Price List for Mitsubishi Car Parts 

Price List for Mitsubishi Vehicle Parts 1 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

"How much is the price of Mitsubishi car parts?" This is a question that many people are interested in and sent back Thanh phong During the past. To answer questions for customers Thanh phong studied and synthesized price list spare parts Mitsubishi in the article below. Please refer to more.

Price List for Mitsubishi Vehicle Parts 2 Thanh Phong Auto HCM
The Mitsubishi Attrage Car Line

Quotation Of Latest Mitsubishi Auto Parts

Note:  This price list is compiled from suppliers of tools, supplies and components. The price and equipment category may have different carriers with slightly different prices by brand or region.

(This price list of Mitsubishi auto parts is studied for updates in the period of 2017 - 2019)



Unit price


Average price of Mitsubishi Zinger motor shaft

1.300.000 VND


Front balance rubber Mitsubishi Zinger

90.000 VND


Front balance tuner Mitsubishi Zinger

350.000 VND


Centrifugal radiator fan Mitsubishi Zinger

1.000.000 VND


Mitsubishi Zinger hydraulic team

200.000 VND


Set of balie cos 0 Mitsubishi Zinger

900.000 VND


Set of bearings 0 Mitsubishi Zinger

850.000 VND


Mitsubishi Zinger front brake pads

650.000 VND


The rear lights in the Mitsubishi Zinger 

1.250.000 VND


Air filter for Mitsubishi Zinger

200.000 VND


Sensor / switch for Mitsubishi Zinger reversing

550.000 VND


Right rear tail light Mitsubishi Zinger 

1.400.000 VND


Shock absorbers Mitsubishi Zinger

650.000 VND


Mitsubishi Zinger tunnels 

400.000 VND


Rear reflector for Mitsubishi Zinger

950.000 VND


The cuppen won first

50.000 VND


Couple of 2 companies against the back door

750.000 VND


Triton rear cover support line for Mitsubishi Triton 2014-2019

350.000 VND


Electromechanical brake assist Mitsubishi Triton 2014-2018

6.000.000 VND


Ball bearing rear axle Mitsubishi Triton 2007-2014


350.000 VND


Rubber A on the Mitsubishi Triton


150.000 VND


Left rear light Mitsubishi Triton 2008-2016


650.000 VND


Rear bumper + rear bumper (Three rear shock) Mitsubishi Triton 2008-2016

3.200.000 VND


Ruler for Mitsubishi Triton 2008-2015


4.500.000 VND

(This price list of Mitsubishi auto parts is studied for updates in the period of 2017 - 2019)


Oil temperature sensor (oil warning) Mitsubishi Triton 2008-2013


180.000 VND


Pull-out rear wheel drive Mitsubishi Triton 2007-2013


350.000 VND


Mitsubishi Triton 2007-2015 indoor unit

1.700.000 VND


Mitsubishi Triton 2007-2013 Air Conditioner


4.500.000 VND


Gasket the left rear door of Mitsubishi Lancer 2000


500.000 VND


Mitsubishi Lancer Gala left rear light


1.200.000 VND


The center unit between the two Mitsubishi Lancer brake pads 


500.000 VND


Left front suspension Mitsubishi Lancer 


900.000 VND


Motor + Compa on the front glass must be Mitsubishi Lancer Gala


1.200.000 VND


Cuppen front brake Mitsubishi Lancer


180.000 VND


Right headlight Mitsubishi Lancer Gala


1.100.000 VND


Theme (Beach) Mitsubishi Jolie 

1.500.000 VND


Lamp under Mitsubishi Jolie



350.000 VND


Right rear brake adjustment Mitsubishi Jolie

650.000 VND


Rear ball ball Mitsubishi Jolie


450.000 VND


Mitsubishi wind sensor Jolie


1.600.000 VND


Iron filter Mitsubishi Jolie


250.000 VND

(This price list of Mitsubishi auto parts is studied for updates in the period of 2017 - 2019)

Some Mitsubishi Cars popular in Vietnam

Price List for Mitsubishi Vehicle Parts 3 Thanh Phong Auto HCM
Mitsubishi Pajero series
Price List for Mitsubishi Vehicle Parts 4 Thanh Phong Auto HCM
Mitsubishi XPANDER series
Price List for Mitsubishi Vehicle Parts 5 Thanh Phong Auto HCM
Mitsubishi OUTLANDER Models

note: You should choose genuine auto parts when there is a need to replace spare parts for Mitsubishi vehicles. This action will ensure the compatibility between the parts and the car manufacturer, helping the car to operate well, with high stability and durability. 

+ Note: 3 Secrets of Oto Mitsubishi Car Care and Maintenance Always New

How to buy genuine and quality auto parts?

  • Note box or packaging: On the package must clearly state the origin, place of manufacture of the spare parts. The box, when opened, must have its original belt intact and bear the logo of the special manufacturer and must have anti-counterfeiting stamps.

  • Observe carefully the joints, welds of spare parts: Genuine welds will be made very firmly and thoroughly. On the contrary, if the goods are of poor quality, the welds will be discrete, irregular and solid.

  • Attention to product code: Genuine products will have a code so that customers can easily check product information. 

  • Buy auto parts from a reputable and reliable supplier: You can look up the addresses of genuine auto parts suppliers on the Internet, on forums or ask your advice. knowledgeable friends and relatives.

Hope with price list for Mitsubishi car parts Thanh phong just shared will help readers have more useful information. If you have any questions, please contact us Thanh phong for more advice.

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