9+ Car Parts That Need Regular Maintenance/Replacement

9+ Car Parts That Need Regular Maintenance/Replacement Best Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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In the process of using and operating a car, the car's parts and components go through a lot of distance and time of use. To ensure maximum vehicle performance, safety, and durability, routine maintenance and replacement of auto parts is necessary. These parts not only play a major role in the vehicle's operation, but also directly affect its stability and performance on the road.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH - US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health): NIOSH research in 2018 showed that regular car maintenance helps reduce toxic emissions from vehicles by 10%. contributes to improving air quality.

Many people know the importance of periodic replacement of auto parts, but maybe they don't know that the replacement is right for the periodic? Therefore, it is essential to know the replacement schedule for car parts. If you do not know that information, please Thanh Phong Auto Find out through the following article.


Although you always try to keep the terminals and charging system clean, you must replace the battery after a certain period of use. Please use the correct type of battery with proper parameters and proper assembly.

Should buy batteries manufactured by modern technology. Although this battery has a high price, it has a longer life and more stable operation.

So how long does it take to change the battery? The answer is that if there is nothing out of the ordinary, every 4-5 years.

Car Parts That Need Regular Maintenance and Replacement

Power steering fluid

Use the oil gauge periodically to check the cleanliness and power steering oil level. If you find that the oil consumption is too fast and difficult to turn the steering wheel, you should immediately tell a technician to check and replace the new oil. Note, must use oils recommended by the manufacturer.

So how long to use the power steering oil change? When changing engine oil, check the power steering oil level to see if you need to replace it.

Power Steering Fluid - Car Steering Fluid Should Be Replaced Regularly
Power steering fluid

Fuel Filter

If your car is fuel injection type. The fuel filter must work continuously to prevent dirt from clogging the injector. However, this part is rarely noticed by the driver because it is hidden under the bonnet, under the car or in the fuel tank.

It is not difficult to replace this part but it must be done right. First, reduce the fuel system pressure properly. Then remove the filter gently to prevent fuel injection. Along with that is to properly disassemble fuel pipes to ensure safety. This job requires expertise so it is recommended that you take the car to a service center for the technician to perform.

So how long does it take to change fuel filter? Depending on the level of your car use. If you use a lot of cars then 38.000km / time. If you use the car less, it may be 2 years / times.

Fuel Filters Should Be Replaced Regularly
Fuel Filter

Engine air filter

Motor air filter is used to clean dirt, impurities in the engine and air sensor. The engine power and power consumption will increase if the air filter is dirty.

So how long does it take to replace the engine air filter? Except in extraordinary cases, it can be every 6-12 months or 19.000 km / time.

Maintain Car Engine Air Filter Regularly
Engine Air Filter

Automatic transmission oil

Compared to manual transmission oils, automatic transmission oils play a more important role and are also a part to be replaced periodically. Gearbox oils are used for cleaning, lubricating, cooling and transmitting power in the transducer. If the gearbox oil is consumed too much and is too dirty, it will cause the vehicle to lose its capacity during operation or the vehicle cannot change gears.

So how long to use it to replace automatic gear oil? If there is no problem, then every 2 years or 38.000 km / time.

Automatic Transmission Oil
Automatic Transmission Oil

Spark plugs

As a fairly small detail, when maintenance, spark plugs are easily forgotten by car owners. Spark plugs are an important task of providing spark ignition in gasoline engines. After using for a while, the spark plug will get dust and wear, which leads to poor ignition, weakening the engine and more fuel consumption.

So how long to use the spark plugs to replace? Every 48.000 - 160.000 km / time.

Car Spark Plug Maintenance
Car Spark Plugs

Engine belt and cam belt

Engine belts and cam belts are used to coordinate the inside and outside of the engine.

So how long does it take to change the belt? Orange Curoa is 96.500 - 145.000 km / time, while engine is 3 years or 58.000km / time.

Engine Belt and Cam Belt
Engine Belt and Cam Belt

Coolant solution

Important role as cooling, anticorrosion cooling system and as antifreeze. Should the coolant solution be checked and supplemented periodically. Need to add the right type and the percentage of water phase as recommended by the manufacturer. The common rate is 50/50.

So how long to use the cooling water to replace the car? Maybe after 2 years of use or 38.000 km / time.

Coolant Solution
Coolant Solution


If the tire during use is worn too much, it is very easy for a sharp object to pierce or a tire to explode causing an accident. So periodically measure the wear of the tire and look directly at the depth of the tire flower to change the tire in time.

So how long to change the tire? Usually 6-10 years / time, if the terrain is bad, it may be earlier.

Tires - Parts That Are Regularly Maintained

Brake pads and brake fluid

A car cannot have no brakes or brakes should not fail. Therefore, it is necessary to check to replace the brake pads and brake fluid periodically.

So how long to use the brake pads and brake fluid must be replaced? Replace the brake pads before they wear out or 38.00km / times.

Brake Pads And Brake Fluid
Brake Pads And Brake Fluid

Doors, windshield, wipers

Check the car windows, mirrors, windshields regularly and make sure it is always clean and not damaged.

