5 Notes About Periodic Maintenance Cars You Should Know

5 Notes on Regular Car Maintenance You Should Know to Guarantee Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2023
General Blog5 Notes About Periodic Maintenance Cars You Should Know

After a period of operation, the car needs to be checked and serviced periodically to ensure the stability and safety of engine parts. At the same time, maintenance of cars is also a way to reduce serious breakdowns and increase the life of the engine and engine parts. Below will be 5 note periodic maintenance of cars The most basic you should definitely know. If you are also interested in this issue, do not hurry to skip our article.

Parts Should Be Checked During Routine Car Maintenance

Cars Need Regular Maintenance To Always Be In The Best Condition
Cars Need Regular Maintenance To Always Be In The Best Condition

1 Change oil and check oil filter

When bringing cars to check, routine maintenance after a long use time will pay attention to the first change of oil. The task of changing the lubricant is quite fast and simple, then the maintenance staff will always check the oil filter to know how it is level.

Normally, when a car changes to the second memory, it will always replace the oil filter (Change the oil once every 2 times).

2 Check and clean engine air filter

The air filter is an important part, it cleans the air before mixing with fuel and entering the combustion chamber. When the air filter is torn, dirt will not be prevented, directly going into the engine, causing the operation process and damage to the engine. If the air filter is too dirty, it will be blocked, the amount of air passing through will be blocked, resulting in a shortage of gas mixed with fuel.

Need to Check and Clean Car Engine Air Filter
Need to Check and Clean Car Engine Air Filter

Therefore, when performing regular car maintenance, remember to ask the technical staff to remove the air filter for inspection and cleaning. Experts recommend that, after the car runs the 50.000km, it should change the 1 air filter once.

3 Check air conditioner

A part that is also very important that when performing regular maintenance cars can not be ignored that is air conditioning air filter. The mission of the air conditioner is to trap dirt from the outside air before going through the indoor unit to give the car air a cool atmosphere. If the air filter is dusty, it will cause clogging, which will cause the car to become cold quickly when opening the air conditioner and may be accompanied by an unpleasant odor. You should have technical staff check and clean the air-con fan to make sure you are always comfortable when turning on the air-conditioner of the car.

4 Check brakes (brakes) for cars

The brakes of a car are one of the hardest working parts, always subject to high temperatures and pressure while working. The brakes after a period of operation need to be cleaned to increase friction. When you check and see that the brake is no longer friction, too worn, you can ask the technician to replace the brake to ensure the car moves safely on all roads.

Check Car Brakes When Taking The Car For Maintenance
Check Car Brakes When Taking The Car For Maintenance

5 Batteries / Batteries

Either way, after several years of operation, the battery system will have to weaken and battery replacement is unavoidable. However, when changing the battery, make it right. Use only batteries that match the specifications provided by the car manufacturer. Consider buying batteries with advanced technology, the initial investment cost may be higher, but in return, it will last longer and ensure a more stable operation for the vehicle.

Batteries Need Regular Inspection and Maintenance
Batteries Need Regular Inspection and Maintenance

6 Fuel filter

To combat dust and pollution, fuel filter is the first "defensive" step. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the air filter on the oil change intervals to clean or replace them. Using Eurosol Petrol or Eurosol Diesel solution by blending this solution into gasoline and driving normally about 20km, Eurosol will remove the dirt and soot in the engine, helping the combustion process cleaner.

If your vehicle is a direct fuel injection type, then the fuel filter must operate continuously since you start the engine and the fuel pump is running, to prevent dirt from clogging the injector.

Periodic Car Fuel Filter
Learn Details About Car Fuel Filters

Fuel filters can be located under the bonnet, under the car or inside the fuel tank. The replacement is not too difficult, but it is necessary to know how to reduce the fuel system pressure properly so that the filter can be removed without fuel eruption, and the fuel pipes also need to be properly disassembled. ways to ensure safety.

7 Other details, parts

When going for periodic maintenance of cars, parts such as: Filter gasoline, gearbox oil level, brake fluid, glass washing water, cooling water level ... These are factors that need to be ensured both in quality and The number of cars is always in the most stable condition.

Above is information about 5 to note when regular maintenance of cars that we would like to recommend to you. Hopefully with this information, you will pay more attention to the parts of your car in the next maintenance.

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