Sharing How To Check, Diagnose Fast Car Disease

Sharing How to Check and Diagnose Car Diseases Quickly and Reputably Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Previously diagnosing faults, catching automobile diseases was merely using experience, but now with the introduction of many new cars, the experience is not enough. There are many errors in the car that are difficult to find and at the same time have to have the quickest and most effective remedy as well as avoid the "unexpected losses". So how to check and diagnose automobile catch errors quickly? Please read the article below to know more.

Share How To Check, Diagnose A Car Fast Catch Error

When to check and diagnose automobile errors?

Sharing How to Check and Diagnose Car Diseases Quickly and Reputably Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

When your car has been used for a while and you have a need to check the quality as well as durability, if any damage of electronic devices. Taking the car to check, diagnosing errors is considered an important step to help you peace of mind to use your beloved driver more because in the process of using there are many small errors that are difficult to identify. So the best solution is to use the service of checking and diagnosing errors at Thanh Phong Auto ok

Classification pan disease error

There are two basic types of disease errors classified as follows:

  • Permanent bugs: These are errors that always appear and persist until they are fixed.
  • Random errors: With this error when checking in the machine will not appear, display wrong, or there are no obvious symptoms, these are errors that are difficult to identify.

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How to find car disease systematically

Sharing How to Check and Diagnose Car Diseases Quickly and Reputably Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

In order to identify the automobile error quickly and accurately, the following procedure can be followed:

  • Read vehicle data: Capture parameters such as: frame number, registration date, to easily find the appropriate repair manual.
  • Record information from customers: Ask questions to collect more information from customers, then identify errors. Example: What are the common errors that occur?
  • Check visually and listen for noise coming from the vehicle: When the vehicle is in trouble, there will be certain signs, so pay close attention to recognize it. And do not forget to listen to where the strange noises are coming from where the car to easily handle offline.
  • Test drive the car: This is also a way many people choose, when testing the car you will easily feel and catch the error for the car more.
  • Read memory error: The vehicle's memory has a self-diagnosis function, so it can be relied on for more information on faults on the vehicle.
  • Other ways to find errors: For vehicles that cannot find data in memory or have no diagnostic function, force us to remove parts of the vehicle for inspection.

Mode of checking the status of cars

Sharing How to Check and Diagnose Car Diseases Quickly and Reputably Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

Method of mechanical measurement and inspection: Often people will use this method when the car encounters mechanical system errors of the vehicle such as the transmission, engine, chassis or body.

Ways of measuring and checking electricity: The errors often occur in electrical and electronic systems of the vehicle, such as: comfort system, lighting system, engine management system or transmission ...

For example:

  • Diode light
  • Multifunction electricity meter
  • Oscilloscope sign
  • Diagnostic equipment (vehicle system testing device)
  • ...

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Thanh Phong Auto - specializes in providing reputable car diagnostic services in Ho Chi Minh City

Sharing How to Check and Diagnose Car Diseases Quickly and Reputably Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024

We specialize in diagnosing faults including: diagnosis of gasoline engine errors, ESP / VSC motion stability systems, common-rail engines, steering systems, ABS brakes, TCS (anti-slip rotation when traction (SRS - Airbags, transmission system (manual and automatic), suspension - pneumatic shock absorbers (Mercedes), lighting + indicator ...

If you are in need of inspection and diagnosis of automobile faults, do not hesitate to contact Thanh Phong Auto immediately for advice and support. We specialize in providing inspection services, diagnose car errors with reasonable prices. Here we apply the most advanced technology - equipment today, helping the repair to achieve the goal of 03 right "right car, right disease, right prescription", bringing work efficiency, more cost and time saving for customers.

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