Instructions on How to Clean and Maintain Oto Engine Compartment

Instructions on How to Clean and Maintain Oto Engine Compartment

The car's engine compartment - where the engine and many other support systems are located, is a particularly important area for the car to "go to - get there"…. Therefore, care and cleaning should be carried out periodically, in accordance with standards to help the engine and systems operate optimally, and at the same time ensure the safe operation of the electrical and control systems.

So when cleaning, car engine compartment maintenance, What should you pay attention to? Let's answer this question with Thanh Phong Auto in the article below.

Notes You Should Know When Cleaning and Maintaining the Car Engine Compartment
Instructions on How to Clean and Maintain Oto Engine Compartment

Why should you clean and maintain car engine compartment?

Although the engine compartment of a car is shielded, after a long time of use, there will be many factors that affect them. Such as dirt, grease ... makes the engine hot, wear oil and affect the life of the electrical system, pipes.

Cleaning and maintaining the engine compartment of a car will help increase the life of the engine and ensure the safety of everyone on the trip. In addition, it also reduces repair costs in the event of severe engine failure, affecting the electrical system and helping the vehicle to operate smoothly..

Cleaning and Maintaining Car Engine Compartments Helps them Last Longer
Cleaning and Maintaining Car Engine Compartments Helps them Last Longer

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How to clean the engine in a car is simple

1. Prepare tools

Before starting to clean the engine, you should prepare the following essential items:

  • Protective gear (gloves, eyeglasses, mask, clothing if any).
  • Brush, brush, soft brush, ... 
  • Types of cleaning solutions.
  • Fountain.
  • Towel is soft, clean, and dry.
  • Ball bags, tape.
  • Chemical solutions for machine conditioning or polishing oil.

2. Remove dirt, shield parts in engine compartment

  • Remove debris from the engine compartment

After opening the capo, if the engine is still hot, let it sit for 15-20 minutes for the engine to cool and radiate all heat. This prevents you from getting burned and equipment such as valves, rubber pipes, belts ... are not changed suddenly to avoid any damage.

Next, remove debris, leaves, twigs, and dirt from the engine compartment. Using a paint brush or brush, wind gun to do this will help this process go faster and simpler.

Remove Debris In The Engine Compartment Using Air Intake
Remove Debris In The Engine Compartment Using Air Intake
  • Wrapping and shielding electronic devices

In the engine compartment there are many electrical machines and equipment, if spraying water directly to clean it, it will cause damage, fire and explosion. To prevent this from happening, remove the battery negative pole outwards to avoid damage. 

Next should use plastic bags, tape to wrap and reinforce devices such as ignition, carburetor, high-voltage wire, black box, electric coil, ... For the air intake, the generator should Use a clean towel or plastic bag to cover to avoid water ingress.

Carrying out shielding of electronic devices
Carrying out shielding of electronic devices
  • Let the engine start for a few minutes

In case the vehicle has not been operated, in a cold state, it should be started for about 5 minutes. This step will help the engine warm up, removing oil also becomes easier.

3. Proceed to clean the engine

  • Use all-purpose cleaning solution on the engine compartment

Should choose a cleaning solution that is suitable for the vehicle engine, environmentally friendly and does not affect health when using. An acid degreaser can be selected to spray evenly onto the engine compartment.

After spraying the stain cleaning solution, the grease will be softened and dissolved, easy to remove. Note that when performing this step, you should wear full protective equipment to ensure your own safety.

Thoroughly Clean the Car Engine Compartment
Thoroughly Clean the Car Engine Compartment

* Note: While using cleaning agents, avoid sticking to the car paint, because they can cause the paint to be damaged and peeled.

  • Let detergent soak on surface of parts

After spraying cleaning solution on parts, keep them for about 3-5 minutes to ensure solutions penetrate deeply and remove stains.

  • Use a brush to scrub the stain

A toothbrush can be used for small, hard-to-clean parts. For stubborn stains, use a stiff brush to scrub and remove stains more easily.

Use a Brush to Scrub Small, Stubborn Stains
Use a Brush to Scrub Small, Stubborn Stains
  • Wash the engine with regular water tap

Use a regular faucet to lightly spray, wash away dirt, oil. After the interior of the capo has been cleaned, use a strong water hose to thoroughly remove the dirt. Avoid spraying directly on the electrical connections, the air inlet.

Rinse the Engine with Regular Water
Rinse the Engine with Regular Water
  • Spray and dry with a soft cloth

Next, spray and dry the components in the machine compartment with a soft cloth, well absorbent and remove the glossy bags previously wrapped.

  • Polish or spray machine conditioner

The final step is polishing or spraying with a chemical conditioner to increase durability and create a barrier to prevent parts from drying, cracking and discoloring.

Conditioning Spray Helps Increase New Durability for Engine Bay
Conditioning Spray Helps Increase New Durability for Engine Bay

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Refer to the video of Thanh Phong Auto's cleaning and maintenance service:

Choose a Center that specializes in providing Prestigious Car Engine Cage Cleaning and Maintenance Services

If your car's engine shows signs of abnormality, such as the engine heating up quickly, consuming engine oil or working unstable, the engine power decreases... At this point, it's time for you to take your car to your car. Going to a center that specializes in providing cleaning and maintenance services for prestigious car engine compartments is very necessary.

With many years in the industry, Thanh Phong Auto We are proud to be trusted by thousands of customers when there is a need for car maintenance and repair.

Instructions on How to Clean and Maintain the Car Engine Compartment Secure Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023

Coming to our Engine Compartment Cleaning Service, you are committed to:

  • Professional workflow by experienced technical team.
  • Use specialized cleaning tools and solutions, absolutely safe for pet cars.
  • Dedicated advice, helping customers understand the situation of the car.
  • Transparent quotes.

Possessing quality resources and a large garage system, Thanh Phong Auto confidently bring the best services, help your car durable, clean and stable operation.

The article shared the notes when cleaning, car engine compartment maintenance. Thereby, after 6 monthly period you should maintain the engine compartment to help them always work well and increase life expectancy.

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