Choosing an External Garage or Going to a Maintenance Firm?

Should You Choose a Genuine Car Repair Garage or an Outside Workshop?
Latest update date: February 18, 06

When it's time to maintain or repair your car, one of the important decisions a car owner must make is whether to choose an independent garage or take the car to a genuine maintenance company. This requires careful consideration, as both options have their own advantages and limitations.

The question is simple but it is not easy to find a suitable answer for everyone. Thanh Phong Auto itself often receives similar questions.

To answer this question, we would first like to send you some typical opinions that have appeared in the media and social networks... and here:

Perspective #1: In terms of Safety

In terms of safety, it is too risky to hand over a valuable car to an exterior and small garage

Small habits - big consequences

It is hard to believe but it has been existing in Vietnam, which are many luxury car owners such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus ... choose garages outside when repairing, maintaining and replacing parts, while facilities, workmanship, professionalism ... of the garage are not equal to genuine garage, and in fact, there have been many cases of outside garages replacing fake spare parts for customers, when breaking down garages. liability and car owner, money is lost, disability is brought.

To get specific numbers, AutoBikes has a small survey of 10 people in Hanoi who are using 4 luxury brands including: Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lexus, Jaguar Land Rover and have a result. A few surprises. 4 among 10 owners who choose genuine garages when repairing and maintaining cars are new car buyers from official distributors, both 4 cars have not gone over 2 years and are under warranty period.

​Genuine Garage is a Smart Choice for Luxury Car Owners
Genuine Garage is a Smart Choice for Luxury Car Owners

6 remaining car owners choose private garages (outside garages), they divest all the repair and maintenance of their billion-dollar car for outside garages.

“When I need maintenance or parts replacement, I usually call a technician to come to my home or company to pick up the car and then bring it back to the garage for repair. When finished, the garage calls me and delivers the car. Even though I know that this way of "taking care" of a car cannot be assured compared to genuine service, it is due to the habit from many years of driving "grass" cars, and the cost of spare parts, wages, and many other expenses. cheaper in genuine garage so I choose this way…” – Mr. Tien, residing in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi – the owner of the Mercedes-Benz E250 shared.

Survey results also show that luxury car users choose only genuine garages because they buy new cars and are entitled to incentives from the company, but for customers who buy used cars, they are not much concerned. to choose the best place to "take care" of the car. Despite the luxury car ride but still cheap psychology criteria are 1, car owners can not foresee the unfortunate consequences of this decision.

According to experts of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, customers choosing a garage will be at risk of risks from the quality of spare parts, warranty, or quality not up to the manufacturer's standards. For example, if a replacement of a non-genuine component is replaced, the risk of damage to other components on the vehicle is very high due to asynchronous spare parts.

Moreover, fake parts also cause unsafe cars when operating. Specifically, if the replacement of fake engine oil will not work, or reduce the effect of engine lubrication, it is especially dangerous when the car runs long distances because the engine temperature will rise. Mild damage to the engine, the small components in the engine, the heaviest can burn the engine. Similarly, the fake brake pads will not tolerate high temperatures when braking at high speed, leading to fire and braking will no longer work, which will be dangerous for both the car and the life of the occupants.

The Professionalism and Modernity of a Genuine Garage Far Far Exceeds Other Garages
The Professionalism and Modernity of a Genuine Garage Far Far Exceeds Other Garages

Not only is the lack of equipment, external garages often enter into the warranty, the origin of spare parts is not clear. Meanwhile, genuine components and spare parts are guaranteed of origin, quality and have a clear warranty period. Currently, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam is committed to guaranteeing the year-old 2 technical error for all components and spare parts at the company.

If you only look at the numbers in the repair and maintenance bills, you can see that the external garage is a bit cheaper, but the owner will face many possible risks with the car, even both his life and his loved one. These are the dangers of counterfeit parts, lack of consistency, lack of precision and professionalism - something that new luxury models always require, with no warranty or unclear warranties, Garage disclaims responsibility when an incident occurs ...

