How to Correctly Calibrate a Car's Steering Wheel

aligning the car rulers properly
Latest update date: February 14, 05

One of the ways to help prolong the life of a tire is scale the steering wheel, however need to correct technical calibration to ensure efficiency.

So weigh What is the steering wheel adjustment? How to correct the technique? To understand more about this issue let's go together Thanh Phong Auto Find out more in the following article.

What is wheel alignment?

Align the steering wheel is the adjustment suspension system of the car. It is important in this category to be Adjust wheel setting angle, tire adjustment, wheel adjustment and some parameters that affect the wheel's contact with the road surface. This adjustment will help prolong the life of the tire system, bring comfortable and gentle driving feeling to the user.

the correct technique to align the steering wheel
What is the steering wheel alignment? Causes of unbalance in the steering wheel?

Cause the steering wheel is out of alignment

An imbalance in the steering wheel can be caused by:

  • The car has a strong collision against a wall, roadside or has a pothole, an obstacle.
  • The car has an accident that causes the suspension to fail.
  • The suspension is worn out.
  • Drivers often climb sidewalks, park the car at an angle for a long time.

Common problems when steering angle is deviated

  • Tires are not worn.
  • The phenomenon of swinging to one side.
  • The steering wheel is deflected.
  • Fuel consumption.
  • The steering wheel is shaking.

The importance of wheel alignment

The scale of the steering wheel is a thing that is less interested by the driver, but it plays a very important role such as:

1. Helps reduce wear and increase tire life

The correct position of the tires will ensure smooth, stable operation reduce tire wear. If the tire is misaligned, the tire's friction force will be different, causing the tire to wear out quickly, forcing the driver to replace the tire with a new one. increase tire life and save costs).

calibrate car driving ruler
Reducing wear and tear increases tire life

2. Help to save fuel

When the wheels are straight and positioned properly, the traction will act evenly at each corner, helping to reduce drag when the car is on the road. This will cause the car Consume less fuel more.

3. Safer when driving

When the wheel angle is correct, the wheels are parallel, in sync with each other. Drive system , and suspension system will be stable, the car does not have vibration phenomenon, tumble forward to bring a sense of safety for the driver. At the same time, the adjustment of the steering wheel also helps to improve the vehicle's control, when the traction and traction are consistent with each other.

the correct technique to align the steering wheel
Helping drive safer

When do you need to calibrate your car's steering wheel?

  • When the car has just encountered traffic problems, strong collision.
  • When you feel the car shake, the car is skewed when moving.
  • Tires wear quickly, wear unevenly.
  • The steering wheel is deflected, difficult to control.
  • When the car goes 15.000-20.000km.
  • After replacing new car tires.

Work related to steering wheel alignment includes:

+ The standard long: Affects the drag problem, this is the distance between the front and rear axles of the wheel.

+ Wheel rotation angle: The angle at which the wheel rotates.

+ Kingpin corner: Creating stability when the car is running straight and safe when returning.

+ Camber corner: This is the angle at which the wheel is tilted outwards or upwards to form. If you face inward, it is called a negative camber angle, and if you lean outwards it is called a positive camber angle.

Camber angle adjustment
Camber angle adjustment

When it is found that this deviation angle deviates significantly from the manufacturer's requirements, the precision of the wheel, bearings, joints and suspension components should be adjusted.

+ Caster corner: The caster angle is the angle of the steering wheel when viewed from the side of the vehicle. If the vehicle has a positive caster angle, the steering axis will tilt towards the driver. Conversely, when the steering axis is facing the front of the vehicle, it will be a negative caster angle.

Caster angle adjustment
Caster angle adjustment

+ Toe Angle: "Toe in" is the forward precision and "Toe out" is the rear precision of the wheels. This item is measured by the difference between the two distances in front and the rear of the wheel. If the Toe angle is misaligned, the steering wheel will vibrate, the car will be "loose", the tire is not worn out, the tire is damaged quickly, ... Damaged corners of the vehicle's gear in a simple, fastest way).

Teo angle alignment
Toe angle alignment

Steps to properly calibrate steering wheel

Including 2 main stages:

1. Check the precision

+ Step 1: Stop the car on a flat surface, use the special tools to lift the car.

+ Step 2: Use chalk or paint to create a running field around the tire to mark the position of the tire. Work on both sides of the tire.

+ Step 3: Use tape measure to measure the distance at marked points from the front and back of each tire.

2. Measure the wheel tilt angle

+ Step 1: After lifting the car to check the precision, lower the car to check the angle of the tire.

+ Step 2: Use the balance ruler attached to the tire, pay attention to place it flat on the tire surface to ensure the most accurate.

+ Step 3: Observe if the position of the tire is deviated from the ruler, if the balance size deviation will signal the eccentricity, now check and correct the parameters as stated by the manufacturer.

How to properly adjust the steering wheel in the garage
How to properly adjust the steering wheel in the garage

Job self-aligning the steering wheel This can be done at home, but only suitable for those with experience. Accordingly, in order to ensure the correct technical implementation, bring efficiency when using the driver should bring the car professional maintenance center for the best support.

Above is the information about align the rulers and correct technical alignmentThanh Phong Auto shared. Hopefully readers will have more useful experiences when they need to adjust the rulers for their loved ones. (Refer to the specialized garage repairing and maintaining the car steering wheel system the most prestigious in HCM to help your car driver always operate in the safest state).

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