5 Note When Changing Leather Car Coat Industry

5 Notes When Changing Industrial Leather Seat Covers for Prestigious Cars Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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Currently, in order to preserve the interior of car seats more durable, new longer, many car owners have resorted to seat covers at major car shops. But many people still do not have the experience of choosing a chair or not understanding the price and durability of each type. Therefore the following article we will help you pocket right 5 note when leather car seat covers. Stay tuned and make your own choices.

Pocket 5 Notes When Upholstering Industrial Leather Car Seat Covers
Pocket 5 Notes When Upholstering Industrial Leather Car Seat Covers  

5 Note When Changing Leather Car Coat Industry

1. Clearly define the need for industrial leather car seat covers

First, as soon as you choose to use industrial leather upholstery for cars, you need to identify your needs.

This includes the price of the seat, the desired use time, the material and the aesthetic point you need. Only when you clearly define the criteria you want, you can choose exactly what best suits your vehicle.

2. Note on the material of the shirt

In fact, there are many different seat covers for car owners to choose from, but industrial leather is still top rated for durability and elegance.

With personal or family vehicles, industrial leather upholstery can last up to 5-7 years. Besides industrial leather, there are also some other popular materials such as leatherette simily, ...

Another reason customers should choose industrial leather material is that you can completely replace the old skin with new leather without spending too much cost.

Currently, the leather industry has the types of 2 and the types ofUM. In particular, all types of 1% leather have natural 2, both face 1 are very genuine, soft and odorless. In contrast, 80 leather is of less use because it is thinner, coarser and has a fabric back.

Notes on Material and How to Cover Chair Covers
Notes on Material and How to Cover Chair Covers

+ Note: 4 experience in repairing and maintaining Innova cars

3. Select the appropriate way to cover car seats

When covering your car, you will be advised by technicians on how to cover the seat, so please pay attention and choose the most appropriate way.

There are 2 ways of covering chairs and chairs with dead covers and clamps. The way to distinguish is very simple, covering is to keep the felt layer of the car seat. And the death grip is wrapped after having removed the felt of the chair.

The advantage of covering car seat covers is saving time and cost, higher durability. However, dead clip covers cost more, but the seats are more tense and luxurious.

Depending on the type of service vehicle or family car, you should pay attention to the way the seat coverings really fit.

4. Choose chair styles and colors

Not only the emphasis on durability but seat covers for cars are also important in aesthetics. Therefore, you should pay attention to choose the style of chairs and colors to match your interior and model.

About the color of the seat, some people will choose based on feng shui car, others choose according to preference. Accordingly, you can choose a plain one-piece or a different color combination to create your own accent.

Regarding the design of the seat shirt, customers can choose the original sewing pattern according to the seats and car interior. You can also choose more elaborate sewing patterns such as wrinkled chair shirt, fishbone ceiling sewing, 5D leather sewing, perforated ...

You Should Choose The Color Of The Seat Cover To Harmonize With The Interior Of The Car
You Should Choose The Color Of The Seat Cover To Harmonize With The Interior Of The Car

+ Note: 4 noted when choosing car colors that not everyone knows

5. Choose a place where leather car seat covers are reputable

Finally, you cannot ignore that you should choose a place where car seat covers are reputable and trusted by many customers.

There are a number of auto shops on the market that use fake leather types that are fake as 2. Despite its beautiful appearance, it is quickly damaged and waterlogged.

You Should Choose Seat Covers at Reputable Auto Interior Centers
You Should Choose Seat Covers at Reputable Auto Interior Centers

In addition, you also need to have certain knowledge about industrial skin types to avoid money loss wear. It is best to carefully examine the car interior maintenance centers on the market before making a final decision.

Hopefully 5 noted above that we share will help you pocket the most useful experience before bringing your car to the leather upholstery. Good luck!

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