Quotation for Prestigious and Quality BMW Car Paint Service in Ho Chi Minh City

Bmw Car Painting Service

Do you own a BMW but have used it for a long time and have an old phenomenon, scratched paint? Or do you want to "change the color of your shirt" to refresh your pet's style?

A glossy coat of paint will add class to a car, but not everywhere can afford to paint a BMW. If you are looking for a reputable car repair and care center, with experience in painting beautiful standard cars, Thanh Phong Auto confidently applies.

Learn about our services, BMW car paint quote by Thanh Phong Auto through the following article.

When Should You Paint a BMW Car?

There are 3 common cases of repainting BMW cars:

  • Cars are scratched and unsightly: If a BMW car has a collision or an accident that causes the paint to be scratched, it needs to be repainted to ensure aesthetics. Depending on the degree of paint scratch, the car owner will choose to paint miles or paint crank accordingly.
  • Old faded cars: If BMW cars have been used for too long, the paint color is faded, and the car is no longer as shiny as new, it should be repainted.
  • Car owners want to refresh the car color: In case the car owner wants to change the paint color according to their preferences, according to the trend, according to feng shui, etc., it is completely possible to change the color of the whole car with the form of crank paint.
Scratched Car Needs Repainting
Scratched Car Needs Repainting

Factors That Determine The Price Of BMW Car Paint Service

The price of BMW car painting services will be affected by the following basic factors:

  • Size and type of vehicle: The price of BMW car paint will depend on the size of the vehicle. If the 7-seat BMW is larger than the 4-seat car, the paint cost will also be higher. The type of vehicle also affects the price of paint, as each type of vehicle has different characteristics and requirements in the painting process.
  • Paint type: The type of paint used is also an important factor in determining the price of BMW car paint services. High-quality and durable paint will cost more than affordable paint. In addition, paints with special features such as anti-noise paints, heat-resistant paints, resistant paints, etc. will also have higher prices.
  • Paint method: There are many different paint methods applied in the process of painting BMW cars, painting the whole car is usually more expensive than painting each part.
  • Car scratches: If your car is scratched too much, the surface preparation process will also take more time and manpower, so the price of paint will also increase.
  • Accessories, paint technology: Using high-end paint technology and accessories also increases the cost of BMW car paint compared to old paint technologies.
Bmw Car Painting Service
Bmw Car Painting Service

The price of BMW car paint service will be specifically announced by the paint unit after directly checking and assessing the condition of the vehicle. Therefore, if you want to know more about the cost of painting services for BMW cars, you should directly contact reputable paint shops for detailed advice and quotes.

Quotation for BMW Car Paint Service at Thanh Phong Auto

Operating for many years in the auto repair, maintenance and care industry, Thanh Phong Auto has experience and competence in BMW car paint, committed to bringing the most satisfaction to customers. In each car case, the team of technicians carefully examines and evaluates, advises and quotes in detail each car paint solution for customers to choose.

Refer to the standard car paint price list of Thanh Phong Auto:

Price list for car paint in Thanh Phong for reference
Price list for car paint in Thanh Phong for reference
Car Paint Color Changing Price List
Car Paint Color Changing Price List

Depending on the vehicle model, each vehicle problem and the individual requirements of the customer, the quotation will have changes accordingly.

Reasons to choose Thanh Phong Auto's Car Paint Service

  • Car painting is not difficult, but for perfect and smooth paint results, it requires skill, paint quality and paint technology to be good. And with a team of professional technicians and modern facilities, Thanh Phong Auto confidently provides high-quality BMW car painting services with the following commitments:
  • Painters are skilled, experienced and skilled in car painting, ensuring standard color mixing, correct spraying techniques.
  • The consultant is knowledgeable about feng shui, aesthetics and trends, advising customers to choose the most appropriate paint color (in case the customer wants to change the color of a BMW car).
  • Transparent service quotation, clear warranty policy.
  • Strict painting service process, carried out in a modern paint room according to standards.
Car Painting Service at Thanh Phong Auto
Car Painting Service at Thanh Phong Auto

In particular, Thanh Phong Auto provides a variety of high-quality car repair, maintenance and care services to meet most of the customer's car care needs. We have 2 large facilities in District 7 and Nha Be, customers can rest assured when leaving their cars for a long time at the garage.

Whether luxury or affordable cars, Thanh Phong Auto always provides quality car painting services, using genuine paint with standard processes, ensuring smooth, shiny, durable paint, worth the cost. that the customer spends.
If you have any questions that need to be answered, contact our hotline for dedicated advice!

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