The case of Mr. Minh, residing in Hoang Mai District, Hanoi is also a lesson for luxury car owners to change car care habits. In 12 / 12017, Mr. Minh brought a friend's newly acquired Land Rover Evoque to a garage on Linh Nam street to inspect and maintain all cars, change oil and some small parts at a total cost of over. 18 million. When receiving car mechanics here offer the latest automotive perfume and commitment to quality.

The staff instructs Mr. Minh to spray perfume directly into the air-conditioning vents to increase the fragrance and help keep the scent longer. After half a month, the air-conditioning vents on the car had a speckled appearance. “At first I just thought this was the condensation in the air conditioner and it would disappear when the air conditioner was turned off, but I tried many times to turn it on and off, but the stains did not go away, but spread. When I brought the car to the company, I found out that the cause was due to spraying perfume directly on the air-conditioning vent, which melted and deformed the surface of the young rubber, making it crumbly, the only way to fix it was to replace it with a new one. Too frustrated, I brought the car to the old garage, both the mechanic and the owner blamed each other and no one took responsibility…” – Minh added.

Small Change - Big benefit

According to automotive engineering experts, it is time for car users to change the way they take care of their cars to ensure their safety and for themselves. The rapid development of the technology applied on newer cars has made it impossible for outside garages to keep up, thus repairing these vehicles beyond their capabilities, not to mention the lack of Equipment is also a major difficulty.

Repair and maintenance costs at external garages are usually 10% - 30% cheaper than factory garages, depending on each item. However, the number of professional and reputable garages is increasingly rare, most of them are unprofessional and not properly invested, while cars are an item that requires high professionalism and precision, because related to the lives of people in the car and people participating in traffic on the road.

Checking Engine Oil is One of the Necessary Habits of Every Car Owner
Checking Engine Oil is One of the Necessary Habits of Every Car Owner

Some financial experts said that if looking first at the cost of repairs, labor, money components, spare parts, the garage is cheaper than the genuine garage. But this is not a smart choice and it is only superficial. Car users think about the risks that are very likely to happen if the car repair in the garage is unprofessional, then the amount of money that the car owner must bear increased many times.

Make a habit of periodically checking motor oil, household oil, oil filter, coolant - Things like the blood of an engine. A good car, powerful and safe operation is one that is taken care of regularly, this is also the best way to minimize any damage on the car.

Never go into trouble when any part on the vehicle is due to be replaced, or if there is a part on the car that is broken, you should take the car for repair, you should proactively inspect and replace it when there are signs of damage. to prevent line failures ...

Continuing the topic of choosing a place to care and maintain your "Dear Car", Thanh Phong Auto would like to send you a different perspective, hoping it will be useful to everyone in deciding on a place to care for, maintain, Maintain and repair your "Dear Car"...

Opinion #2: Review Analysis 

What is the difference between maintenance of cars in the company and outside garages?

 This is a question that many people wonder, even those who have used both services can not fully understand. Please also Thanh Phong Auto evaluate about these 2 services.

A share of forum members otofun used to work in genuine garages and outside garages:

  1. Genuine garage Suitable for those who do not have a deep understanding of the vehicle. Customers using regular cars. Then they just need to enter the company, follow the maintenance cycle of the company is finished. However, the price in the firm will certainly be higher.
  2. The garage has a name outside (usually these garage must have 20% -40% of genuine people out) suitable for customers who have high technical repair requirements but expect a reasonable cost. Customers of these garages when coming to car repair often pay little attention to how and how to handle the mechanic.
  3. Genuine garage often equipped with a full range of vehicles and repair scales than the outside garage. In addition, because only work on a certain vehicle, in terms of handling the disease is also faster than the garage outside. However, when repairing an outdoor garage, there will be more options for customers to choose.

The first is about the price

  • Usually, maintenance is always more expensive than the garage outside. (Due to the space, the cost of staff, machinery, and operation takes more than the garage).
  • Outside garages are more affordable than in-house.

