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When your car reaches the 20.000km mark, this is one of the important times for you to perform maintenance (Level 3 Maintenance) to replace some parts to help the car have better durability and the details to operate more smoothly. This not only helps prolong the life of the vehicle, but also ensures the vehicle operates safely and efficiently. Below, Thanh Phong Auto will suggest items that need to be checked and maintained for your car.

Change engine oil and engine oil filter: Engine oil after a period of use under high temperatures will become thinner and its lubricating ability will gradually decrease over time, causing the engine's performance to deteriorate. New oil helps reduce friction between parts, cool the engine and prevent wear. This not only prolongs engine life but also helps the vehicle run smoother and save more fuel.

The engine oil filter also needs to be changed periodically every 10.000km to remove impurities and deposits generated during engine operation, so it is also necessary to change at this level of maintenance.


Figure 1. Changing engine oil    


- 20.000 KM MAINTENANCE - DON'T MISS OUTFigure 2. Replace engine oil filter


Air conditioner air filter: The air conditioner filter has the important task of filtering dust, polluted air and impurities so that the space inside the car is always ventilated and clean. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check hygiene at each maintenance, especially at 20.000km, and should replace it when the air filter is too dirty.

On the other hand, after a period of use, dirt and water vapor will accumulate in the car air conditioner condenser, hindering the circulation of cold air, reducing cooling performance. In addition, mold and bacteria accumulate, affecting the health of users inside the car. So you should too ENDOSCOPIC CLEANING OF REFRIGERATOR COIL periodically every 20.000km to ensure the evaporator is always clean and ventilated.



                 Figure 3. Replacing the air conditioner filter


Engine air filter: Similar to the air conditioning air filter, the engine air filter is responsible for removing dirt and impurities from the engine intake air, so it also needs to be regularly cleaned or replaced if it is too dirty to avoid clogging to ensure adequate supply. intake air for the engine

Brake maintenance: The brake system on a car plays an important role in ensuring stable operation of the vehicle. However, during use, it will be difficult for customers to avoid the situation where the vehicle's brakes are worn out or damaged. Therefore, regular brake maintenance is very important, it will give users a sense of peace of mind on every journey. When damage occurs such as locking brakes, being ineffective and making loud sounds, customers need to take them to maintenance centers as soon as possible. From there, timely detection and repair help ensure safety when traveling. 


Figure 4. Brake maintenance with specialized solution    



                 Figure 5. Clean and lubricate the brake accumulator


Check and rotate tires: Tire rotation helps balance the wear of tires, avoiding uneven wear, thereby improving driving performance and saving on the cost of replacing new tires. Tires should be rotated after 20.000km so that all 4 tires wear evenly.

According to recommendations from experts and manufacturers, on average, after 60.000km - 100.000km, we should replace new car tires. However, each tire brand and tire type will have different usage times and durability.

Check for loss of fluids on the vehicle: At this level of maintenance, you do not need to replace all the fluids on the vehicle such as coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc. However, you still need to check the loss to have timely solutions. time.

Check the suspension system: The suspension system includes parts such as springs, shock absorbers, tie rods and joints, which are responsible for absorbing and reducing shocks from the road surface, keeping the vehicle operating stably and smoothly. You should check the suspension system after traveling 20.000km, especially cars using air suspension.

Check the lighting, electrical and sensor systems: Carefully checking the lighting system, electricity and sensors on the vehicle is also necessary after traveling 20.000km. Regarding the electrical system, you should check the power lines and connection ports to ensure they are still operating normally.

Sensors such as tire pressure sensors, temperature sensors and collision sensors, play an important role in providing accurate information to control and warning systems.

Maintenance and replacement of important parts when the vehicle reaches the 20.000km mark is essential to ensure the vehicle operates efficiently, safely and durably.



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