3 Notes When Replacing, Maintaining Car Wind Filter

3 Things to Note When Replacing and Maintaining Car Air Filters Guaranteed Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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When you use a car for a long time, the car air filter will be easy to get dirty and block the air vents. This greatly affects the operation of the engine and consumes a lot of fuel. At this time, you change and maintain the air filter is essential to save fuel costs. So instead, maintenance of car air filterWhat issues should you keep in mind? Let us share the note when maintaining this air filter in the article below.

Notes When Replacing and Maintaining Car Air Filters
Notes When Replacing and Maintaining Car Air Filters

Why should maintenance and replacement car air filter?

Car air filter is like the lungs in a human body. They function as air purifiers and prevent harmful agents from entering the engine. However, after a long time of using, we do not clean the air filter, it will make them dirty.

At this time, the air flow to the engine is also reduced and leads to overheating. The overdue air filter will make the engine operate less stable and the fuel consumption of the car also increases. Therefore, to save costs and help the engine run smoothly, please maintain car air filter.

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The issues you need to consider when changing and maintaining car air filter

  1. Follow the maintenance schedule, change car air filter according to the manufacturer's regulations

According to the maintenance schedule of the car manufacturer, the new car air filter needs to be maintained after the distance of 5.000 km and replaced when the car runs about 20.000 km. For old cars, the time to change this air filter may be earlier and depending on the operating conditions of the vehicle.

Car Air Filter Maintenance Will Help Your Car Save More Fuel
Car Air Filter Maintenance Will Help Your Car Save More Fuel

If the vehicle is operating in harsh conditions with a lot of dust, you should proactively change the air filter early. In addition, when filtering your car's air, there are abnormal signs such as moisture, dust and dust, which requires you to replace.

  1. Follow the steps to change and maintain car air filter

  • Before changing, maintenance of car air filter, please park your car in a flat, safe location to perform the car air filter saturation.
  • Turn on the capo cap and locate the air filter cartridge exactly
  • For air filter housing that is fixed by latch, you can open it manually. And if fixed by screws, then choose a specialized tool to open.
  • Remove the air filters and clean them by tapping on the floor. Next, use an air sprayer to remove the internal dirt. In case the car air filter is too dirty or torn, you should replace the new air filter. Depending on your budget as well as your car, you will choose the appropriate air filter instead.
  • After you have finished cleaning, proceed to reinstall the car air filter according to the opposite procedure. Absolutely do not filter the air in the opposite direction because you will not cover it.
  • Put the air filter in position and gently press the corner of theUMUMX to help fit the air filter inside the box groove.
  • Close the lid of the air filter box and fix them with a screwdriver or screw
  • Last air filter is checked by starting off the gas engine. Then use your hands to see if the commutator has air in it or not.
If Car Air Filters Are Too Dirty Or Torn, You Should Replace Them
If Car Air Filters Are Too Dirty Or Torn, You Should Replace Them

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  1. Go to the prestigious garage to be carried out by staff to replace and maintain car air filter

In case you have not had experience in replacing car air filters, you should immediately visit the prestigious garage when they show abnormal signs. Here, there will be a technician consulting the type of air filter suitable for your vehicle and conduct replacement and maintenance of them in the fastest time.

In addition, for the case of air filter maintenance, staff will conduct cleanliness. Make sure to remove any dirt inside the air filter to help the car engine work more smoothly and smoothly.

You Should Find a Reputable Garage to Have Staff Check the Car Air Filter
You Should Find a Reputable Garage to Have Staff Check the Car Air Filter

Above have shared the note when replacing, maintenance of car air filter. Thereby, hope you have added a lot of good knowledge about this air filter maintenance problem. At the same time, you should follow the maintenance schedule of car air filter to help them stay durable and save more fuel costs.

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