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Automotive Technician

Currently, profession car repair - maintenance - car maintenance is hot by cJob opportunities are wide open with many positions with attractive salaries. You want to know learners? Auto repair - maintenance - car maintenance can be done in any position, what is the salary to choose a major or choose a suitable job position. 

This article of Thanh Phong Auto will provide job positions related to this field and average salary for your reference.

Popular Jobs in Automotive Industry

1 Career Automotive Technical Service Advisor

Automotive technical service advisors are the "bridge" between the customer and the automotive technician. This position communicates with the customer so that the customer understands the problem the car is having, and gives an accurate repair description to the technicians. 

Career Automotive Technical Service Advisor
Career Automotive Technical Service Advisor

In addition, the automotive technical service advisor needs to perform additional tasks: 

  • Welcome, process customer requests, make appointments, estimate costs.
  • Making repair slips, explaining repair routes to customers.

Salary: 7-15 million VND (not including commissions and bonuses).

2 Automobile Registrar

Profession of Automobile Inspector
Profession of Automobile Inspector

Automobile registration officers often work in government agencies. They are in charge of checking and assessing the technical condition of cars... to conclude whether that car is allowed to circulate or not. 

Salary: 10-15 million VND.

3 Automobile Workshop Manager

Automobile Workshop Manager
Automobile Workshop Manager

The position of Automotive Factory Manager is responsible for managing the following tasks: 

  • Service activities - spare parts at the factory.
  • Manage and resolve customer complaints.
  • Repair quality management.
  • Manage the storage and maintenance of tools and tools in the car workshop.
  • Professional training for team leaders and auto repairers at the workshop.

Salary: 9-12 million VND.

4 Automotive Technician

Automotive technicians (service technicians) undertake the following tasks: determine the problem cars are having; Carry out maintenance, repair and re-inspection of all vehicles.

Automotive Technician
Automotive Technician

Automotive technician positions are usually classified by array:

  • Automotive maintenance technician:

The position of car maintenance technician will be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Vehicle inspection, diagnosis, repair and maintenance.
  • Quality assurance, maintenance schedule as required.

Salary: 6-15 million VND.

  • Mechanical technician and diesel service

Mechanical technicians and diesel services specialize in repairing, maintaining and servicing mechanical components (electric motors, internal combustion engines, mechanical equipment...); oil, car gasoline...

Salary: 6-20 million VND.

5 Automotive electrical and electronics technician

Automotive electrical technicians specialize in the installation, maintenance, inspection and repair of refrigeration, electrical and electronic systems in cars.

Salary: 7-20 million VND.

6 Automotive engineer

Automotive engineer
Automotive engineer

Automotive engineers engaged in the design, production, distribution, marketing, sales and after-sales care for automobile manufacturers; considered and chose a design that was aesthetically pleasing while keeping the technical performance of these vehicles in mind. At the same time, it is in charge of supporting the dealers' technicians when launching new products to the market.

In addition, automotive engineers can now participate in the research and development of electronics and related software. 

Salary: 20-30 million VND.

Thanh Phong Auto Automotive Technical Practical Training Center – Professional Auto Repair - Maintenance Training

In response to the large demand for workers in the field of auto repair and maintenance, Thanh Phong Auto Automotive Technical Practice Training Center deploys training programs for automotive occupations that tend to recruit a lot.

Thanh Phong's training program includes 5 main courses:

  1. Basic car maintenance.
  2. CCar service inquiries.
  3. Scar automatic transmission repair.
  4. Diagnosis guessing electrics - automotive electronics.
  5. English for automotive industry. 

Top Car Repair - Maintenance - Maintenance Jobs and Best Salaries Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Reasons to learn car repair and maintenance at Thanh Phong Auto: 

  • The curriculum is compiled based on official documents, practical experiences of the lecturers at University of Science and Technology - Ho Chi Minh National University and technicians of Thanh Phong Auto. 
  • The training route ensures accurate - complete - up-to-date knowledge.
  • Classes are limited to 11-25 people to increase the effectiveness of interaction between students and instructors.
  • Affordable tuition fees, including study materials, certificates…
  • Spacious facilities for effective theoretical and practical learning: equipment, practical tools; car garage (used by Thanh Phong Auto); tables and chairs, projectors, air conditioners… 
  • After graduating from the courses, students have the opportunity to work at Thanh Phong Auto or be introduced to other car garages in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Above are the jobs and accompanying salaries that graduates of auto repair, maintenance and maintenance courses can refer to. Hopefully, it will help you in the process of choosing an apprenticeship or choosing a position to apply for a job.

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