Some Notes When Regular Cars Meet Potholes

- Some Notes When Cars Frequently Encounter Potholes
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Potholes are collapsed road surface, often shaped like a bowl and formed largely by external forces: weather, truck transportation, ... Potholes appear on roads with poor surfaces. (because the construction structure is easily broken over time) and has a large traffic system.

According to statistics from the National Traffic Safety Commission, statistics for 3 years (2016 - 2018) show that: on average, each year drivers pay about 3 billion USD, specifically, on average Each month on average they spend 300 USD on repairing car damage caused by potholes.

- Some Notes When Cars Frequently Encounter Potholes

In Vietnam, inclement weather and unsatisfactory quality of transportation facilities, potholes are emerging issues from village roads to national highways and provincial highways. . Therefore, the repair of cars related to potholes is almost too common for our driver's wings. It is often joked that: "Coming to Vietnam without seeing potholes is considered as yet to come".

So how can you protect your beloved driver from the roads full of potholes? You need to catch some easily damaged parts when cars meet potholes to be able to note and check regularly. The following, Thanh Phong Auto Will introduce you to the parts that need attention when cars often encounter potholes to protect your car as well as ensure your own safety!

Thanh Phong Auto Sending You Some Notes When Cars Regularly Meet Potholes.

Parts of cars are easily damaged by potholes

1. Tire

The only contact part of the vehicle with the road surface is the tire, so the tires should be checked first. There are a few external signs that are easy to identify if the tire is affected when the vehicle encounters a pothole such as:

- Some Notes When Cars Frequently Encounter Potholes

  • Bulging on the side.
  • Split tires.
  • Flat tire.
  • The road surface is composed of many layers of stone and plastic with sharp, pointed and hard properties. When a collision occurs, the tire will be compressed into the wheel or tire hold so it is easy to compress, compress or tear.

Driving on damaged tires is really not safe at all, this can easily lead to damage to other parts. Therefore, you should always check that the tires are inflated and the vehicle's suspension system is stable to limit the above problem.

2. Area of ​​wheel assembly (la zang, moay ơ…)

- Some Notes When Cars Frequently Encounter Potholes

When driving through potholes, in addition to the tire, the rim and hub are easily damaged. Some common phenomena in the wheel cluster area when going through potholes include:

  • Rim distortion.
  • Rim buckled
  • The roller is loose.

These things make wheel distortion affect the dynamics and safety of the vehicle.

3. Suspension system

Suspension is one of the main damping factors on cars, helping smooth driving, less bumps. The principle of their activity is to absorb the pavement impact for smooth operation on the move. But the operation of this system also limits the level of collision handling.

After the car has a pothole, the suspension may encounter some problems such as:

  • Joint match.
  • Shock Absorbers (Shock).
  • Strut (Strut) is damaged.

Need skilled, skilled, professional and experienced people to overcome the problems of the suspension system.

- Some Notes When Cars Frequently Encounter Potholes

A few obvious signs when the suspension is damaged such as:

  • Part of the steering wheel deviates from the center, people need not feel the certainty.
  • The driver feels the car is pulled in one direction, the tires are unevenly worn.
  • The car emits sounds and abnormal vibrations.
  • Steering wheel shaft parts loose.
  • Feeling the vehicle tilted to one side, the driver clearly felt the broken joints.

If your car's suspension shows these signs, it is time for your car to be repaired in time!

4. Exhaust system - Exhaust pipe.

The exhaust system runs along the underbody of the car so when it collides with a pothole they easily get hit. When you encounter a deep pothole, your car will hit the bottom and the chassis easily touches the road surface. Therefore, the possibility of chipping or tearing a hole in the exhaust, muffler or catalytic moving is entirely possible.

- Some Notes When Cars Frequently Encounter Potholes

When operating the vehicle in trouble, you can clearly see the performance decrease or annoying sound emanating from the gap in the exhaust system. The most dangerous is that the exhaust system is released causing pollution to the environment and is difficult to control. Sometimes the phenomenon of exhaust gas reflux into the car affects health.

5. Bodywork

- Some Notes When Cars Frequently Encounter Potholes

The lower the body of the vehicle, the closer the amplitudes are. So the ability to handle potholes when possible. But there is a cons noticeable disadvantage is that the lower the body of the car, the closer to the road surface, when encountering potholes, buffalo drives, the damage from collisions is also greatest.

In addition, some parts such as: ledges, bumpers around the car are easily damaged when encountering potholes, which loses the outside beauty. If your beloved driver is a low-rise vehicle, be calm, smart, smart and handle your steering wheel safely when encountering any potholes to minimize possible collisions.

Hopefully, with the information from Thanh Phong provided above, it will help to gain more knowledge in taking care of your beloved driver. If you want to find a quality and reputable car maintenance and repair unit, you can contact Thanh Phong's service to experience the most satisfactory things!


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