About the maintenance procedure

Car maintenance process in the company

  • Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, there are different maintenance procedures. Luxury car brands Mercedes, Audi, BMW... There will be a more special maintenance process than conventional models such as Toyota, Hyundai, Kia... In addition, some special models like Rolls-Royce Phantom will have a more special maintenance process. separate.
  • Thanh Phong would like an example: Mercedes-Benz maintenance schedule: every 8,000 km. As for the Hyundai series, it is every 5,000 km (For car oil 15W40 or 20W50). In addition, some accessories and spare parts need to be replaced according to each maintenance cycle. Like hyundai cars to km 35.000 will change gasoline products, Hyundai gasoline engine oil (5w30), gasoline engine oil filter, engine oil preparations, engine oil discharge.
  • Thus, car maintenance in the company will follow the specific schedule listed by the company. Some spare parts and accessories may arise during maintenance.

Car maintenance process in the garage

Choose an Outside Garage or Go to a "Dear Car" Maintenance Firm? Thanh Phong Auto Hcm Garage Guarantee 2024
Thanh Phong Auto Making Machine Audi Q5

Follow the routine maintenance procedure for each model and vehicle according to the genuine maintenance procedure.

Or maintenance depends on the direct inspection of the vehicle's condition. Can flexibly ignore 1 parts need to be replaced in the company (such as brake pads have not worn due to less braking ...).

About experience and practical analysis

In our opinion, the cost of maintenance is small, the average outside and inside is not much different. Only when they have to replace many parts will it be higher.

However, if you do not control the quality of spare parts, the replacement of the cheaper idea is expensive because the shelf life is shorter (more quickly broken). Thanh Phong found that the company always checked the status of the vehicle's systems when performing maintenance and gave warnings to vehicle owners. These warnings are always worthwhile for you to accept the higher costs when maintaining your car at a genuine dealer. Many people use grass zace car but still take it to the genuine dealer for maintenance.

And if you know some non-reputable garages, have good facilities investment. A good repair team does not necessarily have to enter the firm. Workers there do very carefully, needing something new to replace, not necessarily periodically. It is also quite cost effective if you travel a lot.

Advantages and disadvantages of the company and the outside garage

In our opinion, periodic maintenance at the company has good points and bad points. The good part is that the car is checked and replaced with genuine parts, when operating, it will be better. But the downside is also that:

  • Technicians only know how to replace parts, sometimes it is not necessary to change but still leave.
  • The company has to rent a large space, located in the center and pay salaries for all employees, so the cost when you repair it will increase a lot.
  • Sometimes in the crowded car company you have to wait quite a bit longer than outside.

A garage that is reputable is very reasonable (if your car is out of warranty) reasonable why?

The price is much cheaper, enthusiastic, not replacing spare parts if still used to avoid waste. For example, the Hyundai i20 car has a broken ABS after it is listed on 3.500.000 quotation if outside, it is also genuine 2.000.000. Filter air conditioner on the quotation factory, please try to compare it.

Should enter the company why?

  • Which company only repairs a few cars of that company, so they diagnose the disease very accurately to avoid this broken situation but report to repair another, replacing it again and again, wasting money and time. Outside, the mechanic fixes many types of cars, sometimes the mechanic has never seen that car, the tracing can sometimes heal the pig into a lame pig.
  • In the warranty company and use genuine products, you will be assured when using. Don't be afraid of poor quality clothes.

However, not all genuine Gara are reputable. There are also some genuine garage shops that have a bad reputation but very few. And not all outside garages do it discredit. Some outside garages of quality prestige even surpass the firm. The choice for your car where maintenance is guaranteed is quite important. It not only helps you reduce costs, time but most importantly peace of mind. Helps avoid minor diseases that provide good vehicle durability.

  • If you do not have time to learn and need to use a car less Thanh Phong recommends choosing genuine.
  • If you have time to learn and use the car a lot. Look for a reputable outside garage. It will help you significantly reduce costs.

