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Genuine Car Maintenance From Very Small Things Genuine Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

A car is both a great asset to a family but also a companion to accompany us on every journey, from work to family and social issues. Like people, cars need to be cared for and maintained to be healthy to serve us. The care of a four-wheeler friend must start with very small things but cannot be ignored

Maintaining your car regularly will help increase longevity

  1. Fuel filter

To combat dust and pollution, fuel filter is the first "defensive" step. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the air filter on the oil change intervals to clean or replace them. Using Eurosol Petrol or Eurosol Diesel solution by blending this solution into gasoline and driving normally about 20km, Eurosol will remove the dirt and soot in the engine, helping the combustion process cleaner.

If your vehicle is a direct fuel injection type, then the fuel filter must operate continuously since you start the engine and the fuel pump is running, to prevent dirt from clogging the injector.

Fuel filters can be located under the bonnet, under the car or inside the fuel tank. The replacement is not too difficult, but it is necessary to know how to reduce the fuel system pressure properly so that the filter can be removed without fuel eruption, and the fuel pipes also need to be properly disassembled. ways to ensure safety.

  1. Wind Filter

If the fuel filter is the first shield for your vehicle, the air filter is like a "lung" that brings fresh air to the vehicle. A dirty air filter will obstruct the air inlet and weaken the car and then the engine will have to work harder to draw air into the cylinder.


  1. Batteries / Batteries

Either way, after several years of operation, the battery system will have to weaken and battery replacement is unavoidable. However, when changing the battery, make it right. Use only batteries that match the specifications provided by the car manufacturer. Consider buying batteries with advanced technology, the initial investment cost may be higher, but in return, it will last longer and ensure a more stable operation for the vehicle.

  1. Filter engine oil

After a period of operation, the engine oil will oxidize and can cause a lot of trouble with the active components in the car. Car manufacturers recommend changing the oil at least once a year or every 10.000km for passenger cars and light trucks using gasoline. For engine and oil

turbocharged gasoline engine, it is advisable to replace it every month or every year. Particularly in the environment of dirt and high humidity in Vietnam, especially the old cars, it is recommended to replace each 6km because of the high level of dirt.

Finally, our advice, if you are not an expert in the above, it is best to go to the nearest garage or service center for advice and replacement.

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