Should You Buy a Used Truck? Experience in Avoiding Risks

Experience buying used trucks
Latest update date: February 17, 06

Used trucks are used vehicles and are resold on the market at a cheaper price than new vehicles. Buying and selling used trucks is increasingly popular in Vietnam, especially for those who need to transport goods on a limited budget.

According to statistics from the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), in 2023, sales of used cars and trucks in Vietnam will reach 342.000 vehicles, an increase of 15% compared to 2022.

A used truck costs only 1/3 of the price of a new one, has little depreciation and is easy to repair, helping you save a significant amount of money. However, it is also recommended that using used cars may encounter many quality problems and potential legal risks leading to higher maintenance and costs.

In case you decide to own a used truck because of a small budget, or temporarily experience a used truck for business, etc., pay attention to the following to limit risks: carefully check the vehicle's condition, license car sheet; Test drive and consult with experienced people or choose a reputable used car transfer facility.

Regarding cost, you should check the market price once, determine the real value of the car and then give a reasonable price. The price negotiation process needs to demonstrate confidence and good information and mental preparation to make the wisest decision.

The procedure for buying and selling a used truck is not too complicated, but you need to prepare complete documents, check the purchase contract carefully and change the name according to regulations so that you can legally own the vehicle.

This article will help you better understand the pros and cons of buying used trucks and experience buying quality vehicles at good prices, limiting risks. Don't miss it!

Share your experience buying used trucks
Share your experience buying used trucks

Should or Shouldn't I Buy a Used Truck?

You should buy a used truck if you want to save costs, use it infrequently and accept some quality risks. However, to make an informed decision, you should learn about the pros and cons of buying a used truck.

What are the advantages of buying a used truck?

Reasonable price, low depreciation and easy repair are outstanding advantages when buying a used truck.

  • Good price: This is the biggest advantage when buying a used truck. Compared to new cars, used cars are significantly cheaper, only 1/3 of the price of a new car, helping you save on initial investment costs.
  • Less depreciation: The value of used trucks has dropped significantly compared to new ones. Therefore, the depreciation of fixed assets will be lower, helping to increase profits for businesses.
  • Easy repair: Used trucks often use common mechanical components that are easy to find and repair at lower costs than new vehicles.

What are the disadvantages of buying a used truck?

Buying a used truck is difficult to ensure quality, with potential legal risks and high maintenance costs. 

According to a 2022 study by the Automotive Quality Research Institute (AutoPacific), nearly a quarter of vehicles 1-4 years old have at least one broken major system. 

  • Quality is not guaranteed: This is the biggest risk when buying a used truck. Vehicles that have been used for a long time may experience wear and tear, potentially causing unexpected repair costs.
  • Legal risks: Vehicles of unknown origin and invalid vehicle documents can lead to disputes, lawsuits and damage to the buyer.
  • High maintenance costs: Older trucks often need more frequent maintenance and repairs than new ones, increasing operating costs.

When should I buy a used truck?

You should buy a used truck if your finances are limited, your usage needs are infrequent, and you accept some quality risks.

  • Limited budget: When the investment budget does not allow buying a new car, used trucks are an effective cost-saving solution.
  • Demand is not high: If the need to transport goods is infrequent or the volume of transport is small, old trucks can meet the needs.
  • Take risks: Buyers need to accept risks regarding vehicle quality and legal issues when purchasing trucks.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Used Truck to Avoid Risks?

To avoid risks when buying a used truck, you need to clearly determine your usage needs, carefully check the vehicle's condition and vehicle documents, test drive the vehicle, consult with experts and find a reputable supplier. credit.

1. Clearly identify usage needs

You need to clearly determine what goods you need to use the truck to carry, how far it will go, what kind of cargo box is required, etc. to shape a satisfactory vehicle line.

  • Commodities: Determine the type of goods frequently transported, for example: vegetables, construction materials, consumer goods, etc. to choose a vehicle with the appropriate load capacity. For example, if carrying heavy construction materials, a truck with a load capacity of 1.5 tons or more is needed.
  • Travel distance: Estimate the distance traveled regularly (inner-city and out-of-province roads) to choose a suitable motor vehicle. For inner-city roads, trucks with compact, fuel-efficient engines are the priority choice. On the contrary, if you often travel long distances, you need a vehicle with a strong and durable engine.
  • Trunk size: Determine the size of the vehicle's trunk to suit your transportation needs. For example, if you carry bulky goods, you need a vehicle with a long and wide trunk.

