5 Notes When Using Hoods, Canopies, Car Sunshades

5 Notes When Using Quality Car Hoods, Covers, and Sunshades Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
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The installation process of hoods, tarpaulins for cars is one of the methods to protect cars from the sun and dust of the environment that is applied by many people today. In the article below, we will learn about hoods, car covers and 5 things to note when using them. hoods, tarpaulins, car sunshades.

Awnings, hoods, and car sunshades are quite commonly used
Awnings, hoods, and car sunshades are quite commonly used  

Why use tarpaulins, hoods, car sunshades?

For the weather changes such as hot sun, dust, rain,…. The canvas cover (hood), car sunshade is the solution many people choose to protect the longevity and beauty of the car.

1. Effect of tarpaulin (covering) of cars

Car tarpaulins are capable of calming from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius compared to the weather outside. This effect helps to keep your car in the coolest state possible, especially during hot weather. Most car covers are made from high quality tarpaulin covered with waterproof PU paint. This detail helps to protect the car from rain damage.

If you have a lot of children in your home, then wearing a hood will be an incomparable way to protect your driver from their hands. Even if you park your car in the garage for a long time, this hood will effectively protect your car from dirt.

Covers are very suitable for outdoor use to help protect the car from sun and dust.
Covers are very suitable for outdoor use to help protect the car from sun and dust.

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2. The effect of car sunshades

The front glass of the car is always covered with light-colored film so the driver can observe the traffic. Therefore, this area always receives a lot of heat from the sun and accidentally causes the interior to heat up especially when parked in the sun. This is where the sun visor exerts its effects.

Sun visors are often used for steering glass and tables with help protect 2 parts. The canvas cover of the sun visor works to reflect ultraviolet rays, reducing the temperature to be absorbed into the car. So you can feel secure even if you have parking in the sun. Usually sunshades are made from lightweight materials so it is very convenient for users.

Sunshade helps reduce heat radiation for the vehicle
Sunshade helps reduce heat radiation for the vehicle

Things to note when using hoods, tarpaulins, car sunshades

When using a hood, canvas, sunshade, the following should be noted:

1. Do not cover the car when leaving the car outdoors for too long

Tarpaulin can cool the car and help it avoid dirt when outdoors, but do not leave the car in a covered state for too long (many days). The reason is because this will make the car always in a state of being sealed, not ventilated very easily damaging the interior.

2. Need to pay attention to fold the canvas properly

Tarpaulins are very big and bulky, so folding properly will save you a lot of time and effort. In addition, this helps the canvas less smudged and lasts longer.

3. When parking in the sun and for a short time, use a car sunshade

When you are on the road and want to go in the hot weather but want to stop for a cup of coffee or a meal, you should use a sun visor. This helps keep the inside of your car always at a stable temperature despite long parking in the sun. Only a small detail can help you extend the interior life of the interior.

Using a tarpaulin (hood) and sunshade is essential to help protect and increase the life of your vehicle from the effects of the weather. However, in order for them to be fully effective, you need to use them properly

How to choose a sunshade for cars

1. Do not choose dark canvas

Many people prefer to choose a dark tarpaulin, which is black, to look cleaner but unaware that dark tarpaulin will absorb more heat.

You should only choose light-colored awnings
You should only choose light-colored awnings

It is best to look for bright tarpaulins and have 2 layers (the outer layer is polyester with the forehead added the heat sink, the inner layer is cotton canvas). This type of tarpaulin is popular with many users because it is not waterproof, reduces the effects of heat radiation and is durable and easy to clean. If there are stains or dust, just spray water on it can clean.

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2. Choose tarpaulin suitable for vehicle size

Should choose a tarpaulin that fits the vehicle size – neither too small nor too large to:

  • The tarpaulin fits tightly to the body of the car, does not swell to occupy the area when covered.
  • Easier to cover and fold the canvas during use.

To own a canvas of the right size, it is necessary to clearly tell the seller about the model and model of the vehicle so that they can make the most suitable choice for you. Don't generalize as 7 seater, 5 seater, 4-seat car cover... because the number of seats can't show the standard car design and size.

3. Choose tarpaulin with full function of heat dissipation & insulation

Many people misunderstand between car tarpaulin and car tarpaulin leading to wrong purchase. It is important to understand two types of tarpaulin as follows:

  • Car tarpaulin is a common tarpaulin made of fabric, usually only 1-2 thin layers are sewn to block the sun, prevent dust and help cars avoid light impacts from the outside.
  • Car anti-heat tarpaulin is also a tarpaulin, but has additional anti-heat effects for cars thanks to its multi-layer structure (including insulation - heat dissipation). Car anti-heat tarpaulin has 2 or more layers. 

You should buy car anti-heat tarpaulin to protect the car's exterior under the effect of heat. At the same time, it prevents the increase of cabin temperature if parking for a long time in hot weather.

4. Choose tarpaulin with reflective material

Buying a tarpaulin with reflective material offers many practical benefits. Reflective material has the ability to reflect, reducing the heat flow through the canvas into the car. As a result, effectively insulate the car.

Currently, there are two types of reflective tarpaulin on the market: silver tarpaulin and aluminum tarpaulin. Compared to durability and efficiency, reflective tarpaulin is far superior.

Choose a Car Cover with Reflective Material
Choose a Car Cover with Reflective Material

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5. Choose canvas with fixed lanyard & reflective strip

When buying a tarpaulin, you should choose a tarpaulin with a tie top and reflective strip. The lanyards fix the canvas so it doesn't fly out of the car in the wind. Reflective strips help warn pedestrians about the vehicle's position when it's dark. Usually, long reflective canvas is added to the rear of the car, the front of the car and the sides of the rearview mirror.

6. Consider tarpaulin material

Car covers should choose soft materials, avoid hard, rough fabrics, fabrics because it is easy to rub against the car shell to scratch the outside paint. Prioritize tarpaulins lined with cotton or felt inside.

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