5 Note When Maintaining Toughened Car Tires With Time

5 Notes When Maintaining Durable Car Tires Over Time Premium Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

During operation, car tires will lose durability fast if not properly maintained. To ensure the driver and passengers, you need to know the note when Car tire maintenance in the following article.

Notes to Write When Maintaining Tires of Durable, Safe Tires

Check steam pressure

With operation under standard conditions, the vapor pressure will decrease on average about 0,068 atmosphere / month. If the sun is hot, the speed decreases. In particular, the tire is one of the most important parts with the heaviest task, with the role of connecting the road with the car.

When rolling, the tire will expand locally with the speed of rotation. If the tire is small, the tire has low stiffness and deformation occurs. This can destroy tires and unsafe driver.

Regularly Check Your Tires to Avoid Under-Inflation or Over-Inflation
Regularly Check Your Tires to Avoid Under-Inflation or Over-Inflation 

In addition, when the tire is too low, it will increase the drag force to make the engine work more. Therefore, you need to check the tire pressure slightly. Using the right tires will help improve fuel consumption.

If the tire is too tight, the pressure on the contact area will increase, reducing the contact area of ​​the tire with the road surface, causing the tire to wear out or explode quickly. According to experts, you should periodically check tire pressure at least once a month.

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Check tire wear

When traveling on the road at high speed, we completely entrust the tires. If the tire is worn out, it can cause the vehicle to not grip the road, drift and cause unsafe for the driver. You should check the tire wear and replace if the tire has worn down to the lugs in the groove. If the subjective test does not test worn tires, you may experience tire explosion or risk of losing grip.

In addition, you should also change tires if they appear many cracks big, bulging undulating.

Check tire age

Any part of a car has a life expectancy. Tires too, if so long, the quality will decline even if you have to keep the car is not running. Because, over time, the rubber layer will be worn and prone to cracking.

5 Notes When Maintaining Car Tires Durable Over Time - You Should Replace Car Tires If You See They Are Too Worn Or For A Long Time
You Should Replace Car Tires If You See They Are Too Worn Or Have Been Over A Long Time

According to two leading tire manufacturers, Continental and Michelin, the life span of a tire is 10 years. However, the user must check the tires regularly every year. Some rubber manufacturing associations have other reviews. The quality of a tire will be influenced by many factors such as temperature, maintenance, and usage. Therefore, it is not possible to know exactly when to change the tire.

When choosing to buy tires, you should consider the time that tires are produced. Do not be cheap to buy tires that are new but manufactured a few years ago. Abrasion of rubber tires takes place continuously over time. Therefore, you should choose the tire produced as close as possible for long-term and safe use.

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Wheel balancing - anti-vibration measures

When using the car, you will encounter wheel imbalance when your center of gravity is not on the axle. When turning the wheel, centrifugal force Inertia causes the wheels to swing around the shaft and cause them to vibrate. When additional weight is added, the center of gravity of the wheel returns to the shaft while eliminating the centrifugal inertial force.

Turning the tires helps to extend the life

Turning is very important, they make the tire life longer and the driver safer. You should periodically check if you go the distance from 5000 km. The turning of the tire needs to be combined with the tire lever as well as checking the corner of the wheel to make the best effect.

Above is 5 note when maintaining car tires. If you are still wondering about the tire of the car, please come to ThanhphongAuto, we will help you check the tire condition and offer the best solution for you.

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