Car Spark Plugs: How to Check & Maintenance

- Car Spark Plugs: How to Check & Maintain
Latest update date: February 12, 06

Spark plugs are an integral part of the engine, helping the petrol engine work properly. Knowing the spark plug types, how to check and maintain the spark plugs will help car owners to know the engine's operating status. At the same time find good handling problems that occur.

What are spark plugs?

Spark plugs are the final part of a car's ignition system. It is considered the part that gives life to car engines. Spark plugs are created to meet the requirements such as: high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, strong spark, high pressure resistance. Because it has to work at a high temperature of 2.500 degrees Celsius and a compression pressure of about 50kg/cm2 due to the combustion of gasoline and air.

- Car Spark Plugs: How to Check & Maintain

Classification of car spark plugs

Car spark plugs are usually divided into 2 types:

According to the heat dissipation ability:

  • Hot spark plugs: Made with low heat dissipation capability, easy to heat up, only used for vehicles with low density, short-distance travel, slow-moving.
  • Spark plugs cool: With features as opposed to hot spark plugs.

- Car Spark Plugs: How to Check & Maintain

According to metal fabricated electrode head

  • Spark plugs have nickel tips: With low-cost cars often use this type of spark plug for the engine.
  • Platinum spark plugs (platinum): High-class cars always choose this type of spark plugs to use.
  • Iridium Spark Plugs: This is the most expensive spark plug because it is made of precious metal so its use is also very good.

How to check and maintain car spark plugs

After a period of use, your car will need to check, maintenance of car parts and engines. In that spark plug is an indispensable part. It is easy to see that the spark plug is dirty on both electrodes when it is removed. Please clean and adjust it to the original state offline.

With red brick, it shows that spark plug is still working well. Spark plugs have white coal dust attached to the engine, which is having some problems with the air. As for the case of black spark plugs, it is possible that the spark plugs are lacking in wind and fuel.

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Periodic inspection and maintenance of spark plugs is what drivers should do and replace when necessary. Because this helps identify the operating status of the engine how to timely adjust, helping the engine achieve the best working efficiency.

- Car Spark Plugs: How to Check & Maintain

Please disassemble and install spark plugs properly during maintenance to ensure long service life for machines and engines:

  • First need to wait for the engine to cool before removing the spark plug, please clean the stains around the spark plug first.
  • Remember to choose the right tools and the right size to avoid damaging the sides of the hexagon.
  • When taking out the disassembly operation should be gentle, avoid deviation, affect the surrounding parts, and do not jerk the spark plug wire as it may break the shot.
  • Check the spark plug, apply oil to the spark plug tooth if it is stuck, wait a few minutes to infuse, then continue to use the screwdriver to gently turn off.
    When you finish removing the old spark plug, you install a new spark plug and operate the vehicle correctly.

With that information Thanh Phong Auto The above provided hope to help car owners with more knowledge to help drivers love the best performance. If you have any questions, please contact for further advice.


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