Professional Car Maintenance Process In HCM

- Professional Car Maintenance Process in HCM
Latest update date: February 03, 07

Car maintenance is an integral part of maintaining the performance and durability of your vehicle. According to statistics from the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), regular maintenance can extend the vehicle's lifespan by up to 20% and reduce major repair costs by up to 30%. Let's explore the professional maintenance process, updated for 2024.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance not only helps the vehicle operate well but also ensures driver safety. According to research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), regularly maintained vehicles have a 13% lower accident rate than vehicles that are not properly maintained.

- Professional Car Maintenance Process in HCM
Periodic car maintenance

Detailed Maintenance Schedule By Km

1. After 5.000 km

  • Change engine oil: Use high quality engine oil such as Castrol EDGE or Mobil 1.
  • Clean engine air filter and air conditioner: Helps increase engine efficiency up to 4%.
  • Check other types of oil: Brake fluid, transmission oil, coolant.

Note: For new cars, changing the oil after the first 5.000 km is mandatory to remove metal filings.

2. After 15.000 km

  • Change oil filter: Helps extend engine life by up to 5%.
  • Tire rotation: Helps tires wear evenly, increasing lifespan by 20%.
Task Benefits Frequency
Replace oil filter Increase engine life by 5% Every 15.000 km
Rotate tires Increase tire life by 20% Every 15.000 km

3. After 30.000 km

  • Replace engine air filter: Improve acceleration and fuel economy by 2-3%.
  • Replace air conditioner filter: Removes 99.5% of fine dust, improving air quality in the car.

4. After 40.000 km

  • Replace fuel filter: Increase engine performance by 2%.
  • Change gearbox and differential oil: Reduce friction, increase gearbox life by 15%.
  • Change brake oil and clutch oil: Ensure hydraulic pressure, increase safety when braking.
  • Replace the belt: Prevent sudden belt breakage, reduce the risk of engine damage due to the belt by 90%.

5. After 100.000 km

  • Changing coolant: Prevents engine overheating, reduces the risk of engine damage due to overheating by 30%.
  • Check and replace spark plugs: Improve ignition ability, save fuel by 3-4%.
  • Check and replace brake pads: Ensure a safe braking distance, reducing the risk of accidents due to poor braking by 40%.
- Professional Car Maintenance Process in HCM
Garage standard car maintenance process

New Technology in Vehicle Maintenance

New technologies in vehicle maintenance include:

  • Intelligent Diagnostic System (OBD-III): Early detection of 95% of potential problems.
  • Nano-tech lubricant: Extends oil change interval to 20.000 km.
  • Graphene air filter: Filtration efficiency increases by 30% compared to conventional filtration.

Benefits of Professional Car Maintenance

4 things to note when professionally maintaining cars:

  • Cost savings: Reduce major repair costs by 30-40%.
  • Safety: Reduce the risk of accidents due to technical errors by 25%.
  • Performance: 10-15% increase in fuel efficiency.
  • Resale value: Well-maintained vehicles have a 15-20% higher resale value.

Car maintenance is not just maintenance, but also a smart investment for the future. With a professional maintenance process, you not only save costs but also ensure safety and optimal performance for your vehicle. Remember, a well-cared for car will be a reliable companion on every journey.

- Professional Car Maintenance Process in HCM
Things to note when professionally maintaining cars

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is it necessary to change engine oil after the first 5.000 km?

Changing the oil after the first 5.000 km is mandatory to remove metal filings generated during engine "roading". Research shows that doing this can reduce engine wear by 15% over the next 50.000 km.

2. What are the specific benefits of cleaning the engine air filter?

Cleaning the engine air filter helps increase engine efficiency by 4-11%, while reducing fuel consumption by 2-3%. A clean air filter also helps extend engine life by 20.000-30.000 km. Read the article now: Note when replacing/maintaining car air filters in HCM Professional, cheapest price today.

3. What is the optimal tire rotation frequency?

Tire rotation should be done every 8.000-10.000 km. This helps increase tire life by 20-25% and improve traction by 15%, especially important in slippery road conditions.

4. Is changing the oil filter really necessary?

Absolutely necessary. New oil filter helps remove 99,9% of impurities in engine oil. Changing the oil filter periodically can extend engine life by 5-7%.

5. Why is it necessary to replace the air conditioner filter and what are the specific benefits?

The new air conditioner filter is capable of removing 99,5% of PM2.5 fine dust, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases for people in the car by 30%. Should be replaced every 15.000-20.000 km or 12 months.

6. What are the benefits of changing transmission oil and differential oil?

Changing gearbox and differential oil helps reduce friction by 25-30%, increase transmission efficiency by 5-7%, and extend gearbox life by 30.000-50.000 km. See the article now: The car lacks transmission oil – 5 identifying signs & important notes you need to understand.

7. Why is it necessary to change the fuel filter?

The new fuel filter helps remove 98% of impurities in fuel, increases engine efficiency by 2-3%, and reduces the risk of fuel injection system failure by 5-7%.

8. How often does brake fluid need to be changed and why?

Brake fluid should be changed every 40.000-50.000 km or 2 years. New brake fluid helps increase brake pressure by 15-20%, reducing the risk of brake system failure due to corrosion by 30%.

9. What is the importance of changing the belt?

The new belt helps increase transmission efficiency by 10-15%, reducing the risk of sudden belt breakage causing engine damage by 90%. Should be replaced after 60.000-80.000 km or 5 years. See now Be careful when changing car belts The safest and most effective products are shared on the website.

10. Why is it necessary to change coolant and what is the optimal change interval?

New coolant helps increase cooling efficiency by 20-25%, reducing the risk of engine overheating by 30%. Should be replaced every 100.000 km or 5 years, whichever comes first.

11. How often do spark plugs need to be replaced and what are the effects?

Spark plugs should be replaced every 60.000-100.000 km depending on the type. New spark plugs help increase ignition efficiency by 15-20%, save fuel by 2-4%, and reduce harmful emissions by 10%.

12. How often should the suspension system be inspected and maintained?

Suspension system Should be checked every 20.000 km. Proper maintenance increases comfort by 25-30%, improves traction by 15-20%, and extends tire life by 10.000-15.000 km.

13. When should dynamic balancing and wheel alignment be performed?

Dynamic balancing and wheel alignment should be performed every 10.000-15.000 km. This reduces vibration by 40%, increases tire life by 15-20%, and improves traction by 10-15%.

14. What is the importance of battery inspection and maintenance?

The battery should be checked every 5.000 km. Proper maintenance helps extend battery life by 20-30%, reducing the risk of sudden failure of the electrical system by 50%.

15. Why is it necessary to periodically check and maintain the air conditioning system?

The air conditioning system should be checked and maintained every 20.000 km or 1 year. This helps increase cooling efficiency by 15-20%, reduce fuel consumption for the air conditioning system by 25-30%, and extend compressor life by 30-40%.

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