Should maintenance cars in the company and outside garages differ? Still depending on the needs of each person will have different choices. Thanh Phong Auto wishes everyone find a reputable car maintenance address.

Choose an Outside Garage or Go to a "Dear Car" Maintenance Firm? Thanh Phong Auto Hcm Garage Guarantee 2024
Thanh Phong Auto Maintains High Quality Vehicles

Perspective No. 3: Evaluation Suggestions

Should choose the car repair garage outside or the genuine garage? As mentioned above, each place has its own strengths and weaknesses, Thanh Phong Auto sends you and you a few suggestions below that will be helpful for you and you ...

Choose an Outside Garage or Go to a "Dear Car" Maintenance Firm? Thanh Phong Auto Hcm Garage Guarantee 2024
Thanh Phong Auto - 1 Corner of General Repair Area

It would be ideal if there was one place that could meet all the needs of every customer, unfortunately not. In the company or the external garage, there are advantages and disadvantages. What we recommend you to choose from - in fact your suitability, depending on your individual circumstances and circumstances you can refer to the following suggestions:

You should join the Company when:

  • You own a car for the first time, a new car (still in the warranty period — normally, new cars are warranted for about 2-3 years depending on the brand. During this warranty period, if you go out to work, sometimes it will be difficult if your car is unlucky. In case there is an error in the production or assembly process, but you know this is still common whether the car you buy is high-end or popular, recalling or major repair companies. is this error…. then the company may refuse the warranty…)
  • You don't know and don't need to know about technology... (Of course you excel in other areas of expertise...)
  • You do not have time to research, nor do you have a relationship with any outside garage to find out which garage is good, quality and reliable...
  • And finally, you have to pay a lot of money for your services... (in fact, you have to pay for the cost of the service you use + the brand value of the company...)
  • When you belong to this group, you can rest assured that your beloved car is taken care of by Genuine (Just joking, but actually it is a certain business authorized by the company to act as its service agent) basically the quality will reach some acceptable level.

Choose an Outside Garage or Go to a "Dear Car" Maintenance Firm? Thanh Phong Auto Hcm Garage Guarantee 2024

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What spare parts and lubricants do genuine garages usually use for their vehicles?

Genuine garages always use genuine spare parts (OEM) and lubricants that meet the manufacturer's standards. For example:

  • Toyota vehicles will use Toyota Genuine Parts parts and Toyota Genuine Motor Oil.
  • Mercedes-Benz cars will use Mercedes-Benz Original Parts and MB 229.5 lubricants. This ensures the best consistency, quality and longevity for the engine as well as other details on the vehicle.

2. What are the harmful effects if non-genuine spare parts and lubricants are used?

Non-genuine spare parts often have poorer quality, durability and compatibility, easily causing sudden damage or chain failure.

Poor quality lubricants do not meet technical specifications, causing the engine to wear out quickly, reducing life and increasing the risk of serious damage.

Using non-genuine parts and lubricants may cause the vehicle's warranty to be denied. Refer now Car oil/oil filter change service Regularly reputable, cheap prices in Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Can genuine garages use non-genuine spare parts?

Genuine garages are authorized and closely monitored by the manufacturer. They commit to only using 100% genuine spare parts, correct codes and specifications for each vehicle model. If there is a case of using non-genuine spare parts, the garage will take full responsibility and the manufacturer's authorized dealer license may be revoked. Instruct How to distinguish genuine auto parts Fast, simple, most accurate.

4. What advantages does an outside garage have compared to a genuine garage?

Some advantages of external garages compared to genuine garages:

  • Service and spare parts costs are typically 20-40% cheaper.
  • Repair and maintenance time is faster due to fewer vehicles, no long waiting times.
  • Service style is more friendly, enthusiastic and flexible.
  • Can repair and maintain many different vehicle models.

