How to Check Car Shock Absorbers?

How to Check Car Shock Absorbers

Car shock absorbers is one of the important and indispensable parts of suspension system. This part is responsible for absorbing the forces acting on the vehicle through the hydraulic oil springs and springs, providing comfort and smoothness for the occupants of the car when traveling on the road.

However, after a long period of operation, car shock absorbers cannot avoid damage. So how to Check the operation of the car's shock absorbers? And Thanh Phong Auto Find the answer in the article below.

Car Shock Absorber Parts
Car Shock Absorber Parts

Average Lifespan of Car Shock Absorbers

The average life of a car shock absorber depends on the type of vehicle as well as the movement of the vehicle. It corresponds to the distance that the vehicle travels, specifically:

For cars that often travel on bad roads such as mountain passes, roads with bad terrain such as many potholes - ducks, bends, bends, etc., the shock absorbers will have a long life. very low average. Normally it will work well between 48.000 and 64.000km, if exceeded the shock absorbers will become weaker.

For cars that often travel on flat, easy to go, not bumpy roads, the life of car shock absorbers can be up to 140.000km.

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Signs That Shock Absorbers Are Having Problems

According to operating time, Shock absorbers will be worn out or damaged, causing difficulty in driving and controlling the vehicle. Therefore, if you see your car has one of the following signs that shows the shock absorber is having problems, you need to check and take the car to a garage for quick repair.

1 The car made a creaking sound

During travel, especially when going through rough roads, if you hear the car make creaking sounds, this is one of the signs that the shock absorber is having problems. 

The noise is caused by the spring rusting and rubbing against the sleeve part; Second, it could be because the hydraulic cylinder is bent by impact, the oil is dry, or there is a crack inside the rubber bushing. These are warning signs of weak shock absorbers that need to be repaired and replaced promptly. 

Lifespan of Car Shock Absorbers
Pay Attention to Signs of Your Vehicle Making Creaking Sounds

2 The front of the car bounces strongly every time you brake suddenly

This phenomenon occurs when the car's suspension system is corroded. In addition to the situation where the front of the vehicle swings strongly, there is also the case of the vehicle's front swaying when changing directions, especially when going on slippery roads. This problem also shows that the hip shock absorbers have lost their elasticity and should be replaced. 

3 The steering wheel is misaligned and vibrates

When the shock absorber is broken on one side or corroded after a period of operation, it will cause the car's steering wheel to vibrate and become misaligned, causing the car to tilt to one side. It is difficult for the driver to control the steering wheel, so the car can easily go off course, making it unsafe when participating in traffic.

4 Car shock absorbers leak oil

The most common and easily noticeable sign of a car shock absorber problem is the phenomenon Car oil leaks. The structure of the shock absorber will have seals to prevent oil from escaping. However, after a period of use, hydraulic oil leaks and flows along the body surface of the shock absorber system. You need to replace the seal to fix this situation. 

5 Tires wear unevenly

There are many reasons why tires wear unevenly, one of which is due to damaged shock absorbers, leading to the front of the vehicle tilting, causing an imbalance in the force on the tire.

How to Check Car Shock Absorbers? Best Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2023
Tires Wear Unevenly

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6 Car shock absorbers are stiff

When the car goes through bad roads, potholes, speed bumps... if the car experiences strong shocks, it shows that the car's shock absorber spring is damaged. The solution to fix it is to replace the shock absorber pad and position it between the spring rings of the shock absorber to help smoother movement and prolong life.

7 Brake response is slow

During operation, when you step on the brake but after a while the car slows down and stops, the car's shock absorbers may have a problem. The reason is that the piston shaft no longer has enough elasticity. Therefore, it takes more time for the car to perform this task.

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How To Check Car Shock Absorbers

8 Observe the front of the vehicle

To see the front part of the car, it is best to park on flat terrain, not rough, not a steep hill. If the height of the two front wheels is equal, there is no difference, then the shock absorber is still in good working order and not damaged, and vice versa.

In case the car owner knows the exact parameters of the vehicle, suspension system, then the standard parameter can be compared with the vehicle's height to check. If there's a difference between the height and the benchmark, it's possible that a part of the suspension or the shock absorber spring has been damaged.

9 Check the springiness of the shock absorber

Checking the damping is also one of the methods to help car owners know if the car's shock absorber is damaged or not?

It's very simple, just stand in front of the front of the car and use a strong force to press the front of the car down, if the car has a poor bounce or doesn't bounce back like before, it means the shock absorber has been damaged. . Or you can also use your knee to rest on the bumper hardware to test the bounce.'

10 Check the shock absorber tube & spring

Car shock absorbers always have to work with great frequency, especially when the car often has to move on bad and rough roads. This is also one of the reasons why springs and shock absorber of the shock absorber no longer has good elasticity, even damaged or broken.

Signs of Broken Car Shock Absorbers
Check the shock absorbers and shock absorber springs

If hydraulic oil is found to be leaking to the outside, it means that the seals of the springs and springs have been damaged. This causes the car's shock absorbers to no longer function properly. This oil leak phenomenon can be completely observed with the naked eye. At this time, it is necessary to bring the car to the garage for repair or replacement to ensure safety when moving.

Above are some how to check car shock absorbersThanh Phong Auto just shared. Hopefully through this content readers will gain more useful information. However, to ensure safety as well as make sure car shock absorbers If it is always working well, you should bring your car to a reputable auto repair garage for periodic inspection.

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