Ignition Spark Plugs And 5 Signs Related To Engine Condition

Spark Plugs And 5 Signs Related to Engine Condition 1 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Performance of a car engine depends on many factors, including the role of spark plugs. This is because the spark plug is the part that is in direct contact with the combustion chamber of the engine. The engine's ability to work is more or less dependent on the quality of the spark plug.

This is also the basis for Thanh Phong Auto Here is an article on 5 signs of spark plugs related to engine health status below. Stay tuned and capture this useful information!

Thanh Phong Catches Motor Sick Through Signs Of Spark Plugs.

What is a spark plug?

Spark Plugs And 5 Signs Related to Engine Condition 2 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

In the ignition system, the spark plug is the last detail with very important function. Thanks to spark plugs, sparks between the two electrodes were generated to ignite the mixture of air and gasoline under high pressure.

Therefore, you need to know the following signs of spark plugs to understand the current status of the engine in your car.

1. Spark plug is yellow brown

Spark Plugs And 5 Signs Related to Engine Condition 3 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Yellowish spark plugs (Illustration)

When the engine of the car works normally, you can easily see the spark plug will be yellow brown. Now the ratio of both gasoline and air is stable so you can be assured because the other mechanical components of the engine will also be no problem.

In case it is necessary to replace the spark plug, you should choose the type of spark plug with the same temperature range. In addition, it should be noted that the spark plug will work hotter when the heat path is longer and vice versa.

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2. Spark plugs are black and dry

Spark Plugs And 5 Signs Related to Engine Condition 4 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Illustration: Spark plugs are black and dry

When you notice that the spark plugs on your car are black and dry, the engine is not good at this time. This sign of the spark plug indicates that the carburetor had a problem. Because of that, it has supplied too much gasoline or ran in moderation in excess.
This situation can result from the problem of dirty air filtration. Therefore, when you notice the black, dry sign of the spark plug, quickly adjust the fuel tank.

3. Black and wet spark plugs

Spark Plugs And 5 Signs Related to Engine Condition 5 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Illustration: Spark plugs are black and wet

When the oil leaks into the cylinder and is burnt, spark plugs get black and wet. Spark plugs in your car encounter this sign may stem from:

  • Open the valve.
  • Open the check.
  • The cylinder is worn out.

If the spark plug is not only black and wet, but also accompanied by a blue smoke with a strong smell, you should check the engine completely. This will help your car engine to ensure quality later.

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4. Spark plugs are white

Spark Plugs And 5 Signs Related to Engine Condition 6 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

White spark plugs may be caused by a damaged cooling system

When white spark plugs are observed, the main reason for this situation is the engine's cooling system has been broken. In this case, the engine will overheat during operation and cause a spark plug failure.

Therefore, when you encounter this phenomenon, you should replace the spark plug for the car, and should conduct inspection and repair for the cooling unit.

5. Spark plugs are worn out

Spark Plugs And 5 Signs Related to Engine Condition 7 Thanh Phong Auto HCM

Illustration: Spark plugs are out of focus

Spark plugs are worn out due to the following reasons:

  • Spark plugs have an inappropriate amount of heat.
  • Lack of air to fuel.
  • Ignition time sooner.
  • Engine lubrication is not enough

In addition to replacing new spark plugs to work well, you should check the coolers, carburetors and oil in the engine to prevent damage if you see the spark plugs are worn out extreme.

With the signs of spark plugs that have been presented by Thanh Phong Auto above, it is hoped that you will get useful experiences to be able to maintain and care for your cars effectively. Come perform maintenance, take care of your beloved driver from time to time at Thanh Phong Auto to be able to drive cars into traffic safely and comfortably!


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