5. How to know if an outside garage is reputable and of good quality?

To evaluate whether an outside garage is reputable and of good quality, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Facilities: spacious workshop, modern and clean equipment.
  • The team of workers is highly skilled and experienced (preferably having worked at a genuine garage).
  • Use genuine spare parts and lubricants or equivalent quality standards.
  • Clear, transparent quotes and long-term warranty after repair.
  • Trusted and positively evaluated by many customers.

6. Can a vehicle under warranty be serviced at an outside garage?

According to car manufacturers' regulations, during the warranty period, if the vehicle is maintained outside the genuine garage, the warranty benefits will be lost. The reason is because the genuine garage cannot control the quality of service and components of the outside garage. Therefore, to ensure your rights, you should take your car to a genuine garage for regular maintenance according to the appointment schedule and store all repair and maintenance tickets.

7. Does the genuine garage accept repairs to vehicles that are out of warranty?

Genuine garages still maintain and repair vehicles whose warranty period has expired. However, the cost will not be supported by the company and customers must pay it themselves. The advantage is that the car is still cared for by a skilled technical team, using genuine spare parts, so quality is guaranteed. The downside is that the cost will be higher than repairing at an outside garage.

8. How much higher is the price of regular maintenance at a genuine garage compared to a garage outside?

Periodic maintenance prices at genuine garages are usually 15-30% higher than outside garages, depending on the car brand and service package. For example, regular maintenance every 5.000 km for a Toyota Vios at a genuine garage ranges from 1,8 to 2,5 million VND, while at an outside garage it only costs from 1,5 to 2 million VND. Although the price is higher, genuine garages often have better service quality, have well-trained technical staff, and use standard spare parts and lubricants.

9. What items do regular maintenance packages at genuine garages include?

The content of periodic maintenance packages is divided according to the number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle and is specified in the warranty booklet. In general, a periodic maintenance package usually includes the following main items:

  • Change engine oil and oil filter.
  • Check and add oils and solutions (gearbox oil, brake oil, coolant, glass washer fluid...)
  • Check the condition and wear of components (tires, brake pads, battery, air filter, air conditioner filter...)
  • Check and adjust lights, wipers, and horn.
  • Clean the combustion chamber and check the exhaust system.
  • Check and test operate safety and comfort features on the vehicle.

10. Should I buy spare parts from outside and then bring them to a genuine garage to replace them?

Most genuine garages refuse to install spare parts that customers buy from outside for the following reasons:

  • Quality, origin and compatibility of spare parts are not guaranteed.
  • If an incident occurs, it will be difficult for the garage to determine the cause and whether responsibility belongs to spare parts or technical errors.
  • Genuine garage wants to ensure its service quality and reputation.
  • Some car manufacturers may deny warranty if the car uses non-genuine parts.

11. What should you pay attention to when maintaining your car in an outside garage?

When deciding to maintain your car in an outside garage, you need to keep in mind the following points:

  • Research carefully and choose reputable garages with many positive reviews.
  • Require the garage to use genuine parts or equivalent quality, with clear origins.
  • Ask questions and discuss carefully with the repairman about the car's condition and solution options.
  • Ask for a detailed quote and clear explanation before repairing.
  • Save invoices, repair and maintenance tickets for easy tracking and comparison later.

Read the date of the article shared Pay attention to regular car maintenance Helps you gain more experience when taking care of your pet.

12. What are common errors if vehicle maintenance is not done properly?

If you do not maintain your vehicle properly and regularly, some common errors may include:

  • The engine vibrates, sluggish or overheats due to poor quality oil and infrequent changes.
  • The transmission is jerky and difficult to change gears due to the transmission oil not being changed for a long time.
  • Brakes make squealing, heavy pedaling or are ineffective due to excessively worn brake pads or dirty brake fluid.
  • Uneven tire wear, tire wear due to erratic pressure and precision checks.
  • The error light continuously lights up on the dashboard because the cause has not been thoroughly resolved.
  • The engine is difficult to start, wastes fuel or suddenly loses power.

If you do not belong to the above group, our advice is to use the services of the outside garages and when choosing the outside garages, please note that you should pay attention to find out if the quality of service And what is the price of that garage!

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