How To Protect The Interior Of A Car In Hot Summer Days

How to Protect Car Interiors In The Best Hot Summer Days Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Car interior equipment plays a very important role in the aesthetics of the vehicle as well as the comfort of the occupants. Therefore, work Car interior protection is always a concern of many car owners, especially in hot summer.

So how can it be take care and protect the car's interior effective against the effects of hot sun, dust, sweat, ... in the summer? And Thanh Phong Auto refer to some solutions offline.

+ Note: Notes When Cleaning and Maintenance of Oto Vehicle Interiors

4 Safest Ways to Protect Car Interiors During Hot Summer Days

1. Use a sun visor for the windshield

Everyone knows it's stuffy waiting for a car's air conditioner to operate on a hot, sunny day. In addition, when the outside temperature reaches 27 degrees C, the temperature in a car when exposed to the sun can exceed 54 degrees C, or even higher. So, the easiest way to prevent direct sunlight from reaching the car is to use the sun shield on the windshield. Sunscreens will be large, medium, and small in size suitable for all vehicles.

How to Protect Car Interiors In The Best Hot Summer Days Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Use a car sunshade

2. Tablo table sun protection mat and automotive rear glass

Temperatures increase not only when sunlight shines directly through the windows of a car, but also through the front and rear windshields. Even when the temperature does not increase, the sun can damage the interior of the car, especially the dashboard and rear deck area. 

How to Protect Car Interiors In The Best Hot Summer Days Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Use a sun mat for the taplo board

Sunlight can darken the color and cause cracking of the panel and back deck cover, especially when the skin is black the higher its ability to absorb heat. However, when the two parts are covered with a hard object, they better protect them from the sun.

+ Note: Car Interior Care Service Prestige HCM

3. Use additional car floor mats

According to experts experience in using a car, floor mats have a lot of effects. The first is to be able to protect the interior from water, soil and dirt after camping or swimming for the whole family. Especially during the summer, when people often go out or have more outdoor activities. Therefore, automobile carpets are sensitive parts and can easily be damaged if not handled carefully.

How to Protect Car Interiors In The Best Hot Summer Days Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Using floor mats keeps the car clean

However, if car floor mats are designed in a style "suitable for all weather", it will be much more effective in the summer. Owners should buy this type of carpet separately and put it on the carpet. Because these rugs will withstand any type of water, soil, dirt and anything thrown onto the floor. In addition, they also help keep the original floor plate underneath from cracks and tears from the sole.      

4. Keep the upholstery clean at all times

House's car care and maintenance indicates this is easier said than done. Everyone has moments of oblivion and distraction when accidentally smearing the leather upholstery or other parts. From there, the stains can crumble on the surface and are difficult to clean. Therefore, having a soft cloth and cleaning solution ready on the car is what owners should do, helping to quickly clean stains or stains on the skin of the car interior.

How to Protect Car Interiors In The Best Hot Summer Days Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2022

Always clean the car's interior

So how to make your interior "baby car" always durable, always beautiful over time, especially on hot summer days with 4 how to help protect car interiors We share on, sure, your car interior will always be new. At the same time, you will save yourself a considerable amount of money on cleaning, Interior car maintenance aquí.

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