9 Things To Note When Car Brake Repair

9 Things to Note When Repairing Professional Car Brakes Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

Job car brake repair is a way to help you completely overcome problems related to the car brake system. When the braking system ensures accuracy, it also means that the occupants and the vehicle are safe. Do you know what a car brake system is and how important it is? There are some Note when fixing the automobile brakes Which? To find out more information related to this issue, go to Thanh Phong Auto Follow the article below.

Repairing car brakes helps ensure safety when driving
Car brake repair helps to ensure safe driving. 

9 Things To Note When Car Brake Repair

Car brakes and some common diseases in brakes

The car will not be complete and safe to drive without brakes. Braking is a system that helps you slow down when a car is operating. Therefore, the regular maintenance and timely repair of car brakes is very important. Some common problems in car brakes:

Low brake oil level

Car brakes work on the pressure of brake fluid. If the brake fluid pressure is good and stable, the brakes will operate smoothly. On the contrary, if the brake fluid is low, the car will sound when the brake is loud, the brake pedal is heavy, low, even losing the brake.

The cause of low brake fluid level is due to the vehicle leaking oil or not being refueled periodically.

  • Vehicle leaking oil: If on the Taplo the brake light comes on, the main cause is a leak. At this point, you need to check the details in the car brake system: brake cylinders, brake shackles, brake fluid pipe… When detecting a damaged position that affects the level of brake fluid, it should be repaired and replaced immediately. Only when the problem is resolved should you drive.
  • Vehicles that are not periodically refueled: To check the brake system can rely on the color of the oil. Usually car brake fluid is light yellow or colorless. After a while, it will turn darker, which is a warning for you to change the brake fluid. Better yet, you should change the brake fluid periodically to ensure safe driving and increase the life of your vehicle.

A low brake fluid level is one of the Common failure of the brake system, so you should pay attention to check regularly.

Brake leakage also causes car brakes to stop working
Brake leakage also causes car brakes to stop working

Brake pedal low

The cause of the low brake pedal may be because the brake pad adjustment bar at the rear wheel of the car is stuck and adjusted incorrectly. You just need to reinstall the adjustment bar to restore the original height of the brake pedal.

Light brake pedal

The reason for the slight brake pedal is the air inside the brake system. Or it could also be due to the inaccurate exhaust process, the brake fluid level is low. Now you need to discharge the wind or add brake fluid to the inside of the system.

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Brake pedal vibrates

Worn brake pads or Car brake disc is warped, having uneven wear causes the brake pedal to vibrate. When applying the brake pedal, the brake pads clamped to the disc are faulty, causing uneven force on the wheels, causing vehicle vibration.

To check the brake disc on a car, remove the wheel, remove the brake disc on the front or rear wheels of the vehicle. Then observe how the level of scratches and abrasion of the brake disc surface is. Depending on the case you can smoothing the surface of car brake discs or replace the brake pads with new ones, check the brake discs to make sure they match.

Note, need Check and maintain the brake system (brake pads) periodically, usually after 2 years of use.

There are many reasons for the brake pedal to vibrate
There are many reasons for the brake pedal to vibrate

There is noise when braking

Normally, only when the brake pads are worn out, the brake lining wears off, when the brake pedal emits an unpleasant noise. If the owner does not replace the brake pads, the brakes will wear at a very fast speed, creating many scratches around the brake disc circumference.

Vehicles floss to the side when braking

The main cause of this phenomenon is the uneven brake balance on the two front wheels. It could be because the right wheel has more braking than the left wheel, or vice versa. However, whether the brake on the wheel is better, it will also lead to the case when the brake is shifted to one side.

It is not too difficult to fix this problem of car brakes
It is not too difficult to fix this problem of car brakes

Hard brake pedal

Usually, common, normal, brake booster will assist in braking, so you won't need to apply too much force to brake.

However, when the brake force of the car is broken, the brake pedal will be much harder. Particularly with this problem, you need to check the vacuum pipe to handle promptly.

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Origin of Spare Parts

On the market today, there are more and more fake and poor quality auto parts and accessories. Very few people are able to tell the difference because they look quite similar to the genuine product.

To ensure that you do not buy the wrong product, it is better to find a reputable car repair center. You will be advised and selected genuine replacement parts, suitable for the vehicle condition. The quality of the vehicle after the replacement of parts is not reduced. As a result, the life of the vehicle is increased. 

Cleaning Brake Mechanism

When cleaning the brake mechanism, it is necessary to pay attention to the nature and characteristics of the terrain of the area, the frequency of travel of the vehicle to take appropriate cleaning measures. Periodic maintenance of the car is very important, it is necessary to clean the car according to the instructions of the technical staff.

Car brake construction
Automotive brake design.

The reason to choose Thanhphongauto is the car brake repair place

We are known as one of the best car repair and maintenance specialists. All items of cars on many different models are repaired by us.

Our unit assembles a lot of highly trained and skilled technical experts with many years of professional experience. The system of modern and specialized machines should ensure the quality of repairs.

Not only that, all items used to replace cars are taken directly, with clear origin and without intermediaries. The price of our products is considered to be the most competitive in the market.

All warranty policies on products and services are provided to customers in the most transparent way. At the same time, we are committed to delivering products on schedule, dedicated service.

Hope the above information will help you have the most specific view on the repair brake system car. Thank you for taking the time to read the article.

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