3. Car engine oil

4 Parts to Pay Attention to When Maintaining High-Quality Cars at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Engine oil is considered as a lubricant to help the internal components work in the most smooth way. Over time, the flammable gas from the cylinder and the heat from the engines and some small metals will contaminate the oil, leading to reduced performance. This increases the possibility of damage to internal engine parts.

Periodically, users should replace engine oil after 3 months of use, that is, have traveled about 5000km or more. Some economical engines can increase the use time of engine oil to 8000 to 10000 km before they need to be replaced.

Today, luxury cars are equipped with a state-of-the-art monitoring system, which works on the principle of driving and operating the engine to determine the time it takes oil change.

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4. Car air filter

4 Parts to Pay Attention to When Maintaining High-Quality Cars at Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

With the air filter clinging to a lot of dirt, over time it will cause a blockage, causing the engine to operate quickly hot without continuous cooling. This is also the cause of fuel wastage, reduced engine capacity, ...

According to the manufacturers give advice: users should replace the air filter after 10.000km in good climatic conditions and roads. In addition, in some cases, the air filter cannot be used after about 2000 km.

Some car parts also need to be paid attention to such as cooling solution, bearings, bearings ... They all have a life of use that needs replacing after a while.

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Above are the 4 parts of the car to pay attention to when performing maintenance. Wish you always have a fun journey with relatives and family.

If you want to find a quality and reputable car maintenance and repair unit, you can contact Thanh Phong's service. Thanh Phong Auto will surely bring you absolute satisfaction with its services.

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