Top 7 Hottest Car Exterior Care Services

car exterior care service
Exterior Car Care ServicesTop 7 Hottest Car Exterior Care Services

Exterior details are considered the "coating" of car – affect the aesthetics and value of the car. With the nature of frequent exposure to the external environment - under the influence of sunlight, rain, wind, dust... so Car exterior easily degraded, damaged (dust, discolor, peel, crack, etc.) if not properly and periodically maintained.

So car exterior care service very interested by car owners, let's find out Top Hot Car Exterior Care Services Today in this article.

car exterior care service

Car Exterior Care

1 Cleaning, Washing Cars

In the process of using the car, dirt, tree sap, insect remains and other pollutants will stick to the car, then the service will cleaning - car wash It will help keep the outside of your car cleaner.

Basic steps:

  • Spray water all over the car to remove dirt.
  • Mix snow foam according to the manufacturer's instructions and then spray it on the entire surface of the vehicle (with a compressed air machine to create foam will be more effective).
  • Wipe the surface of the car with a specialized soft brush, gently impact to avoid scratching the paint surface.
  • Car wash – flush from top to bottom, inside to outside.
  • Wipe dry with absorbent towel.
Top 7 Hottest Car Exterior Care Services Professionally Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
Cleaning, Washing Cars

2 Car Paint Care

Car exterior care indispensable step of care car paint, because this is an item that is easily degraded, scratched by weather agents, bumps ...

The standard car paint care process will be:

  • Car wash.
  • Spray a coat of car polish to protect the paint surface, remove scratches and increase the shine of the surface.
Top 7 Hottest Car Exterior Care Services Professionally Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
Car Paint Care

3 Tire Care, Rims, Lazang

In Vietnam, traffic conditions (many bad roads – potholes, elephant holes…) and climate (high temperature) can cause cars to face the risk of tearing – exploding tires; rim distortion, lazang. Therefore, it is very important to take care of exterior details such as tires, rims, and wheels.


  • It is recommended to rotate the tires about 10.000km/time, pay attention to dynamic balance.
  • Replace the tire if the tire shows signs of damage or wear.
  • Restore the aging marks of the rims with products to remove lazang rims, blacken the tires ....

4 Windshield Gasket Care

The hot and humid climate and heavy rain in our country are the main reasons why rubber parts such as the steering wheel gaskets quickly degenerate, harden or crack. If there is a problem with the gasket, then:

  • Door tightness is not guaranteed, affecting noise resistance.
  • Dirt and water easily enter the car through the openings.
  • Door edge is easily scratched.

The process of taking care of the steering wheel gasket will help this part be checked, maintained and cleaned in time to avoid the above cases.

5 Windshield Wiper Care

The wiper is a part that works "hard" in the rainy season, and directly "faces" the impact of other environmental factors such as sunlight, dust, etc. If not cared for periodically wiper blades can decrease or lose function after only 1-2 years of use, causing many problems such as water not being wiped clean, wipers tripping, large friction between wiper blades and windshield increasing the risk of damage. glass scratch.

Top 7 Hottest Car Exterior Care Services Professionally Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
Windshield Wiper Care

6 Car Headlight Care

Headlights make driving a car safer at night, so headlight care is also very important to car owners. The headlights of cars used for a long time can get dirty, the reflectors on the outside of the car can be discolored, the lenses are yellow or blurred due to oxidation, the fog inside the headlights can easily cause system errors. electricity…

Therefore, the process of taking care of car headlights ensures that this part is always bright, durable and safe, ensuring a good driving experience.

7 Grille Care

The grille is designed with the function of bringing air and wind into the car for cooling; Protect car radiator and engine. In the process of taking care of the grille, car technicians will clean it thoroughly to ensure that the part functions most effectively - avoiding overheating that is harmful to the car engine.

Recently, the services car exterior care Currently, some items are chosen by many car owners to operate at home to save costs such as car wash, paint care, headlight care ...

Top 7 Hottest Car Exterior Care Services Professionally Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023
Grille Care

However, the lack of experience – expertise in car exterior care will cause you problems:

  • Difficulty in verifying the effectiveness of exterior care: has it met the requirements?
  • Some care items require specialized equipment, thorough knowledge of car exteriors and standard skills: restoring aging rims, handling tree sap - car scratches...

Therefore to car exterior care If it's effective, it's best to take the car to the Reputable car care facility. In HCM City, you can refer to the service of Thanh Phong Auto – we have many years of experience in car care and repair; has a team of good technicians and modern workshop system. Thanh Phong Auto's car exterior care service is committed to high quality with optimal cost.

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