4 Notes When Buying Effective Oto Car Insurance

4 Things to Note When Buying Effective, Professional Car Physical Insurance Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2023
General Blog4 Notes When Buying Effective Oto Car Insurance

After a period of time using a car, it will be difficult for you to avoid damage due to lighters or traffic accidents. To minimize the financial loss, it is essential that you buy material insurance for your beloved driver. So the note when buying material insurance for cars what is this Join us to answer this question in the article below.

Buying Car Physical Insurance Will Help Car Owners Save Costs When Repairing Cars
Buying Car Physical Insurance Will Help Car Owners Save Costs When Repairing Cars

What is car material insurance?

This is an optional insurance package but very necessary. Because when you encounter unintended problems, each insurance vendor's policy will share the cost of the repair. Depending on the company that will have different benefits, insurance rates as well as accompanying services. Specifically, Hyundai is 1,65%, Ford is 1,85% ....

+ Note: 2 noted when buying mandatory car insurance

Service packages in car insurance

Insurance of floods and natural disasters

Not all insurance companies offer this service. Therefore, you should ask if the insurance package you buy has this item because repair costs during a flood are very large.

Spare parts theft insurance

For this insurance, you need to be aware that there are many companies that limit the number of stolen or unlimited parts. Thereby, you attach the compensation when you accidentally lose mirrors as well as exterior details on the outside of the car is what you need to do.

Free rescue, repair place

Currently, there are a number of insurance companies that only offer a rescue fee if you buy the option to repair a garage. Normally a genuine garage will have a higher repair cost, so you will have to pay more if you want to choose the garage yourself.

Car Physical Insurance is an optional insurance when buying a car
Car Physical Insurance is an optional insurance when buying a car

The note when buying car physical insurance

Consult the price of buying car physical insurance at reputable companies

It is essential that you refer to this insurance purchase price because you have an overview of the price. From there it is possible to find more reputable insurance sellers and meet their requirements.

Should choose a high level of exemption

You should choose a high waiver level to receive large compensation and cost savings when an incident occurs. There are now 2 exemption levels, withholding and no deduction. Specifically, for the type of exemption usually deducted, when you buy car material insurance for 200 thousand.

When a loss occurs and the cost of repairing on 200 thousand is paid, you will have to pay 200 thousand and the insurance company will pay the remaining cost. There are less 200 thousand, you have to pay.

And for the case you buy this insurance with the exemption usually does not deduct 200 thousand, then when the loss occurs below 200 thousand, you pay yourself. And on 200 thousands, you will not have to pay any loss costs.

You Should Choose a Car Material Insurance Package with a High Exemption Rate
You Should Choose a Car Material Insurance Package with a High Exemption Rate

+ Note: 5 noted when repairing and maintaining Mercedes cars

Select the appropriate car insurance package

Sincere advice for the first time you buy car material insurance should be depending on the financial as well as the travel environment to choose the appropriate type of insurance. For example, for the average car, you should buy water insurance. High-end, high-end cars buy insurance for stolen parts.

It is recommended to buy combined insurance or group of friends

When your family buys medical care insurance along with group car insurance from the company, they will receive preferential discount. Besides, you should gather the group you need to buy insurance to ensure you get more attractive offers.

Above have shared the notes you should know when buying car physical insurance. Thereby, hope the information above has helped you gain more experience when buying this insurance. From there, help your family save significant costs when the car goes down.

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