What To Prepare For 'Love To Go' When The Rain Season Comes

What to Prepare for Your 'Loved Car' When the Rainy Season Comes Quality Garage Thanh Phong Auto Hcm 2024

Driving a car in the rainy season potential dangers due to some inconveniences: slippery roads, limited visibility... To ensure safety, in addition to driving skills Well, checking the parts on the car is also extremely necessary. The following article, Thanh phong specify 8 Things to prepare for "love car" when it's rainy season come, let's refer!

Car Protection During the Rainy Season
What should you keep in mind when using a car in the rainy season?

1. Check Tire Condition

Tire is the point of direct contact of the car with the road surface. When old tires are corroded too much (the spikes and drains are smoothed out) a layer of water between the road surface and the tire is created (hydroplaning) in the rainy season. This layer of water prevents too much contact between the road surface and the car, making the car prone to slipping and causing an accident.

Therefore, car owners need to regularly check tires and ensure:

  • Spikes, drainage ditches at least 3mm deep.
  • Tires are not torn, inflated, cracked or excessively worn.

2. Checking the Windshield, Windshield

Best regards and wipers help the driver easily observe and control the car in rainy weather. Therefore, when preparing for the rainy season, drivers need to pay attention to check this detail:

  • Check the wipers: turn on the wipers, if after wiping, there are still traces of water, consider repairing or replacing.
  • Check the rearview mirror: make sure the car has a full rearview mirror and is intact, not blurred, dirty. The rearview mirrors can be adjusted easily during driving.
  • Glass cleaner: check if the washing water is still there, if it is too shallow, add more.
How to Protect Your Car During the Rainy Season
Checking the Car's Wipers

3. Check Brakes And ABS

Braking helps to slow down, stop the car normally and even in emergency dangerous situations when participating in traffic. Especially in the rain, slippery roads, limited visibility, the brake becomes an effective support tool to ensure safety when participating in traffic. If the brake pedal detects a noise (worn brake or uneven brake disc...), the brake does not work... then you need to go to the garage for repair/replacement support as soon as possible.

In addition to car brakes, the ABS system is also very important. This tool helps the driver to brake quickly without locking the wheels (especially when traveling on wet slippery roads). Try to test by driving at a speed of over 20km/h, if the ABS lights on and the brake pedal vibrates, the ABS system is still working fine. On the contrary, if you brake suddenly and the car makes a noise, it means that the ABS system is not stable and needs to be checked. (Refer Common Failure of the Brake System & Simple Repair).

4. Check Vehicle Light System

Visibility in the rain is limited, so it needs assistance from car lights (even during the day).

The car light system includes the following types: daytime running lights, black fog lights, reverse lights, brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, headlights. Entering the rainy season, you need to check and make sure there are no lights that are not lit or flashing.

How to Use a Car When It Rains
Check Vehicle Lighting System

5. Check the Mudguard

The fenders help keep the rear of the vehicle clean – good for the car and safe for the driver. In addition to preventing mud from splashing into the rear of the car, the bib also prevents rainwater from hitting the road surface directly - strongly on the car's walls, making the car's paint old. So whether you are traveling on the highway or on rough dirt roads, using fenders in the rainy season is extremely necessary.

6. Paint Protection

The composition of rainwater contains a certain amount of acid, so leaving the car in contact with rainwater for a long time is not good for the details on the car. To protect your car as well as the paintwork, you can try the following measures:

  • Use car polish before the rainy season.
  • Prepare a car cover in case you need to park your car outdoors.
What to do when using a car in the rainy season
Always Protect Your Car's Paint

7. Check Rubber Gasket

The cabin contains many components and accessories for car furniture so it is easy to damage when rain water gets in. Thanks to the rubber gasket on the edge of the door, the cabin compartment avoids the intrusion, the influence of the weather (rainwater, sunshine...).

Therefore, you should regularly check the rubber gasket for wear or tear to replace it.

8. Prepare Necessary Supplies

Besides checking the parts on the car, prepare the necessary items to make it more convenient for you. Some items to buy in the rainy season are umbrellas, raincoats, clean water, tissues...

The article summarizes the Things to prepare for cars when the rainy season comes for your reference. If you want more peace of mind, bring your "loving car" to Thanh Phong Auto inspection - overall maintenance of the entire vehicle to ensure safety in the rainy season. Contact now!

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