Revealing How to Treat a Car Water Tank That Cuts When The Car Is Running

Revealing the Best Way to Handle a Leaked Car Water Tank While the Car is Running Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2024
Latest update date: February 06, 03

During the operation of the car, the car water tank is a place of continuous operation and operation in a high temperature control environment, with corrosion, so it is easy to encounter damage. Damages to this system can cause bundles, warping and sealing of the lid. Especially, this is an automobile cooling system, so it needs to be cared for and taken care of in accordance with its functions and tasks.

In case you are traveling on an empty road, the rural area does not have many car repair locations, it is necessary to have basic knowledge when dealing with damage to the tank system. To understand and handle the damage of the tank, you should first understand the causes of this situation.

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The following Thanh Phong Auto I would like to introduce to you the causes of this situation and the basic procedure for dealing with a car radiator that is broken on the move.

1. Cause the tank is punctured while the vehicle is running.

Causes of Car Water Tank Leaks
Causes of Car Water Tank Leaks
  • Due to failure of the water pump

Water pump with flexible cooling water circulation function so that water is quickly exchanged for heat. Therefore, the water pump must operate continuously in a high temperature environment which is easy to be damaged. When the cooling water pump is broken, the cooling water will not be circulated anymore, resulting in an increase in engine temperature, boiling water without lowering the heat, damaging the car radiator.

  • The thermostat is broken

Constant temperature valve will shorten the drying time of the engine. The principle of this part is to not let coolant circulate early when the engine temperature has not increased to a stable operating level. Constant temperature valve plays a very important role in the beginning when the car starts to start.

If the thermostat valve is stuck, unable to open when the engine heating process has finished will cause the water in the machine to boil, the engine overheat causes the engine bundle (piston jam) and causes the water tank to leak. .

Refer: The common problem in car radiator coolers and attention when handling.

2. Procedures for handling incidents of punctured automobile water tanks.

When you see the car's red light, the first thing you need to do is do it shutdown, stop the vehicle to avoid increasing engine temperature. Perform heat dissipation method with radiator parts by work open the capo cap. Observe the parts in the tank carefully for a preliminary assessment of external damage.

Find clean water around: water from households, drinking water brought along ... do not use muddy water, this pond causes serious damage to the radiator.

Procedure for Troubleshooting a Car Water Tank Leaking While Moving
Procedure for Troubleshooting a Car Water Tank Leaking While Moving

After performing the above tasks, we proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Open the cooling water bottle cap. In the Thai camp, when the engine has just turned off, the car is still very hot, so it takes a while when the engine has cooled down or use a rag soaked with water to open the lid of the cooler. This will prevent your hands from directly contacting the hot lid, causing skin burns.

Step 2: Next, you start the engine simultaneously and turn off the air conditioner. The engine start to bring coolant directly to the engine to cool down to achieve the highest efficiency.

Step 3: Slowly pour water into the cooling tank until the water overflows, the machine cannot suck anymore.

Step 4: Close the lid of the cool water bottle to avoid the pressure of compressed steam in the bottle, causing it to open causing skin burns or boiling water to spray out causing damage.

You should also note that in many cars today the intakes and vents are close to each other, so the phenomenon of water spread from the mouth to the inlet again!

The amount of water poured in is to fix the problem, helping the car to travel 20 - 80km. When you encounter complicated roads, you need to find the nearest repair center and remember to always reserve plenty of clean water for the next travel journey before you go to the repair site.

Footnotes: Maintenance of cars in hot weather

Hopefully, with the information from Thanh Phong provided above, it will help to gain more knowledge in taking care of your beloved driver. If you want to find a quality and reputable car maintenance and repair unit, you can contact Thanh Phong Auto's service!


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