How to Fix Noise From the Engine and Exhaust System of an Oto

Fix Noise Emitted From Car Engine

The noise emitted by the engine and exhaust system of the car is always a problem that many car owners have to complain. This is considered a warning for your beloved driver is having problems.

However, not all noise is the same because there are actually many different types of noise that occur due to different technical failures.

How to Fix Noise Emitted from the Engine and Exhaust System of Oto Premium Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

To better understand this issue let's Thanh Phong Auto Go find out more about the noises that cars encounter and find the best way to overcome your car driver.

How to Fix Noise From the Engine and Exhaust System of an Oto

1. Some noise comes from the engine and car exhaust system

Noise Emitted From Car Engine And Exhaust System
Noise Emitted From Car Engine And Exhaust System
  • Whistle
  • Click
  • Click or knock sound
  • Whistle, gurgling or sizzling
  • Obese murmur
  • Noise from the exhaust
  • Early explosion phenomenon

2. The cause of the noise

  • Whistle:

Vehicles emit hissing when car engine problems. The reason is that the compressor in the air conditioning system has problems, the power steering system is low or there is a problem.

The parts that normally cause this sound include: belts, belt parts, serpentine belts, generators, drive belts, power pumps, water pumps, fans, radiators, pulleys or pulleys.

Causes of Car Engine Hissing
Causes of Car Engine Hissing
  • Click:

This cry indicates that your car engine is running low on oil or the valve is about to loose.

+ Note: It Is Necessary to Change Automobile Tires In Which Cases

  • Click or knock sound:

When the car makes this sound from the engine's head, the cause is:

- Lack of oil in the cylinder cap.
- Leakage of fuel, ignition system.
- Oil pressure is not high.
- Some other problem related to valve and cylinder cap.

  • Hitting, gurgling or sizzling sound

These three sounds often go together because this noise is usually caused by the engine or cooling system overheating.

  • Obese murmur:

This sound appears when the burning process is not perfect. Due to a fire balance problem, it includes: splitter, rotor, high-voltage coil (mobin), spark plug (electric candle) and spark plug wire.

How to Fix Noise Emitted from the Engine and Exhaust System of Oto Premium Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

  • Noise from exhaust pipe:

The reason is that the exhaust system is clogged or has leaked.

  • Early explosion phenomenon:

According to the majority of experts in the field of car repair and maintenance, the cause may be due to the presence of water in the internal combustion system.

3. How to overcome

After checking and finding out the cause of the above noises, the car owner will start the troubleshooting operation. With simple issues, you can do it yourself without bringing your beloved driver to the garage.

Thanh Phong Auto specializes in Professional Car Engine Repair and Overhaul in HCM
Thanh Phong Auto specializes in Professional Car Engine Repair and Overhaul in HCM

+ Note: 3 Notes When Repairing Exhaust System, Exhaust Pipe, Car

Please refer to the remedies that Thanh Phong Auto has accumulated below:

  • If the cause of the oil-related noise is like running out of oil, you can do it yourself by adding more oil. But if it is due to oil pressure, it should not be arbitrarily handled. At that time, please bring the beloved driver to the prestigious address for assistance.
  • If there is a problem with the exhaust, replace the silencer or exhaust.
  • Problems with the ignition system should be adjusted to the ignition timing or to the manufacturer's recommended level. Do not forget to check the ignition order, high voltage wire and spark plug.
  • In particular, when the car encounters clicking or knocking sounds, the repair will not be easy because it is caused by loose some parts inside the cylinder head or inside the engine. Failure to promptly repair or replace may cause parts to be broken.

Above are some noise that can catch disease easily but there are many cases that are difficult to detect. The best solution in the meantime is to take your car to the prestigious garage to be checked and processed offline.

Thanh Phong Auto is one of the units specializing in providing professional car maintenance and repair services, where you can safely send your beloved driver. With a team of experienced technicians, together with modern equipment and support systems, Thanh Phong Auto is committed to giving you the most perfect service.

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