Reputable Auto Insurance Sales Address In Ho Chi Minh

Address to sell Prestigious Auto Insurance in Ho Chi Minh
Latest update date: February 07, 06

In modern times, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation in the daily lives of many people in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City. However, owning a car also means facing potential risks on the road, from small collisions to more serious accidents. To minimize the financial burden and ensure the safety of yourself and your beloved car, finding and choosing a suitable auto insurance package is essential.

For those who own a car, car insurance is considered a very necessary "shield" to protect assets and share financial risks in the event of an accident or incident. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many reputable and professional insurance companies providing insurance services auto insurance package Diverse, with comprehensive insurance coverage and many attractive incentives. Their transaction offices and auto insurance sales locations are widely distributed throughout central districts as well as suburban areas, meeting the needs of customers in every location.

Operating for many years in the auto repair industry, it is also an affiliated unit of many reputable insurance companies, Thanh Phong Auto Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each insurance package, confidently bring the best choice for customers.

Prestigious car insurance agent in Ho Chi Minh City
Prestigious car insurance agent in Ho Chi Minh City

Prestigious Full Package Auto Insurance Sales and Repair Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City

Witnessing many car owners buying the wrong insurance package leads to inadequate protection when encountering risks such as accidents, theft, etc. Thanh Phong Auto Always try to provide the clearest information about each type of insurance, each insurance company so that customers can choose the insurance package that best suits their needs and finances.

Present, Thanh Phong Auto has been associated with many reputable domestic and foreign insurance companies such as: Bao Viet, Liberty, MIC – Military, Aviation – VNI,... with purpose:

  • Provide auto insurance cards to customers (including compulsory civil insurance and voluntary material insurance).
  • Repair accident cars under the authorization of compensation from affiliated insurance companies.
  • Operating with prestige - dedication, Thanh Phong Auto confidently ensures the best benefits for customers when using the service.
Thanh Phong Auto - Providing prestigious car insurance in HCM
Thanh Phong Auto – Providing prestigious car insurance in HCM

Reasons to choose to buy Auto Insurance at Thanh Phong Auto

  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each insurance company, depending on the needs of the customer, they will clearly and accurately advise the appropriate insurance package.
  • Affiliated with many insurance companies should bring a variety of options, customers are not forced to buy insurance from any company.
  • Support quick procedures.
  • Directly inspecting and repairing accident vehicles should be dedicated throughout the validity of the insurance policy.
  • Guarantee payment, protect customer interests.
  • Notice of renewal of insurance policy, ensuring the car is protected throughout.

Owning a team of enthusiastic and professional staff, Thanh Phong Auto will help customers learn about the terms, conditions and coverage to make the most accurate choice. At the same time, with many years of experience and reputation in the auto repair and maintenance industry, Thanh Phong Auto also ensures thorough vehicle inspection and repair, maximum protection of the interests of customers in the event of an accident. problem.

Important Notes When Buying Auto Insurance

1. Choose the right auto insurance package

There are four popular types of auto insurance on the market today:

  • Compulsory insurance for civil liability of motor vehicle owners.
  • Insurance of vehicle owners' civil liability for goods transported on vehicles.
  • Physical damage insurance for motor vehicles.
  • Insurance for passengers in cars and auxiliary drivers.

In addition to the first form of compulsory insurance, the remaining 3 types of insurance are voluntary. You should choose an insurance package that is suitable for your financial ability, vehicle usage and travel environment.

Civil liability insurance for cars
Civil liability insurance for cars

* For example, a car should usually buy body and water damage insurance. Service vehicles should learn more about insurance for occupants and co-driver accidents. Trucks and pickups can purchase additional insurance for goods transported on the vehicle. High-end cars should invest more in parts theft insurance.

2. Choose a reputable insurance company

Each insurance company will have different reputation, financial size, type of insurance, premium rates and terms. Therefore, besides comparing quotes, you need to carefully research and prioritize reputable names in the industry.

Refer to some reputable auto insurance companies:

  • Bao Viet Insurance: As a leading large insurance brand in Vietnam, providing many auto insurance packages with transparent terms, ensuring maximum benefits for customers.
  • Liberty Insurance: Reputable auto insurance company with wide coverage, good compensation policy and standard linked car garage system.
  • MIC Insurance (Military): Being a reputable insurance unit not only with units under the Ministry of Defense but also trusted by people thanks to its professional service system, wide coverage, and very competitive premiums in the insurance market.
  • Aviation Insurance (VNI): Providing a variety of auto insurance solutions with effective risk management consulting services and reasonable fees.
  • PVI Insurance: Prestigious insurance company with many years of experience in the industry, flexibly resolving and quickly compensating when customers have an accident.
  • PJICO Insurance: A reputable insurance company with great financial potential, providing a variety of auto insurance packages to meet most of the insurance needs of customers.
  • BIC Insurance: Offering customers many quality insurance packages at reasonable costs, wide coverage and flexible additional terms.
  • ...

3. Learn carefully about repair services

You should learn carefully about repair services and repair partners of insurance companies when you need to buy auto insurance. Because a reputable repair unit will inspect the car accurately, repair it carefully, helping you to ensure your rights when something goes wrong.

4. Learn carefully about insurance rules

The rules and provisions in the insurance will tell you about the rights, obligations and exclusions from indemnification. Therefore, you need to read the contract carefully before signing to buy auto insurance, to avoid shortcomings in the compensation process when facing risks.

