5 Oto Mazda Car Care Experience In Rainy Season

5 Experiences in Professional Oto Mazda Car Care During the Rainy Season Thanh Phong Auto Garage Hcm 2023

Mazda is one of the famous car brands that are being selected by many Vietnamese customers with mid-range and luxury prices. But to ensure more about the durability of the engine and the longevity of a car Mazda carsCar owners must know how to take care of.

Especially in our country, the rainy season lasts for many months, affecting the means of transport. You currently own one Mazda box driverDon't miss the article about 5 experiences take care of, Repair Mazda cars during the rainy season below.

Car maintenance for Mazda cars in the rainy season

Learn 5 Experiences in Caring for Mazda Cars During the Rainy Season
Learn 5 Experiences in Caring for Mazda Cars During the Rainy Season    

Why are Mazda cars so popular?

today, car market Our country is very active and tends to sell better than before thanks to the economy is on the rise. Along with famous car manufacturers Honda, Kia, Toyota, ... then Mazda is also a name that is being sought by customers.

Mazda Owning all types of cars from high-end grade A to mid-range grade B and C, so it is suitable for all customers.

In which the car lines Mazda 2, Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 is having the most car consumption. Especially Mazda CX5 model also rose to 7th in the top 10 of the best-selling cars in the country.

Mazda CX8 and CX9 7-seat type is also highly competitive compared to many 7-seat models from other famous brands on the market.

In addition, secret secrets for those who are going car Mitsubishi then can refer to notes and tips maintenance of Mitsubishi cars are durable, beautiful, quietest.

In fact, in addition to diverse models and rich and reasonable prices, there are many other reasons for buyers choose Mazda is the destination:

  • Equipped with control control system on the cars to bring a stable and stable driving feeling
  • Style, strong design, style available, modern also, separate in each car line, suitable for different interests
  • Provide a wide range of safety equipment on vehicle models: from emergency warning, brake support system to anti-slip traction control, reverse camera system, airbags, ...
  • The durable, powerful engine ensures long-distance trips
  • Design of large cabin space and luggage compartment, interior of comfortable vehicles
Mazda is outstanding in both the design and durability of its engine
Mazda is outstanding in both the design and durability of its engine

5 experiences in car care and maintenance of Mazda cars in the rainy season

Pay attention to Mazda car washing problem

In the past, quite a lot of people had thought about leaving a car in the rain to get rid of dirt and dust, saving time for cleaning or spraying cars. But the opposite is true, the acid in rainwater can corrode car paint and affect the engine when absorbed.

In the rainy season, car owners have to pay more attention to car wash, especially after long trips that bring about dirt, mud. When washing with soap, you should also pay attention to clean to avoid chemicals can eat into the car.

If you really don't have time to thoroughly clean your car, you need to bag a few car wash experience at home To be able to handle it quickly and without spending too much money, go many times to car wash shops, car wash garages.

With Mazda cars, focus more on the grille parts, the lights, the cavity. You should also clean the footrest area so that the car will still look clean on rainy days.

Soaked foot mats can cause mold and an unpleasant odor in the cabin. The good news for you is the show Mazda cars also has its own rubber foot mats. This material is suitable for the rainy season because of its advantages of anti-slip, easy to clean and waterproof.

You should pay attention to hygiene and wash your car carefully on rainy days
You should pay attention to hygiene and wash your car carefully on rainy days

Regularly check and take care of the brakes

Mazda Cars is similar to models from other brands, car brake system In the rainy season there can be many problems.

The reason is that on rainy days, visibility is limited, traffic is crowded, roads are flooded, ... all obstruct the driving of vehicle owners. Because of that, the brake systems in these days also work more than usual.

That's not to mention the rainwater that can seep into the brakes causing corrosion and catching the rhythm no longer.

Experience for Mazda car owners check and maintain your brake system regularly in the rainy season. This will help you detect small errors early and correct them in time, minimize unfortunate accidents caused by braking.

You Should Regularly Check Important Parts To Fix Errors Timely
You Should Regularly Check Important Parts To Fix Errors Timely

Watch out for wipers, lights and tires

In the rainy season, the next 3 division's Mazda cars The owner should pay attention to the wipers, the lights and the tires.

In particular, wipers and lighting systems are two parts directly related to visibility, which is essential on rainy days. When there is a problem with the lever or the lights, driving in the rain will not be safe and may be delayed.

Besides, the tire is an important part that affects vehicle operation on the road. Excessive tires or unfortunate situations in the rain are also one of the main causes of dangerous accidents. More specifically, we have an article that you can read about how to protect car tires well How To Protect Your Tires effectively

Vehicle Lighting Systems Need to Be Checked Regularly During the Rainy Season
Vehicle Lighting Systems Need to Be Checked Regularly During the Rainy Season

Check fuel tank

The owners car Often very concerned about the engine oil or the fuel pump (Instructions for Checking Gasoline Pump For Cars) contaminated with water during rainy seasons. Lightness can cause vibrations while traveling on the vehicle, heavy can cause shutdowns and difficulty starting the vehicle.

With engine oil, when you see with your eyes often see the color of oil is diluted, lighter, the fuel may be contaminated with water. Now take the car to the nearest garage quickly for advice on early maintenance.

Especially when it is raining and you need to refuel, back up to the covered area to make sure the gasoline is not contaminated with water.

Take the Vehicle to the Maintenance Center according to Schedule
Take the Vehicle to the Maintenance Center according to Schedule 

Maintain the vehicle at the center as scheduled

In the car Mazda there are so many parts and motors inside that you cannot inspect and service on your own. Therefore, on rainy days you are still not allowed to forget car maintenance schedule at the centers.

2 the most important area that should be checked regularly during the rainy season is belts and undercarriage. Both 2 are located in a low position that is easy to contact with mud, rainwater, so it is easy for damage and wear. Please ask a technical expert Check the vehicle carefully maintenance and immediate maintenance of essential parts to ensure safety during the rainy season.

With 5 experiences Mazda car care in rainy season Useful above, hope you have pocketed yourself the things that are really necessary. Take good care of your car to ensure safety when driving this rainy season. And when you go to car, you also need to know some issues such as: 5 noted when civil liability insurance for cars

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