Cost of 5 Seat Vehicle Registration Procedures: Deadline, Latest Regulations

Cost of 5 Seat Vehicle Registration Procedures: Deadline, Latest Regulations
Latest update date: February 20, 12

Car registration This is a mandatory job that car owners need to do to avoid fines as well as help the state control the quality and quantity of vehicles in circulation. Depending on the type of vehicle, different terms and fees will be specified.

And Thanh Phong Auto research Cost of 5 Seat Vehicle Registration Procedures: Deadline, Latest Regulations to be more active when participating in traffic.

What Is Car Registration?

Car registration is a mandatory job when you want vehicles to circulate and participate in traffic. This process is carried out by the registration agency, after the vehicle registration is granted a certificate and stamped according to regulations.

Registered vehicles are tested for technical standards, vehicle condition and environmental protection level, from which owners feel secure in the process of participating in traffic. After the registration period, the vehicle owner must bring it back for re-registration if he does not want to be administratively fined.

Deadline for Registration of 5-Seater Cars
What should you keep in mind when registering a car?

Procedures for Registration of 5-Seater Vehicles

The registration file for a 5-seater car is generally not too complicated, but it is necessary to understand the types of documents as well as the process to take the initiative to avoid omissions and loss of time.

Vehicle owners, when registering a 5-seater vehicle, need to present and provide all the following papers and information:

STT Range of vehicle Requirement
1 Old car - Original registration certificate.
- Old registration number.
- Compulsory CIT insurance.
2 First time registered assembled car - Factory quality inspection paper.
- Appointment letter from the police agency.
- Civil liability insurance.
- Phone number.
– Frame numbered version
3 Imported vehicle registered for the first time - Appointment letter from the police agency.
- Civil liability insurance.
- Phone number.
– Frame numbered copy.
- Certificate of quality, technical safety and environmental protection.
- Declaration of origin.

All of the above documents for each type of vehicle are mandatory, as prescribed in Clause 2, Article 5 of Circular 70/2015/TT-BGTVT.

Latest 5 Seat Car Registration Fees

Total 5 seater car registration fee New update 2023 is VND XNX, is applicable to both newly registered vehicles and used vehicles. This fee is calculated according to the formula:

>>> 5-seat vehicle registration fee = Certificate fee (90.000 VND) + Motor vehicle inspection fee (250.000 VND)

This fee has been approved by the Ministry of Finance in Circular No. 55/2022/TT-BTC dated October 8, 10 for cars with less than 2022 seats.

If the 5-seater car fails to meet the standards, it will be required to maintain and repair it for re-inspection. The cost of re-inspection is regulated:

  • Re-inspection is conducted on the same day, the 1st and 2nd time is free of charge, the 3rd time is 50% of the first inspection price.
  • Re-inspection is conducted from 1 to 7 days from the date of the first inspection, each time 50% of the price of the first inspection is collected.
  • Re-inspection conducted after 7 days is charged at the price of the first inspection.

5 Seat Car Registration Cycle

5-seat cars are classified into 2 groups, each group is entitled to a different registration deadline:

1. For passenger cars of all kinds with up to 9 seats and not for transportation business

The first cycle is exempt from electricity inspection and the duration is 36 months, from the second time the milestones will be specified in detail:

  • Cars manufactured for up to 7 years have a periodical registration cycle of 24 months.
  • Automobiles manufactured for more than 7 to 20 years (previously 12 years) have a periodic registration cycle of 12 months.
  • Automobiles manufactured for over 20 years have a periodic registration cycle of 6 months.
  • Automobiles manufactured for more than 12 years have a registration cycle of 6 months.
Cost of Registration of a 5-Seater Car
What procedures are needed to register a 5-seat car?

2. For passenger cars of all kinds with up to 9 seats and transportation business

  • Cars that have not been renovated are prescribed:
  • Cars manufactured up to 5 years in the first cycle are exempt from inspection, and the period of periodic registration is 24 months.
  • Automobiles manufactured over 5 years in the first cycle are exempt from inspection, and the period of periodic registration is 12 months.
  • Renovated cars are prescribed for the first time with a period of 12 months and a periodic registration cycle of 6 months.

The motor vehicle inspection cycle has been changed and supplemented from October 1, 10, as prescribed in Circular 2021/2/TT-BGTVT.

5 Seat Car Registration Process

The Franchising Process 5 seater car registration It's simple, but to avoid losing time, vehicle owners should actively prepare documents and check the vehicle before registration.

  • Step 1: Submit documents including civil liability insurance, vehicle registration certificate, old registration certificate, write declarations, pay fees as prescribed.
  • Step 2: Wait for vehicle inspection.
  • Step 3: Pay road maintenance fee if the vehicle passes the registration round.
  • Step 4: Stick the registration stamp, receive the application and leave.
Cost of 5-seat Vehicle Registration Procedures: Latest deadlines and regulations Prestigious Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
4 Steps to Register a 5-Seater Car

5 Seats Car Registration Needs Attention

When bringing a vehicle for registration, vehicle owners should note the following information to be proactive and avoid wasting time:

  • Prepare all relevant documents and records.
  • Inspect all vehicle components to avoid registration denial.
  • Absolutely do not erase or forge certificates and inspection stamps to deal with.
  • Do not borrow or rent parts of cars.
  • Ensure the standards of light protection on cars.
Registration Procedures for 5-Seater Cars
Latest 5-seat Car Registration Cost

Some errors can be missed or administratively sanctioned such as: changing the size of the vehicle, arbitrarily adding lights that do not meet the standards, the vehicle does not meet emission standards, arbitrarily changing tire parameters, ...

In order for a 5-seater car to pass the registration standards, the vehicle owner should bring it to the garage for maintenance, inspection and review of items to avoid additional costs and time.

Vehicle owners who are late for registration will also be subject to very high administrative penalties. Under 1 month, fine from 3.000.000 VND to 4.000.000 VND. Over 1 month, the fine is up to 6.000.000 VND. Therefore, vehicle owners need to "lay down" to avoid losing money.

Above is the information related to Fees for Registration of 5-Seater Vehicles: Term, Regulations The newest Thanh Phong Auto Have synthesized. Hopefully it will help you be more proactive, ensure your safety and avoid inconveniences in the process of using transport. In case it is necessary to check, consult, Car maintenance meet prescribed standards, contact Thanh Phong Auto for dedicated service!

Wishing you a new day full of energy.

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