Guide 5 Methods to Reduce Turbo Delay in Cars

- Instructions on 5 Methods to Reduce Turbo Lag in Cars
Latest update date: February 12, 06

For cars, turbochargers are a device that plays a very important role in increasing the power of the engine. Because of that, turbochargers have been used very popular in the field of cars. Although possessing great advantages, turbochargers exist at the same time a number of disadvantages that need to be overcome. One of the downsides of this device is turbo lag.

The article below of Thanh Phong Auto Will provide you with information on 5 methods to reduce turbo lag in cars. Stay tuned to capture these secrets for sure!

Here are 5 ways to reduce turbo lag in cars.

1. Turbo lag concept

The turbo lag is calculated from the moment the throttle is opened sharply until a sudden rise in torque is felt from a turbocharged engine. The turbo lag occurs at about the time that the engine generates enough exhaust pressure that rotates the turbo and injects air into the engine.

Turbo in the car
Turbo in the car

To be able to overcome the turbo lag is actually not possible to use in a single way. The best way is to make a combination of a converter, cam, compression ratio, displacement, gear system and even a brake system compatible with your car's turbo. Along with Thanh Phong Auto refer to 05 ways below!

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2. Addition of Nitrogen Oxide

Nitrogen Oxide supplementation will be the first choice for reducing turbo lag. The reason this can overcome the turbo problem is that Nitrogen Oxide will increase the pressure in the cylinder. Now the exhaust will bring that energy to the turbo almost instantly.

However, attention should be paid to the air and fuel ratio to ensure compatibility with the added oxygen content, ensuring no engine damage.

Nitrogen addition reduces Turbo lag
Add Nitrogen to reduce Turbo lag

3. Increase compression ratio

Now, with the improvement of the fuel system as well as the cooling, the compression ratio can be increased to 15: 1 - 25: 1 making the process of pressure boosting efficient by compensating heat and pressure.
However, in the 80s, this was difficult to do because the engine part of the car at that time had low compression ratio, almost no power.

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4. Add a flue gas valve

With a smaller exhaust chamber, the turbo will be adjusted to ensure operational efficiency. To use high-pressure exhaust gas at a high speed, an exhaust valve should be added.

For a turbo to work properly, in many cases it is possible to use 3 to 4 exhaust chambers. Therefore, adding an exhaust valve is relatively easy to implement and effective in reducing turbo lag.

5. Combined with stepless gearbox

Stepless gearbox
Stepless gearbox

The turbo lag is effectively reduced if turbocharger provides continuous air flow to the engine. Larger engine capacity (for certain capacity) when combined with a gearbox will help turbocharger generate power close to the peak. As a result, turbo lag will be kept to a minimum.

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6. Turbocharger in a row

Want to get turbochargers in a row needs to perform turbo coupling. Small turbo with revs from 2000 - 4000 rpm and the second turbo from 4000 - 6000 rpm. Although this is an effective way to reduce turbo latency, it is a relatively complex system, high cost and less used for gasoline engines.

So Thanh Phong Auto has introduced you to 5 methods to reduce turbo lag on cars effectively. However, to be sure that your car is having problems and how to fix it, it is best to visit quality car repair and maintenance facilities.

Thanh Phong Auto is proud to be a reputable, effective automobile repair and maintenance unit in Ho Chi Minh City. Come to Thanh Phong so your driver can be cared for and maintained in the best way.


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