5. Choose the appropriate deduction level

When buying auto insurance, you need to choose the appropriate deductible (the amount you share the risk with the insurance company in each loss) to ensure the best benefits when something goes wrong.

For example: If the deductible is 1 million, the customer will pay by themselves if the loss is less than 1 million. In case the loss is higher, whether 10 million or 100 million, the customer only pays 1 million, the insurance company will pay the rest.

The lower the deductible, the higher the premium, and vice versa. You need to consider and choose a deductible that suits your financial ability and your vehicle's insurance needs.

- Reputable Auto Insurance Sales Address in Ho Chi Minh
The most reputable address for selling auto insurance in Ho Chi Minh City

Thus, the article shared information about Address to sell Prestigious Auto Insurance in Ho Chi Minh and important notes when in need of buying auto insurance. Any questions, you can contact Thanh Phong Auto for quick advice and support!

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance

1. What type of auto insurance is required by law?

According to Vietnamese law, car owners are required to buy one Civil liability insurance of motor vehicle owners. Other types of insurance such as material covered, vehicle occupant insurance is voluntary.

2. Is it mandatory to buy car body insurance?

No, buying body insurance (also known as vehicle physical insurance) is completely voluntary, depending on the needs and financial ability of the car owner. However, this is a very useful type of insurance, helping to protect assets and minimize financial risks when the vehicle has an accident or collision.

3. What factors do car insurance premiums depend on?

Auto insurance costs depend on many factors such as:

  • Car value
  • Vehicle type (passenger car, truck, passenger car, etc.)
  • Purpose of vehicle use (business or non-business)
  • Vehicle age
  • Driver's experience and age
  • Coverage
  • Insurance company
  • Exemption/deduction level

4. What is the appropriate deductible level to choose when buying auto insurance?

The deductible level you should choose depends on each individual's financial capacity and risk tolerance. Normally, the common deduction level ranges from 500.000 VND - 2.000.000 VND. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium and vice versa.

5. Should I buy car insurance online?

Buying car insurance online has many advantages such as convenience, time saving, and easy comparison between insurance packages. However, when buying online, you need to carefully learn about the website's reputation, insurance terms and conditions, and rules in case something goes wrong. It is best to buy at officially authorized agents/websites of insurance companies.

6. Do I need to buy insurance for a newly purchased car?

Newly purchased vehicles still need to purchase at least mandatory civil liability insurance to be legally circulated. In addition, you should consider purchasing additional physical insurance (body) to optimally protect the vehicle, especially during the initial period of circulation when the vehicle value is still high.

7. How to claim insurance compensation when the car has a problem?

When your car has a problem, to claim insurance compensation, you need:

  • Call the insurance company's hotline immediately to notify and receive instructions
  • Collect documents and invoices related to the incident
  • Take photos of the scene and vehicle damage
  • Provide all documents required by the insurance company such as: vehicle registration, vehicle registration, personal documents, insurance certificate...
  • Do not relocate the scene without the insurance company's consent (except when required to ensure safety).
  • Cooperate with insurance companies during the loss assessment process

8. Are there any promotions when buying car insurance?

Many insurance companies and agents often have promotions and discounts for customers buying auto insurance, especially on holidays. You can research and choose to buy at the right time to save costs. However, besides promotions, you also need to consider other important factors such as insurance company reputation, benefits, customer support services...

9. Should I buy car insurance annually or for many years?

You can choose to buy car insurance annually or multiple years (2-3 years) depending on your needs. Buying annually will be more flexible, you can easily change insurance companies if you are not satisfied with the service. Meanwhile, buying for many years often offers reduced fees and is more convenient, but you will be "bound" to one insurance company for a longer period of time.

10. Can I change car insurance companies before the contract expires?

Most insurance companies do not allow customers to change companies before the insurance contract expires. In case you want to switch, you may have to cancel the contract with the old company and buy a new one. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before deciding to buy insurance to avoid incurring unnecessary additional costs.

11. What are important notes when using auto insurance?

When you buy auto insurance, you need to note:

  • Bring all insurance documents when traveling
  • Comply with traffic laws, do not use the vehicle for illegal purposes
  • Preserve and maintain the vehicle periodically
  • Provide complete and honest information necessary for the insurance company
  • Immediately notify the insurance company when an incident occurs
  • Do not arbitrarily repair or remedy the consequences without the consent of the insurance company
  • Cooperate with insurance companies throughout the process of incident resolution and compensation

12. Does car insurance include broken glass insurance?

Depending on the insurance package you choose to purchase, glass breakage insurance may or may not be included. With basic physical insurance packages, it usually only covers broken front windshields. To be insured for all vehicle glass (windshield, door glass, side glass, rear trunk glass, sunroof...) you need to purchase a comprehensive physical insurance package or purchase additional terms.

13. Is an insured car covered when loaned to someone else?

Most insurance companies still insure cars in cases where the owner lends the car to someone else. However, the car owner needs to ensure that the borrower is qualified to drive the vehicle (has a valid license, is old enough, does not violate prohibitions such as using alcohol, drugs, etc.). If an incident occurs, the car owner must still work directly and provide all relevant records and documents to the insurance company.

14. Does auto insurance cover damages and incidents the car encountered before participating in insurance?

No, auto insurance only covers losses and incidents that occur during the validity period stated on the insurance policy. Damages and accidents that occur before the time the insurance policy is issued will not be covered.

15. Does car insurance cover car devaluation?

No, car insurance does not cover the depreciation of the car after a period of use. The decrease in car value over time is inevitable, is not considered a loss and is not within the scope of insurance compensation.

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