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In modern life, cars have become an indispensable means of our daily travel. However, to ensure the safety and performance of your car, periodic maintenance is a factor that cannot be ignored. Regular car maintenance not only keeps the car running well but also prolongs its life and reduces the risk of sudden breakdowns.

According to NHTSA data, regular brake maintenance significantly reduces stopping distances, especially important in emergency situations. In addition, regularly checking and inflating tires helps maintain traction, reducing the risk of losing control.

Regular maintenance plays a key role in maintaining car safety and stability. According to manufacturers' recommendations, cars should be periodically maintained after about 10.000 - 15.000 km or 6 months - 1 year depending on usage conditions. Proper maintenance reduces the risk of damage, prolongs engine life and saves on repair costs. Below are 7 important items to keep in mind when maintaining your car:

Change engine oil and oil filter

Engine oil is the "blood" of a car, helping to lubricate, cool and protect the engine. However, after a while, the oil will become dirty and lose its properties. Experts recommend changing engine oil every 5.000 - 7.500 km. At the same time, it is necessary to change the oil filter periodically, usually 2 filter change every 1 oil changes.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE): SAE research shows that using high-quality lubricants and air filters, replaced periodically as recommended by the manufacturer, can help reduce wear and tear. Engine wear up to 40%.

Car Maintenance
Change Engine Oil

Check and replace engine air filter

The engine air filter is responsible for preventing dirt from entering the combustion chamber, helping the engine operate stably. If the air filter is dirty, the combustion process will be ineffective, even causing engine damage. According to recommendations, the air filter should be replaced every 30.000 - 50.000 km. In dusty conditions, the change interval should be shortened.

Notes When Maintaining Cars
Check and Replace Engine Air Filter

Brake system maintenance

The brake system is a powerful "assistant" to help drive safely. However, due to continuous operation with high temperature and pressure, brake parts are easily worn out. When servicing, it is necessary to:

  • Check and replace brake pads when the thickness is less than 2mm
  • Check and replace brake fluid if it is dirty or has lost quality
  • Clean and lubricate mechanical parts such as brake shackles and brake shafts

According to statistics, over 20% of car accidents are related to brake system failure. Therefore, proper brake maintenance is extremely important.

Car Maintenance Categories
Car Brake System Maintenance

Maintenance of air conditioning system

Air conditioning helps keep the car space cool and comfortable. However, air conditioners also need regular maintenance to operate effectively and ensure health. When maintaining air conditioners, you need to:

  • Clean the air conditioner filter and replace it if necessary (usually every 1-2 years)
  • Check air conditioner gas, add if lacking
  • Clean the condenser and condenser, check the gas pipes

A study shows that 53% of car air conditioner filters are contaminated with disease-causing bacteria and mold. Therefore, cleaning the air conditioner regularly is very important.

Car Maintenance Costs
Car Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Check and replace fuel filter

Fuel filters help remove impurities and dirt in gasoline before entering the engine. If the filter is clogged, the combustion process will be incomplete, causing reduced capacity and increased emissions. Experts recommend changing the fuel filter after 40.000 - 50.000 km, and the oil filter after 20.000 - 30.000 km.

Gearbox maintenance

The gearbox is the "brain" that controls traction and vehicle speed. The gearbox needs regular maintenance to operate smoothly and quietly. When maintaining the gearbox, you need to:

  • Check and change transmission oil (if manual/automatic transmission uses oil)
  • Check and clean the clutch and transmission sensors
  • Check and adjust the gear shifting mechanism so that it is smooth and does not get stuck

According to data, gearbox failures account for up to 10% of car incidents, with repair costs reaching several tens of millions of dong. Gearbox maintenance helps prevent this.

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Car Transmission Maintenance

Check out other items

In addition to the above main items, when maintaining a car, you need to check more:

  • Coolant: change every 2 years
  • Belt: check tension, replace if cracked or stretched
  • Battery: clean the pole, check the water level, replace if necessary
  • Tires: check wear, pressure, position, replace and adjust if necessary
  • Wipers: check and replace if hard or worn
  • Car lights: check, maintain, replace bulbs if necessary

Comprehensive maintenance helps every detail on the vehicle operate synchronously, safely and most effectively.

