4 Note When Buying Fire Extinguishers On Cars

Important note when buying a car fire extinguisher
Latest update date: February 07, 03

Currently, fire extinguishers are considered as one of the mandatory equipment for cars. However, choosing a fire extinguisher for this special position is not easy. So what to note when buying Fire extinguisher on cars? Join us to learn through the article below.

Fire extinguishers on cars are essential in cars
Fire extinguishers are essential in cars  

Notes When Buying a Car Fire Extinguisher

Select the recommended type of fire extinguisher

As a rule, all types of cars from 4 to 9 seats must have an 1 fire extinguisher. Types of fire extinguishers deemed appropriate and recommended for use in cars are:

  • Foam bottles weighing less than 4kg.
  • Foam bottles with a capacity of less than 5 liters.
  • Water bottles with fire-extinguishing additives have a capacity of less than 5 liters.
  • CO2 fire extinguishers weigh less than 4kg.
Should choose a fire extinguisher standard and appropriate size
Should choose a fire extinguisher standard and appropriate size

Fire extinguishers for cars should meet standards according to the prescribed type and size. Do not buy a bottle that is too large to make it difficult to reach inside the car. It is important that fire extinguishers are used to have the quality inspection stamps of state agencies to ensure quality.

The body of a qualified fire extinguisher should have a stamp affixed by the manufacturer and be fully informed about the fire fighting environment, material, type of flame retardant gas, ...

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Note the temperature and time of use

All automobile fire extinguishers are recommended to be at the correct temperature (between 50 and 55 degrees C). The flask should be placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight (column A, dashboard, on the chair, ...). Especially in the summer, these must be strictly observed to avoid the fire extinguisher exploding.

It should be noted about the durability and shelf life of fire extinguishers
It should be noted about the durability and shelf life of fire extinguishers

Each type of fire extinguisher has a different use time. When buying, users need to pay attention to the expiry date and ensure that the fire extinguisher on his car is in the best state. However, the fire extinguisher shelf life is quite long, so you do not need to worry. Normally, the life time of a powder fire extinguisher weighing under 1kg is up to 5 years. Particularly for CO2 cylinders, the shelf life depends on the amount of gas inside and is usually measured by weighing the cylinders.

Choose a compact fire extinguisher and purchase a mount for easy installation on the vehicle

The installation positions on the car are usually car doors, under seats, under the floor, ... .. so you need to choose small sized bottles. In addition, you should buy more specialized mounts to install and fix the bottle more effectively. Avoid letting the jar swing back and forth when the vehicle moves.

Choose a lightweight fire extinguisher for your car
Choose a lightweight fire extinguisher for your car

Choose where to sell reputable fire extinguishers

Currently there are many places selling car fire extinguishers with lots of advertisements and commitments. However, you need to choose a reputable supply address to ensure quality, avoid buying the wrong fake goods, substandard goods.

Here are a few Note when buying a fire extinguisher in a car that we want to share with you. Hopefully, this information will help you find the best fire extinguisher for your “loving car”.

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