Water Pump In The Car When It Need To Replace

- When does the water pump in a car need to be replaced?
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During the operation of a car, the water pump is a very important part - helping to circulate coolant through the engine. As a result, the engine does not overheat. When the water pump encounters a problem, of course the car engine is also affected significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to check and promptly replace the water pump when it is found that this part has problems.

Article below Thanh Phong Auto Will introduce you to check how to know when the car needs to change water pump. Along Thanh Phong follow this article offline!

Park the car overnight on a clean background

- When does the water pump in a car need to be replaced?

Parking overnight on a clean floor will let you know if the water pump has a leak. If you don't have a clean background area to park your car, you can also leave a light colored piece of cardboard on the background. The next morning, look on the floor (or cardboard), if you see wet spots, it can be confirmed that the pump is leaking. There are also cases where water leaks only when the engine is running. Therefore, the recognition effect of this method will sometimes not be correct.

Check the pulley

- When does the water pump in a car need to be replaced?

The water pump pulley is also the part you need to pay attention to if you want to check the operation of the car water pump. When turning the pulley, if you notice it is loose, the bearing may have failed and it is time to replace it.

Watch out for the sound when the engine runs

- When does the water pump in a car need to be replaced?

Start the car start to hear the sound in the bonnet. In case you detect a hiss (such as a frictional metallic sound), the bearing may be damaged and you should replace it.

In addition, the generator and power steering pump also sound nearly the same if broken. So you need to pay special attention to the part where that sound source comes from.

Check for coolant leaks around the water pump

- When does the water pump in a car need to be replaced?

When you observe around the cooling water pump there are drops of water or a small stream of water, the water pump has leaked. Some types of car water pumps are designed in advance with a seal that seals a small hole. When there is a leak, water will pass through this hole.

Temperature warning light lights up.

- When does the water pump in a car need to be replaced?

Cooling water for engine operation will not be sufficient if the water pump is damaged or leaking. When the engine will overheat and the warning light will be activated.

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Cooling water shortage indicator light is on

- When does the water pump in a car need to be replaced?

Attention should be paid to the coolant indicator light during vehicle operation. This light is on, indicating a leak in the cooling system. This may be due to a leak in the auxiliary water tank or to a damaged water pump.

Repairing and changing the water pump on cars in time will help your beloved driver stay healthy, help you feel secure during the operation of the vehicle. Coming to Thanh Phong Auto, your car will be carefully checked the entire water pumping system and have appropriate and economical handling solutions.

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