Cost of 4 Seat Vehicle Registration Procedures: Deadline, Latest Regulations

Registration of 4-seat Car
Latest update date: February 26, 05

According to the law, 4 seater car must pass registry only then are allowed to circulate to ensure the safety of vehicle owners and people traveling on the road. If you are still not clear about the process, the price 4 seater car registration Then don't skip the article Cost of 4 Seat Vehicle Registration Procedures: Deadline, Latest Regulations right here!

Newest 4 Seat Car Registration Procedure

Dossier for registration of a 4-seater car

Before registering a car, the vehicle owner needs to prepare all the following documents:

  • 3 copies of citizen's identity card (bring original documents for comparison).
  • 3 copies of household registration of the vehicle owner (bring original documents for comparison).
  • 2 originals of registration certificates for 4-seat cars.
  • Frame number, engine number of a 4-seater car.
  • Registration tax return (according to regulations).
  • All original vehicle papers: environmental certificate, factory certificate, inspection, VAT invoice.
  • 1 original valid civil liability insurance.

After preparing all the documents, the car owner Bring it to the registry office licensed by the Ministry of Transport for registration.

Registration of 4-seat Car
Latest 4-seat Car Registration Procedures and Costs

Procedure for registration of a 4-seater car

The process of registering a 4-seater car includes the following steps:

Step 1: Submit registration form

The registration dossier includes all the documents mentioned in the above section and the old registration certificate (if it is an old car).

At the scoring agency, you will be given a declaration to fill out information and pay fees in accordance with the law (fee for issuance of registration certificate, inspection fee for motor vehicles).

Step 2: Conduct a 4-seat car inspection

The process of checking a car according to the registration regulations includes the following steps:

  • Check all 4-seat cars.
  • Check the upper parts of the 4-seater car.
  • Check the brake and the front bar across the guide wheel.
  • Check the amount of gas and exhaust components of 4-seater cars to meet the environmental protection criteria.
  • Check the lower parts of the 4-seater car.

The above steps are divided into many detailed categories to check (about 56 categories).

Cars that do not meet the standards are required to be repaired and then returned. In order not to spend too much time on registration, vehicle owners should bring their vehicles for maintenance or check some items before registration.

For new cars:

  • See if the license plate of the car has been installed securely, wipe it clean.
  • Find the location and clean the chassis number, engine number.

For old cars:

  • Check Engine, coolant, brake fluid...
  • Check and align tires, pay attention to car tire pressure.
  • Check the brake system, car horn, car lights...
  • Check wiper system and door latch.
  • Check the taplo table.
  • Check the seat belt system.

Step 3: Pay for road maintenance

When a 4-seater car meets the inspection standard, the vehicle owner will be notified and pay road maintenance fees.

Step 4: Paste the new registration stamp

Vehicles are affixed with a yellow registration stamp for business cars, blue for cars paying road use fees.

Note: Should not go at the beginning of the week, weekend or before Tet holiday because the number of cars participating in the registration is large. At the same time, vehicle owners can contact the locality to schedule an appointment in advance to submit documents and conduct inspection immediately without waiting for registration.

Registration Procedures for 4-Seater Cars
What should you keep in mind when registering a 4-seat car?

Deadline for Registration of 4-Seater Cars

The term/cycle of vehicle registration depends on the type and age of each vehicle.

For 4-seater cars not doing transport business, the vehicle registration deadline is as follows:

  • First registration cycle: 36 months,
  • Cars manufactured for up to 7 years: 24 month periodicity.
  • Cars manufactured from 7 to 12 years: 12 month cycle.
  • Cars manufactured for 12 years: a periodic cycle of 6 months.

For a 4-seater car for transport business, the vehicle registration deadline is as follows:

  • First cycle: 24 months.
  • Cars manufactured for up to 5 years: 12 month periodicity.
  • Cars manufactured for more than 5 years: every 6 months.

Cost of Registration of a 4-Seater Car

Refer to the price list of vehicle registration fees:

Fees for Registration of 4-Seater Cars
Price List of Registration Costs for Latest Vehicle Models

4-seat cars are in the form of cars with less than 10 seats, so registration fee = Certification fee + Inspection fee = 100.000 + 240.000 = 340.000 (VND). This fee is for both new and used vehicle registration.

To avoid wasting time and effort going to the registry many times, vehicle owners can bring the car to the garage Thanh Phong Auto inspect, maintain and fix problems that do not meet the standards in accordance with the law.

With many years of operation in the profession, Thanh Phong Auto confidently commits to customers:

  • Support the car to pass the registration round right from the first time.
  • Able to repair any damage from the simple to the most complex that the car encounters.
  • Fast work time thanks to skilled auto technicians and modern repair machinery system.
  • Alternate plan automotive components Genuine products, absolutely do not use inferior products.
  • Transparent warranty policy for each work item.
  • Competitive service prices.

Hope the article Fees for Registration of 4-Seater Vehicles: Deadline, Latest Regulations will be useful to you. Good luck with your completion car registration Convenient, fast!

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