4 Notes When Repairing, Installing A Car Reverse Camera You May Not Know

4 Notes When Repairing and Installing Car Reverse Cameras You May Not Know Professional Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Almost everyone knows that a reversing camera is a modern technology device that supports safe driving. Using a reversing camera when driving brings many utilities, reducing collisions and ensuring safety for people in the car and other vehicles moving on the road. However, sometimes the reversing camera will still have problems that lead to malfunctions that need to be replaced. In order for you to gain the necessary information about the reversing camera, we invite you to follow along Note when fixing, attach the car reversing camera through the article below.

Reversing cameras are used a lot when reversing, especially in areas where the area is narrow and visibility is limited. Reverse camera can also be used in the case of vehicle control in the dark, rain or fog. Because the design of the reversing camera can see the rear view, drivers will not need to turn back or look through the rearview mirror to determine the location of the vehicle reversing. This is a good way for drivers to look directly through the in-car DVD screen to keep a safe distance from obstacles that actively handle situations.

The Reverse Camera is a device that warns of danger behind the vehicle with images
The Reverse Camera is a device that warns of danger behind the vehicle with images  

4 Notes When Repairing, Installing A Car Reverse Camera You May Not Know

A back camera for cars

Car reversing camera is an eye-sighting system mounted on the rear of the vehicle, which is used to provide images for drivers to observe through the screen in the car.

Thanks to the reversing camera, the traffic on the road becomes more convenient, limiting the blind spot compared to watching with the rearview mirror or turning your head back. This technology device makes backing up and parking easier, easier and safer.

The reversing camera design is good for everyday vehicle control situations. The subjects that control cars suitable for reversing camera use are: People with poor visibility, weak drivers, people who often move at night on small roads.

  • Advantages of reversing camera in case of parking

Rear camera has the role of providing extensive images behind the car, the rear end. The driver can base on the image of the distance to keep a safe distance with obstacles behind. Because it is a visual warning device, drivers can observe the images on the screen, determine the distance through the display lines.

  • Advantages of reversing camera while backing up

The camera provides a rear view image to ensure the driver does not collide with obstacles. Especially thanks to the reversing camera, drivers can observe well behind to promptly handle unexpected traffic situations behind the vehicle.

Reverse Camera Device Brings Many Advantages When Used
Reverse Camera Device Brings Many Advantages When Used

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Common mistakes when fixing a car reversing camera

  • Camera reversing car after using time will encounter a few errors. Such as:

The car reverse camera is faulty when the driver sets the reverse gear, but the space behind the car is displayed on the screen. This error can have many causes. Especially the following reasons:

+ The rear camera is loose at the end of the jack, so it does not have access to power to be able to operate.

+ Because the screen of the reversing camera fails to work, which leads to the setting of the reverse gear, the screen also stops working.

+ Due to the occurrence of cases of broken lines, faults, wire stamping.

+ Time to use the car reversing camera for so long has made it degraded and "dead".

The screen does not display images due to many reasons
The screen does not display images due to many reasons
  • Reverse camera is broken, when the driver to set the reverse gear, the camera does not work.

+ The reversing camera is blurry, no longer seeing clearly because of the dust on the lens.

+ The camera line may be damaged or defective.

+ The rear camera has signal noise that can no longer see clearly due to a third device causing noise.

+ Reverse camera set up error should appear upside down image, lost the distance bar.

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How to fix the car reversing camera

Most when the car reversing camera encounters such minor errors, it can be fixed at home.

The Reversing Camera Device Is Slightly Damaged Can Be Repaired By Yourself At Home
The Reversing Camera Device Is Slightly Damaged Can Be Repaired By Yourself At Home

In order for the car reversing camera to work effectively, lasting life, you need to see the following 4 notes:

  • Clean, clean the camera backwards periodically.
  • Regularly check the screen and the cable to make sure it is still good.
  • If there is a problem with the reversing camera line, it is necessary to replace it with a new one, re-adjust it to avoid causing the camera to be completely damaged in the long run
  • If you are not confident in your workmanship, you should go to reputable units for repair support.

Hopefully the information we share will help you have the most specific view of the car reversing camera and know how to repair when it fails. Thank you for following the article.

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