How to Keep Your Wheels Lasting Over Time

- How to Keep Wheels Lasting Over Time
Latest update date: February 21, 06

How to keep it? wheel and are the details on the wheels long-lasting, requiring little repair or replacement? This is a question that Thanh Phong Auto's technical team has received quite a lot recently.

In fact, how to keep these details working well isn't as complicated as you might think. For tips on prolonging the life of wheel parts, let's go Thanh Phong Auto Go find out carefully in the following article.

Check the wheel surface

Road surface always contains many dangers of damage to the wheel such as gravel, stone, grit, even spikes, ... After each trip, you should carefully check the surface of the wheel to promptly detect and remove them and handle if Something went wrong.

In addition, it is also advisable to check the wear of the wheel periodically to detect possible problems the vehicle may encounter or simply replace the new wheel to ensure safety while traveling. To understand better you can refer Signs to change car tires to ensure safety in traffic.

how to check the wheel mines
Check for wheel wear

Clean the wheels

After using the vehicle, especially when traveling on muddy, muddy roads, the owner should clean the wheels by using a powerful spray or use a specialized cleaning cloth and detergent to make clean cake. Because if you leave mud or dirt on the cake for a long time, metal or plastic parts will corrode and deteriorate quickly. After cleaning, use polishing wax to lighten the metal layer of the wheel rim to keep the car durable.

note: In the process of cleaning the tires, clean the detergents carefully, to avoid them sticking to the paint and damaging the car's paint.

Regularly check the wheel angle

The wheel angle is one of the most important factors for operation and safety in traffic. Regularly checking and adjusting the wheel angle will help the driver avoid risks such as: The wheels wear quickly, the steering wheel is tilted to the side when moving, the wheel position is even more dangerous than the loss of steering..

Adjusting the angle of the car wheel
The vehicle is angled at the garage

If the condition continues for a long time, the suspension will be affected and also damaged parts such as bearings in the wheel motor. Visually checking the wheel angle is quite difficult to see the wrong angle, so you can rely on signs such as:

  • The steering wheel is deflected.
  • Tires wear quickly, unevenly.
  • The wheel is shaking.
  • Consume more fuel.

If you are traveling on the road can refer how to handle the wheel angle error. In addition, should bring the car to check and re-adjust the wheel angle after 10.000-20.000 km or as recommended by the car manufacturer.

Lubricate the wheel bolts

In the process of moving, the wheel must be in contact with the road surface, the dirt and chemicals of these elements will cause the metal parts on the vehicle to corrode and rust. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly check and clean the bolts, the threads with a small brush very clean and then lubricate with water cow fat.

Lubrication makes the bolts easy to remove when the wheels need to be changed or parts are checked. At the same time, it also avoids threaded line damage, rotating bolts but cannot be removed.

Lubricate the bolts on car tires
Lubricate the Tire Bolts after replacement

Install the wheel cover tightly

Fixing the wheel covers is quite simple, but extremely powerful, it helps prevent dirt, mud, dust, rainwater from adhering to the wheels and the wheel stops. Therefore, it is necessary to check and install the wheel cover tightly to protect the internal details and avoid the lid being dropped along the road, affected parts.

Note: The wheel cover is made of plastic so the process needs to be gentle, using additional screws to open the lid quickly. Avoid prying or installing the wheel cover too hard to cause the lid to break.

The wheel and the details on the wheel are very important, please note the information Thanh Phong Auto just share to protect them for the longest time. Also please refer to these Note when maintaining and replacing tires shared by professional car mechanics. Thanks for reading the article.

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