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Latest update date: February 23, 09

The deterioration of the car's interior takes place slowly, the car owner hardly notices the change in a day or two. But after a period (periodically), if not cared for properly, the following phenomena: dust, discolor, peel, crack… will manifest clearly.

To ensure the functionality and aesthetics of the car interior - creating a comfortable, clean, and cool car environment, the car interior care service is the ideal solution. Find out immediately what to do when taking care of and maintaining car interiors.

Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaning Service
Car Vacuum Cleaning Service

During use, dirt and sand can stick to the surface and crevices of the car interior (from shoes, the process of sucking air from outside, pets...). This is the cause of unpleasant odors in the car and is also the cause of respiratory diseases.

Periodic vacuuming service with specialized equipment (handheld vacuum cleaner, brush detail…) will clean the dirt and dust on the car, ensuring the car space is clean and comfortable.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner Air Slot

Air Conditioner Air Vent Cleaning Service
Air Conditioner Air Vent Cleaning Service

The air vent of the car air conditioner draws air from the air conditioner filter regularly, so it contains a lot of tiny dust particles. In this area with low temperature and high humidity, dust adheres very tightly to the slot. Long-term accumulation will cause unpleasant odors and create conditions for bacteria to multiply in the interior.

With the service of cleaning the air-conditioning vents, the plaque in the air vents in the rows of seats and directions will be effectively handled. Thereby limiting the influence on the air conditioner filter in particular and the operation of the air conditioning unit in general.

Ceiling Cleaning

Car Ceiling Cleaning Service
Car Ceiling Cleaning Service

Why is the ceiling cleaning service concerned? Because the car's ceiling is usually made of fabric or alcantara, these materials are easy to absorb dust, easy to smell (musty smell, food, tobacco, alcohol...) and easy to discolor. If you don't pay attention to this item, your car will be uncomfortable, the roof will look unsightly - affecting the experience of the occupants.

Ceiling cleaning service uses a hot, high-temperature steam engine to decompose stains and odors clinging to the surface. Next, use a solution and a specialized interior cleaning brush to effectively clean the ceiling of the car, while not damaging the fabric.

Taplo Cleaning

Taplo Cleaning Service
Taplo Cleaning Service

Taplo is a place where personal items are often placed and the occupants of the car also often touch their hands, so it gets dirty very quickly. This surface is also affected by direct sunlight, so it is easy to be damaged or cracked.

When bringing the car to the car care center, the taplo surface will be carefully cleaned by the technicians with a brush and specialized solution, then wiped with a car wipe.

Leather Chair Care

Leather Car Seat Care Service
Leather Car Seat Care Service

Why is leather seat care one of the top concerns of car owners?

Leather seats are easily soiled by sweat and dirt from outside the car. When the chair is dirty, the heat dissipation of the chair is reduced, causing discomfort to the occupants, unsightly and unhygienic. Different types of leather upholstery will have different care. Some cars that do not properly clean leather seats also have moldy or peeling seats.

Professional leather chair care service will clean this part with the right solution, ensuring clean hygiene and not affecting the quality of the interior. In addition, it also helps to prevent cracking of leather seats before frequent exposure to movement/rubbing of occupants' clothes or under the influence of heat and sunlight.

Cleaning Car Doors, Door Slots and Footstools

Car Door Cleaning Service, Car Door Gaps and Footstools
Car Door Cleaning Service, Car Door Gaps and Footstools

Next, we must mention the car door care service, the car door slot and the footstool - the parts that greatly affect the aesthetics of the car interior.

  • The car door is a surface that comes into contact with a lot of hands, easy to stick to sweat and dirt. Especially the control buttons - the ideal hiding place for bacteria.
  • The car door slot and the footstool are also places where dirt and sand often accumulate during the process of getting on / off the car.

The above areas are quite difficult to clean, requiring specialized cleaning equipment and standard cleaning procedures for effective cleaning.

Cleaning the trunk of a car

Car Rear Trunk Cleaning Service
Car Rear Trunk Cleaning Service

The trunk area of ​​the car often contains luggage, daily carry items, drinking water ... so it is easy to accumulate dirt and has a messy smell. Cleaning the trunk of the car will help this space be clean, tidy and limit the accumulation of unpleasant odors.

Fragrance – Deodorize Car Interior

Car Deodorization and Fragrance Service
Car Deodorization and Fragrance Service

Your "car" has an unpleasant smell that makes it difficult to concentrate on driving and the members in the car feel a headache. Unusual car odors can come from:

  • The smell on the interior due to eating, smoking, perspiration...
  • Odors from the air conditioning system: mice, dead insects in the air intake; bacteria, mold in the indoor unit system; …
  • Odor coming from the engine compartment.
  • Car interior deodorizing service uses machines and essential oils to effectively remove odors from cars.

Above are the car interior care service hottest right now. As can be seen, some items car interior care as: Vacuuming, cleaning the trunk, cleaning the taplo… then car owners can operate at home to save costs. However, doing it yourself at home also has its limitations:

  • Difficult to verify the effectiveness - not sure if it's done well, if there are any mistakes...
  • Some items require specialized machines, deep knowledge of car interiors and standard technical operations: cleaning air-conditioners, taking care of leather seats, deodorizing fragrances...

Therefore, the optimal armor to interior care Let the driver love is a choice Reputable car care facility to entrust. In Ho Chi Minh City, you can come to the service of Thanh Phong Auto when you need. With many years of experience together Professional car interior cleaning and maintenance process, a team of good technicians, a modern workshop system – Thanh Phong Auto Committed to taking care of your car comprehensively at an optimal cost.

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