Currently, the market has many truck lines diverse in brand, load capacity, box size and price. Some popular car models such as Tera 100, Suzuki Carry Pro, Dongfeng DF Van,...

After clearly determining your needs, compare used truck models in terms of load capacity, box size, price, brand reputation, maintenance costs, etc. to choose the most suitable vehicle.

2. Carefully check the vehicle's condition

Thoroughly checking the vehicle's condition is the most important step to limit risks when buying a used light truck. Items that need to be carefully inspected include: engine, transmission system, brake system, chassis system, interior and exterior.

Check the car
Check the car
  • How to check the engine?

To check a small truck engine, you need to start the engine and carefully check the condition of the lubricant, exhaust smoke and coolant.

  • How to check the transmission system?

If you want to check the transmission system, you should try shifting gears, check the clutch (for manual transmission vehicles) and the rear-wheel drive system carefully.

  • How to check the brake system?

The brake system needs to have a certain level of grip, non-worn brake pads and a stable handbrake system to ensure quality.

  • How to check the chassis?

With the chassis system, it is necessary to check warping, rust, suspension stiffness and steering sensitivity.

  • How to check the truck interior?

The interior of a small truck needs to ensure that the seats, electrical system and cabin details are all in good condition.

  • How to check the truck's exterior?

The car's exterior has no scratches, dents, peeling or cracks; The tires are in good condition and the doors operate smoothly.

3. Check vehicle documents

Checking the vehicle registration, maintenance books and documents proving the origin of the truck is an important step to ensure legality and avoid buying a vehicle with a dispute or mortgage.

Step 1: Check vehicle registration:

  • Compare the information on the vehicle registration with the actual vehicle information: Including frame number, engine number, license plate number, paint color, year of manufacture, etc.
  • Check registration deadline: Make sure the vehicle is still registered and has no traffic violations.
  • Check owner name: Make sure the owner's name on the vehicle registration matches the seller's name.
  • Check the number of name changes: Be careful with cars that have had their names changed many times, because there may be potential legal risks.

Step 2: Check maintenance history:

  • Ask the seller to provide a warranty book or vehicle maintenance history: Maintenance history will help you know the technical condition of the vehicle and the maintenance items that have been performed.
  • Check the information in the maintenance history: Includes maintenance date, maintenance items performed, and vehicle condition after maintenance.
  • Compare maintenance history with actual vehicle information: Make sure the maintenance history matches the actual vehicle information.

Step 3: Check the vehicle's origin:

  • Require the seller to provide documents proving the vehicle's origin: Sales invoice, sales contract,...
  • Check the legality of documents proving the vehicle's origin: Verify information on documents with authorities.
  • Be careful with vehicles of unknown origin: Vehicles of unknown origin may pose legal and quality risks.

4. Test drive the vehicle:

You should ask the owner to test drive the vehicle to feel the performance of the old truck. 

Note, test the vehicle on many different terrains (flat roads, steep roads, rough roads) to check the vehicle's ability to accelerate, brake, corner, etc. During the test run, it is necessary to listen to the noise of the engine, transmission system and suspension system to detect arising problems.

Test drive the car
Test drive the car

5. Consult experts:

Consulting with car mechanics and lawyers will help you feel more secure when choosing and completing procedures for a used minivan.

  • Vehicle fixer: Can help you thoroughly check the technical condition of your vehicle, detecting hidden damages that you might otherwise ignore.
  • Lawyer: Can advise you on the legality of vehicle documents and legal issues related to buying and selling used cars.

6. Choose a reputable address that sells used trucks

Choosing a reputable used truck sales address is an important factor to ensure vehicle quality and avoid potential risks. You need to find out detailed information about car sales addresses, check reputation, consult prices and after-sales policies.

Step 1: Find out information about car sales addresses:

  • Consult with friends and relatives: People with experience buying and selling used trucks can share with you reputable and trustworthy addresses.
  • Search for information on the internet: Refer to websites, truck forums, and customer reviews about used small truck sales addresses.
  • Choose car sales addresses with websites and fanpages with full information: This shows the professionalism and prestige of the car sales address.

Step 2: Check the reputation of the car sales address:

  • Check business license: Make sure the car sales address has a legal business license issued by the authorities.
  • Check the facilities: Visit the car sales address directly to evaluate the vehicle repair and maintenance facilities and equipment.
  • Check the number of cars at the showroom: Reputable car sales addresses often have a diverse number of cars and many models for customers to choose from.

