4 Note When You Care For Certain Cars You Must Know

4 Notes When Taking Care of Your Car You Must Know Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto HCM 2023

To own a car in Vietnam, you have to spend a lot of money. Therefore, you will be very affectionate, take care of your car well. However, not every new car buyer knows how to take care of his "driver" very well. Therefore, we will send you 4 a note when take care of cars that you should not ignore.

The process of steps to take care of cars at home standard garage

Cleaning - maintenance of the brake

Car brakes is a very important part. They determine the safety and life of the occupants of the car. You must have heard a lot about drivers losing their brakes and causing an unfortunate accident. Therefore, you need to check and maintain the brakes on a regular basis. With just a small mistake, you will also pay with your life and loved ones.

Experience of self-care for cars at home
Regularly clean and maintain the brakes periodically

Car brakes will decrease durability if operated continuously. Therefore, when running a car, you should not sweep the brakes continuously, you need to step on the accelerator as well as the appropriate number to hold the bike. Except when it is absolutely necessary to apply the brakes and do not apply the brakes.

In addition, car brakes also degrade if dirt or dust is attached. You should check and clean the brakes regularly to remove dust deposits. If possible, you should buy chemicals or brake cleaning solutions that are sold at car dealers or garages.

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Maintenance of car paint surface

The exterior paint of the car helps your "driver" to stand out and attract the eyes. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the care and maintenance of the surface of the paint very well. At the same time must know how to properly hygiene so as not to damage the paint. The following is a proper cleaning and painting procedure.

Maintain vehicle paint surfaces carefully and properly
Maintain vehicle paint surfaces carefully and properly
  • First you clean the dirt on the car surface
  • Next, you should clean the injector or replace the brake fluid to avoid chemicals that come into contact with the paint surface.
  • Clean with a cleaning solution and wipe clean with a dedicated towel.

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Regularly clean the interior

The interior of the car is like your room. If you clean and fragrant clean, you will feel comfortable and smooth. Should regularly clean the interior of car maintenance centers. Here, with full equipment and car maintenance experience, car care centers will help you clean your "driver love" best.

To eliminate odors from cars, you should buy car fragrances sold at car dealers or car care centers.

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Check machine oil and necessary solutions

When the car operates regularly, the amount of motor oil of the vehicle will run out. If you do not pay attention can cause the car to be damaged and degraded.

Check machine oil and necessary solutions
Check machine oil and necessary solutions

During car maintenance, it is important to check the engine oil and other fluids. You need to check the oil level about 2 weekly 1 times to know the shortage of oil and refill. If done properly and regularly, your vehicle will be more durable and operate smoothly. Changing oil also requires a bit of experience and technology. If you are unsure, seek help from car care workers at repair and maintenance centers.

In addition, you should also check gearbox oil, brake fluid and coolant periodically to make your car operate in the best condition.

Above are 4 notes when taking care of cars that you should know. If you don't have much time or experience, take your beloved car to a professional car maintenance center like Thanh Phong Auto. We will help you check the condition of your car as well as give you useful advice.

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