“Getting sick” Common Mistakes On Old Cars

Common problems when buying a used car
Latest update date: February 13, 06

Buying a used car saves a lot of money compared to a new car, so many people choose. However, besides the cost benefits, there are also many risks related to vehicle damage. So Common problems with old cars what? Is it serious to the ability to operate the vehicle? How to use old cars to limit damage? Together Thanh Phong Auto Discover right through the following article!

buy used car
Used cars are now very popular

Common Mistakes On Old Cars

1. The car has a weak engine

Old cars with weak engines are relatively easy to recognize through the following signs:

  • The accelerator pedal travel is longer than when the car is normal.
  • The engine does not "run" exactly like the new car when you press the gas.

Want to determine the right Causes of engine power loss? Check the injectors, fuel lines and air filter. See details at 5 "Health" Warning Signals Automotive Engine.

2. Car shakes when accelerating

Some cars, if driven at a moderate speed, are still quiet and smooth, but when accelerating, they have problems such as shaking. This phenomenon comes from the vehicle not having enough fuel (running out of gas) during operation. More deeply, it is a sign of a clogged fuel filter or dirty injectors.

3. Poor elastic damping

This problem is often difficult to detect if you just go around on beautiful roads. To know if the elastic damping is poor, it is necessary to run through an area with potholes and rough roads. If the car is not smooth, the shock absorbers are constantly causing discomfort, it is better to check/replace the shock absorbers. Consult experience, How to check car shock absorbers for timely detection of problem shock absorbers

Common Mistakes On Old Cars
Buying a used car is prone to unexpected problems

4. Old cars are hard to climb

Vehicle climbing is difficult due to many different reasons. The most common is a clogged car fuel filter. When operating, impurities of gasoline are retained on the filter, after a while, the fuel filter is clogged, causing the car to lack fuel. At this time, the car going uphill needs more fuel, leading to the old car's situation that is difficult to climb uphill - the engine is stalled.

5. Emit howling noise from vehicle bearings

Old car bearings often emit annoying howls when running at high speeds and reduce the vehicle's ability to operate. In addition to howling, cars can also vibrate – over time, the bearings will be broken. If you still try to move on, it is easy to cause an accident for the driver and passengers.

>>> Suggestions for reference: Signs That Wheel Bearings Are Damaged

6. Air conditioner malfunction

Air conditioning will often malfunction if the car is operated for 7 years or more. Some common errors for air conditioners: not cold deep, poor cooling and dead air conditioner.

These problems stem from a variety of causes, which can include:

  • The temperature sensor and the refrigerant block are damaged.
  • Gas filter for a long time is clogged, excess - lack of gas.
  • Dirt clings to the outdoor unit or the air filter.
  • The belt that drives the engine block is slipping or slack.
  • ...

To minimize the above error, car owners need to regularly clean parts of the air conditioner such as the outdoor unit, the filter screen, etc.

>>> Suggestions for reference: Correct Use of Car Air Conditioner

Things To Do After Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car often encounters a few problems as above. In order for the car to operate in the best way, you should perform the following tasks:

  • Oil change: take the car to a full new oil change from engine oil, brake fluid and gear oil. After that, it is necessary to maintain an oil change maintenance schedule to keep the car running smoothly and with less damage.
  • Check cooling water: clean the cooling tank and replace the damaged pipe (if any) so that the engine will not overheat when operating.
  • Check air conditioner, air filter and battery: with the battery, after 4 years of operation, you need to replace it. As for the air conditioner and air filter, these two parts often collect dust and affect the operation of the car. Therefore, it is recommended to bring to a professional to check and replace the air conditioner filter and engine air filter.
  • Check the tire, brake: brakes and tires directly affect the vehicle's safety system. Check your tires and brake pads for wear and see if they need to be replaced.
  • Wheel precision alignment: wheel camber after a period of operation may be misaligned. It is necessary to check and align the vehicle so that the vehicle does not wear tires, wobble, etc., causing unsafety.
  • Clean engine compartment, interior - exterior: "slapping" to the old car's appearance is essential. You can also consider replacing the part according to your preference.
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The article pointed you How to "catch" old cars with common mistakes and experiences after buying a used car. Hope you can successfully put it into practice. To know more good tips related to car repair - maintenance of all kinds, continue to follow the articles on our website!

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