Step 3: Refer to price and warranty policy:

  • Compare prices of car sales addresses: Check car prices at many different addresses to choose a place with reasonable prices.
  • Refer to the warranty policy of the car sales address: Choose a car sales address with a good warranty policy, long-term warranty period and wide warranty scope.

What to Keep in Mind to Negotiate the Best Price to Buy a Used Truck?

To negotiate a good price, you need to carefully consult the market, determine the real value of the car and then set a reasonable price. During the negotiation process, you need to show confidence and good mental preparation to make the wisest decision.

Negotiate to buy used trucks
Negotiate to buy used trucks

Refer to the market price of similar truck models:

You can check car prices at reputable used car dealers, online car sales websites, or ask for advice from people with experience buying and selling used small trucks.

Determine the real value of the car:

Based on the vehicle's condition, years of use, distance traveled, and included options to determine the true value of the vehicle.

Offer a reasonable price:

The price you offer should be slightly lower than the market price so there is room for negotiation.

Show confidence:

When negotiating, you need to show confidence and assertiveness, but also stay polite and respectful to the seller.

Prepare yourself mentally:

Negotiating prices can take time, so you need to be mentally prepared to be patient and make an informed decision.

Procedures and Purchase Contracts Is Selling a Used Small Truck Complicated?

The procedure for buying and selling a used car with a small capacity is not too complicated. Just prepare complete documents, check the purchase contract carefully and change the name according to regulations, then you can legally own the vehicle. .

1. Prepare documents:

According to Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA, documents for buying and selling used small trucks include identification documents, vehicle documents and vehicle purchase and sale contracts.

  • Identification: Citizen identification card/ID card or citizen identification card with chip of both buyer and seller.
  • Vehicle registration: Vehicle registration card, vehicle warranty book (if any).
  • Sale contract: Vehicle sales contract is agreed upon by both parties or using an available contract form.

2. Sales contract:

Carefully check the contents of the contract before signing.

  • Content contract:
    • Vehicle information: Vehicle type, license plate number, chassis number, engine number, paint color, year of manufacture.
    • Car selling price.
    • Payment terms: Payment method, payment time.
    • Responsibilities of both parties: Buyer and seller.
    • Other terms (if any).
  • Contract: After carefully inspecting the vehicle and agreeing to the terms of the contract, the two parties proceed to sign the contract.

3. Change of name to change owner:

After signing the purchase contract, you need to prepare documents to change ownership according to the following steps:

  • Submit: Bring the purchase contract, identification documents, and vehicle documents to the Traffic Police Department of the Provincial or Central City Police to submit the application for name change.
  • Receive new vehicle documents: After completing the ownership transfer procedure, you will receive a new vehicle registration certificate in your name.
Process of buying and selling used trucks
Process of buying and selling used trucks

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Used Minivan

Should I buy a used or new truck?

Choosing to buy a used or new truck depends on many factors such as your usage needs, budget, and your ability to accept risks.
You should buy a new light truck if you have enough budget and need a high-quality, low-risk vehicle.

You should buy a used truck if you have a limited budget, accept risks and have the ability to repair the vehicle.

What does the cost of buying and selling used trucks include?

Cost of buying and selling a used truck = vehicle purchase price + title change fee + vehicle inspection fee (if any) + registration fee + vehicle insurance fee + repair fee (if any).

  • Car purchase price: Depends on vehicle type, vehicle year, and vehicle condition.
  • Fee for changing name and owner: Depending on the car's selling price and the locality where the car is registered.
  • Vehicle inspection fee (if any): Depends on locality.
  • Registration fee: 2% of vehicle value is determined according to regulations Article 1 of Circular 20/2019/TT-BTC.
  • Car insurance costs: Depends on vehicle type and insurance fee.
  • Repair costs (if any): Depends on vehicle condition.

Which model of used truck should I buy?

The used truck model that is right for you depends on your needs and budget. You should choose a car that is not too old (about 5 years ago) to ensure the car's quality is good and spare parts are easily available.

Should I buy a used truck online?

You should not buy used trucks online because there are many potential risks such as:

  • Difficult to check vehicle condition: Can only view photos and videos, cannot directly inspect the vehicle.
  • Easy to be scammed: There are many scammers selling fake cars, cars that are not as described.
  • Difficulty in resolving disputes: If a dispute occurs, you will face many difficulties in resolving it.
  • Recommendations: You should buy a used truck directly so you can check the vehicle thoroughly and avoid potential risks.