Frequently asked questions related to periodic car maintenance

1. What is the reasonable frequency of periodic maintenance for cars?

According to manufacturers' recommendations, cars should be periodically maintained every 5.000 - 10.000 km or 3 - 6 months depending on the vehicle type and usage conditions. Specifically:

  • Manual transmission vehicles: maintenance after 5.000 km
  • Automatic transmission vehicles: maintenance after 7.000 - 10.000 km
  • Vehicles often run on long or bad roads: shorten maintenance cycles

2. How much does periodic maintenance cost for a car?

Periodic maintenance costs for cars range from 1,5 to 7 million VND depending on the category and type of vehicle:

  • Changing engine oil: 300.000 - 1.000.000 VND
  • Replace air filter, oil filter, gasoline filter: 200.000 - 1.500.000 VND
  • Changing gear oil, brake fluid, coolant: 500.000 - 1.500.000 VND
  • Check and maintain brakes, tires, lights, wipers, air conditioner: 300.000 - 2.000.000 VND

Additionally, you can refer to some Tips to save on car maintenance costs Simplest and most effective today.

3. If not properly maintained periodically, what problems will the car encounter?

Ignoring regular maintenance can cause your car to have serious problems:

  • The engine gets fouled, wears out quickly, reduces power and longevity
  • The gearbox is rusted, causing slipping and difficulty shifting gears
  • Brakes and tires wear out quickly, easily causing unsafe conditions when braking or accelerating
  • The air conditioning system is weak and smells bad due to bacteria and mold
  • Fuel consumption and increased emissions due to inefficient combustion

4. How to know if your car needs maintenance?

In addition to monitoring the distance traveled, you need to pay attention to signs that the vehicle needs maintenance:

  • Engine, transmission, and brake error lights are on
  • The engine is difficult to start, idles for a long time, and makes unusually loud noises
  • The car jerks when accelerating, the transmission is difficult to shift
  • Brakes make noise, vibrate, or pedal unusually lightly or heavily
  • The steering wheel and steering wheel are heavy and vibrate when moving
  • Black smoke, white smoke, explosion sounds coming from the exhaust pipe

5. What should you pay attention to when maintaining a car to ensure quality and safety?

To maintain your car for the best results, you need:

  • Choose a reputable garage with modern equipment and a skilled technical team
  • Priority is given to using genuine spare parts or meeting the manufacturer's standards
  • Carefully check spare parts and ask the garage to provide invoices and warranty cards
  • Keep a maintenance book to track the vehicle's maintenance history
  • Do not arbitrarily intervene or repair without clearly understanding the techniques and operating principles

You can refer to some more Pay attention to car maintenance in the hot season Safety is updated on the website.

6. Professional, cheap car maintenance garage?

Thanh Phong Auto is one of the leading reputable auto repair and maintenance addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, a team of skilled technicians and modern equipment, Thanh Phong Auto is committed to providing customers with the most professional, safe and effective car care service.

Thanh Phong Auto provides a full range of services from periodic maintenance, repair, and replacement of spare parts to painting and beautifying the vehicle. The garage owns a 1000m2 workshop with specialized areas such as:

  • Reception and consultation area
  • Maintenance area, oil change, filter
  • Engine, gearbox and electrical repair area
  • Car painting and beautification area
  • Diverse genuine spare parts warehouse

In particular, Thanh Phong Auto invests in a system of modern machinery and diagnostic equipment such as engine diagnostic machines, ABS brake testers, 3D wheel angle alignment machines, automatic gas charging machines... This helps Checking and fixing vehicle problems takes place quickly and accurately, saving time and costs for customers.

In short, regular maintenance helps "doctor" for the "health" of the car. Proper maintenance not only helps the vehicle operate optimally and safely, but also saves fuel, reduces emissions, and increases longevity. Car owners should be proactive in scheduled maintenance, and should not wait for the car to show signs of damage before getting it repaired. With the above 7 notes and illustrative data, we hope this article has provided readers with a comprehensive view of the importance and most effective ways to maintain cars.

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