How to Stop Cars With Red Lights Without Harm Automatic Transmission

Instructions to stop the lights for cars without harming the automatic transmission
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Controlling automatic transmission cars in urban areas makes driving more leisurely and comfortable. Currently, there are 4 types of automatic transmission technology for cars from high-end to popular. Although the properties are different, they all require the user to grasp reasonable red light parking operations to avoid damage. So how to stop the car red light without harming the transmission? Together Thanh Phong Auto Discover through the following article.

1. Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT)

The AMT automatic manual transmission has a fairly simple structure and is widely used in countries that like cheap cars like India. AMT does not have a clutch foot, the form of the gearshift lever is relatively similar to a normal automatic gear lever. The car only changes gears when the speed and rpm are appropriate, so AMT is not as smooth as other types of gearbox.

How to Stop a Red Temple Car Without Harming Automatic Transmission

Driving with an AMT transmission, when stopped, the gear will shift to 1st so the car can go forward if the brake is released. Therefore, stopping at a red light for a long time while still holding the brake will put pressure on the transmission and cause the brakes to wear faster. At this point, you just need to shift the gear to "N" and pull the brake lever like you would with conventional gearboxes.

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2. Variable Torque Automatic Transmission

The torque converter is a part used to change torque and transmit power from the engine to the transmission (similar to the role of the clutch).

The automatic transmission using variable torque is quite common, called many by the name 4-speed, 5-speed, 6-speed automatic. When driving with this transmission, you need to leave the gear lever at full balance, and apply the brake if the red light is less than 30 seconds. If you need to stop pouring for a longer time and still apply the above method, it can overheat the lubricating fluid in the movement and cause damage. Therefore, when stopping for too long, you need to shift to N and pull the brake.

3. CVT . CVT

Stepless gearbox is a type of gearbox that is capable of continuously changing the gear ratio without dividing by gears. This type of gearbox makes the transmission ratio by the belt, not by the gear like many other types of gearboxes.

Instructions to stop the red light for cars properly

Similar to an automatic transmission, the CVT puts pressure on the brake system if the driver stops without shifting gears. In addition, when stopping at a red light, if you shift to P gear, the underground car system understands that you are about to turn off the engine and get out of the car, so it will automatically unlock the door. To avoid the above situation, it is better to stop at a red light, switch to N mode and turn on the handbrake.

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4. DCT . Dual Clutch Transmission

The DCT dual-clutch transmission is considered to be the most modern transmission in new cars. DCT helps to shift gears smoother and faster than automatic transmissions using conventional torque converters.

But, the dual-clutch transmission is very hot if the car moves slowly. Therefore, the habit of controlling the vehicle with the brake pedal when stopping at a red light or traffic jam can cause damage to the transmission.

Preferably, the driver encounters a red light for more than 1 minute or automatically shifts the gear to N to give the clutch time to cool down and be ready to work again.

Experience stopping red lights for cars properly

The above article has shown the easiest way to stop the red light without harming the automatic transmission. Hope you can apply it successfully. If you have any questions, please contact Thanh Phong by hotline 0934 79 71 79 - 0913 11 93 93- 0931 79 67 90- 0931 79 77 90 for more specific advice.

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