5 Caution When Installing Anti-Theft Car Safe And Most Effective

5 Things to Note When Installing Anti-Theft Cars Safely and Most Effectively Genuine Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024
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The car is the desire and pride of many people. You will not want your "driver love" to be affected or damaged by thieves. Therefore, many car owners often install anti-theft cars to prevent theft on cars. However, not everyone knows how to choose and install appropriate anti-theft. Here, we will reveal you 5 note when mounting Anti-theft cars The safest and most effective.

Attendance Notes When Installing Anti-Theft Cars

1. Check each door

You should check each door to see if the sensor is working properly. If a door does not work you will be at risk if the thief enters the door.

2. Install the newspaper đMob in secret places

Alarms are an indispensable part to detect and alert promptly. With the clever and skilled thieves, they can know where the alarm system is and disable it. There are many cases where the user selects a central control panel or just below the seat to mount the alarm. This is the location where the thief can easily detect.

Installing Alarms in Private Places
Installing Alarms in Private Places

When choosing a discreet place to install the alarm, you should carefully check whether the drill surface behind the drill or circuit board. If accidentally hit, you will lose quite a bit of money to fix it.

3. Should fit Antenna out

Many people forget about mounting Antenna In addition, this makes the coverage of the device smaller, it is difficult to detect the activity of theft from a distance. Therefore, you should extend the coverage to be able to observe the vehicle from afar. In addition, you can also use the Glass Mount antenna to attach to the outside of the glass along with a repeater inside the glass. The signal will be transmitted quickly without having to drill holes.

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4. Hold the key from

Most modern cars today have a magnetic key to open the door, unlock it. The integrated car anti-theft alarm system is also integrated into the magnetic key.

You Need To Keep Your Magnetic Key Carefully
You Need To Keep Your Magnetic Key Carefully

However, if the battery runs out of electricity or dies, this magnetic key will be invalid. Therefore, you should check the battery regularly and replace if they are broken. In addition, the magnetic key can also have problems, you need to check and repair periodically.

5. Install a small camera screen in a car

When installing an anti-theft system, you should also install a small camera screen in the car. This device can record video and can hear sounds in a car. The thieves when breaking into the car can make noise. At that time, the camera screen will broadcast the alarm signal immediately.

In addition, you can also set a loud siren in the car when detecting strange movements. This helps keep thieves from breaking into the car.

Above are the notes when installing anti-theft cars. If you are wondering and do not know how to install anti-theft car, please contact Thanh Phong Auto. We will help you install a professional anti-theft system, help you feel secure with your "driver".

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