What should you keep in mind when using old trucks?

When using a used truck, it is necessary to maintain periodically, check the vehicle before departure, carry the correct load and pay attention to careful driving to ensure durability and safety.

  • Regular vehicle maintenance: Maintain the vehicle according to the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the vehicle operates at its best.
  • Check the vehicle before departure: Check tire pressure, brakes, vehicle lights,... to ensure safety when traveling.
  • Carry goods with the correct load: Do not exceed the vehicle's permissible load.
  • Drive carefully: Obey traffic laws, pay attention to your surroundings, and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

What type of insurance is needed for used trucks?

Necessary types of insurance for used trucks include: civil liability insurance, body insurance, and physical insurance.

  • Civil liability insurance: Compensate for damage to other people's people and property caused by the vehicle.
  • Body insurance: Compensate for damage to the vehicle due to accidents, collisions, fires, etc. Note when buying body insurance for the vehicle: not all parts are protected, you need to provide detailed vehicle information, find out Carefully review the conditions and fees and choose the appropriate exemption level.
  • Material covered: Compensate for damage when the vehicle is damaged by water, stolen, etc. Note when buying vehicle physical insurance: choose a reputable company, choose a high deductible, appropriate insurance package and should buy in groups for optimal expense.

Refer to the A reputable car and truck insurance company especially if you want to buy.

Why are small used trucks popular in the market today?

Currently, in the truck buying and selling market, used small trucks are becoming popular in the market thanks to the advantages of flexibility, savings and efficiency. 

  • Flexible and economical: Small used trucks can move easily and quickly, suitable for selling in many different locations. Thanks to this, business owners can reach more potential customers, while saving on fixed space rental costs.
  • Diverse business products: Light trucks can be used to sell many different items such as agricultural products, food, fast food, drinks, clothing, etc.
  • Easy to design and decorate: The vehicle trunk can be designed and decorated according to the business owner's wishes to create attraction and highlight the brand.

Choosing a suitable light truck that fully meets business requirements will contribute to improving operational efficiency and attracting customers.

Which used small truck brand is popular in Vietnam?

Some popular used light truck brands in Vietnam include: TQ Wuling, JAC, Suzuki, Dongfeng, TaTa, Tera, Kia, Hyundai,...

  • China Wuling N300P: An emerging 1-ton small truck line belonging to Tan Chong Group, famous for its moderate price, high load capacity and attractive warranty policy. Reference China Wuling N300P truck price list newest [mm]/[year]
  • JAC: manufactured and assembled by JAC Motors Group - China. With a Japanese Isuzu engine, this vehicle is highly appreciated for its power, durability and smooth operation.
  • Suzuki Carry Pro: Light truck line from Japan, popular for its durability, fuel economy, and reasonable price.
  • D: Small truck line from China, with high load capacity, low price, suitable for transporting bulky goods.
  • TaTa: Belongs to the famous brand Tata (India), assembled and distributed through TMT Motors (Vietnam), highly appreciated for its sophisticated design, flexibility and stable operation.
  • Tera 100: Small truck line from Korea, modern design, flexible, fuel efficient.
  • Thaco Kia Towner: Light vehicle line from Korea, popular for its durability and easy replacement parts.
  • hyundaiporter: Light truck line from Korea, with high load capacity, powerful engine, suitable for long-distance transportation.

Where should I buy a reputable new/used truck in the South?

Thanh Phong Auto is proud to be the leading reputable address for buying and selling used and new trucks in Ho Chi Minh City, trusted and chosen by many customers in the Southern region. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of repair, maintenance, and truck sales, we are committed to bringing you:
Providing a variety of truck lines: From old to new small trucks in many segments, meeting all your transportation needs.

  • Dedicated consultation: Experienced staff will advise in detail about the parameters, features, advantages and disadvantages of each car model, helping you choose the car that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Transparent pricing: Commitment to public and competitive selling prices for used trucks and new trucks in the market.
  • Attractive warranty: Support clear and reputable warranty policy for customers.
  • Guaranteed quality: A team of experienced technicians thoroughly inspects used trucks before handing over, ensuring the best quality for customers.

Coming to Thanh Phong Auto, you will get:

  • Support finding the car that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Experience professional, dedicated service.
  • Peace of mind about car quality and price.
  • Support procedures for buying and selling cars and car insurance quickly and conveniently.
  • Reputable truck maintenance and repair service.

If you have any questions about our services, contact us immediately for dedicated service

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