Doors, Windshields, Car Wipers
Doors, Windshields, Car Wipers

Light system

Check headlights, taillights, brake lights and other signal lights.

Car Lighting Systems Need Periodic Replacement
Car Lighting Systems Need Periodic Replacement

Air purifier

With this part, the vehicle owner can clean, check at home with specialized tools.

If the air filter is dirty, the engine will lose more energy, making the process less efficient.

Regular car care and maintenance will save you more money than repairing damage. At the same time, it also helps your car to avoid trouble on the road and be proactive in repairing the car.

Car Air Filter
Car Air Filter

Some milestones for regular car maintenance

Here are the maintenance milestones you need to keep in mind:

  • 5.000km: Change oil, check, add coolant, wash glass, check brake, warning light system, air and sound system, gear lever and tighten all kinds of bolts.
  • 10.000km - 15.000km: Replace engine oil and replace new oil filter, clean the air filter, check additional cooling water, check the brakes, water wash glass, power oil, tires.
  • 20.000 - 30.000km: Change engine oil and replace new oil filter, clean engine air filter and air conditioner, check additional coolant, glass cleaner, check the whole system, suspension system, stabilizer bar, rotor , rubber dampers, tire reverses, lift inspection vehicles, tightens, ...
  • After 40.000 km: Change engine oil and change new oil filter, engine air filter and fuel filter change, check the brakes, replace the brake pads when worn, replace spark plugs, taper oil, power steering oil, brake fluid, gearbox oil, change cooling water, maintenance of injectors, suction throat, flushing the te with specialized chemicals, ...
  • After 80.000km: Maintenance and inspection of the above parts. For vehicles using orange belts, the belt should be changed, the tank increased and the spleen will be changed

Most frequently asked questions

1. Why is periodic car maintenance necessary?

Regular car maintenance helps detect and prevent potential damage, prolong the life of the car, ensure operating safety and save on repair costs. Proper maintenance also helps the vehicle operate more smoothly, stably and efficiently. You can refer to these for more information Pay attention when periodically maintaining your car correctly and safely shared on the website.

2. What maintenance items need to be prioritized?

Important maintenance items that need to be prioritized include:

  • Change engine oil and oil filter
  • Check and service the brake system
  • Check tire pressure and wear
  • Check and add fluids such as coolant, power steering oil, and glass washer fluid
  • Check and clean filters such as air filter, fuel filter, air conditioner filter
  • Check the lights, wipers, and horn systems

3. Is it okay if I miss a maintenance period?

Ignoring regular maintenance can cause vehicle parts to quickly degrade, wear out, and cause more serious damage. This leads to more costly repairs later, and even affects operational safety. Therefore, scheduled maintenance should not be skipped.

4. Is it necessary to maintain the car at genuine garages?

Maintenance at a genuine garage ensures the quality of spare parts and technical qualifications of staff. However, the cost may be higher than private garages. It is important to choose a reputable maintenance location, use genuine parts or meet quality standards.

5. Is there any way to extend the time between maintenance sessions?

Some ways to help extend the time between maintenance sessions:

  • Use high quality fuel
  • Do not let the engine idle for too long
  • Drive properly, avoid accelerating and braking suddenly
  • Regularly clean and check details
  • Use genuine or standard spare parts

6. If the car is rarely used, does it need to be maintained at regular mileage intervals?

Even if the car is rarely used, regular maintenance is still important. Vehicle details can still age over time. Maintenance should be carried out according to the manufacturer's recommendations or at least every 6-12 months if the vehicle is rarely used.

7. How to know exactly when vehicle maintenance is needed?

The best way is to rely on the warranty book and manufacturer's recommendations. In addition, vehicles often have warning lights to remind them of regular maintenance. Be sure to record the number of kilometers and the time of the most recent maintenance for tracking.

8. Is it necessary to periodically wash the engine compartment?

Washing the engine compartment periodically helps remove accumulated dirt and grease, helps cool the engine better and easily detects leaks and damage. However, it needs to be done properly to avoid damaging sensors and electrical components. The engine compartment should be cleaned every 6-12 months or 10.000-20.000km.

9. After completing vehicle maintenance, what should you pay attention to?

Things to note after vehicle maintenance:

  • Carefully check invoices, repair notes, and compare with quotes
  • Request to clearly state items that have been maintained or replaced
  • Check the vehicle's functions and abnormal phenomena have been resolved
  • Get back all documents and personal belongings
  • Keep invoices and maintenance notes for tracking
  • Schedule your next maintenance period

10. How long does car maintenance usually take?

Maintenance time depends on the number and extent of the items. Normally, a routine maintenance session ranges from 1-5 hours depending on the service package. With simple maintenance packages such as changing the oil, it can only take about 30-60 minutes. If there are more complicated jobs like motor overhaul it may take several days.

11. Should I maintain genuine parts or replacement parts?

Genuine spare parts ensures the best quality and compatibility, but the price is often higher. Replacement parts from reputable brands can still meet usage needs at a more reasonable cost. It is important to consider quality and price and choose standard spare parts.

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