Should Or Should Not Paint Chassis Of Cars

- Should or Shouldn't You Paint the Undercarriage of Cars?
Latest update date: February 23, 01

Should car underbody coating? is the question that many people who use car crashes wonder. Because many people still hesitate in whether to cover the underbody or not to cover the car? And what are the benefits from underbody coating? Let's Thanh Phong Auto Answer these questions through the following article!

- Should or Shouldn't You Paint the Undercarriage of Cars?

Paint cover In essence, to create a protective layer for the car chassis, to help limit the harmful effects of sun, rain, smoke, dust, dirt ... Undercarriage paint is sprayed on the chassis of the vehicle, creating a specialized layer. quite an important role in keeping your car.

Should I apply paint to the underbody of my car?

- Should or Shouldn't You Paint the Undercarriage of Cars?

The answer is should paint underneath because it gives very many benefits to users, can be named as follows:

The main effect of undercoat coating

  • Noise reduction
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Antirust
  • Increased heat insulation
  • Aesthetics increase
  • Against kicks

Protect the car more durable over time

Undercarriage helps protect your car from external impacts: dust, smoke, rainwater, sandstone, ... thereby helping the car to be more durable, increase the vehicle's life and save costs. car repair and maintenance.

What to do before coating car underbody?

- Should or Shouldn't You Paint the Undercarriage of Cars?

Steps very important before undercoat coating:

  • Clean the surface to prepare the paint.
  • It is advisable to rework the surface in case it is too bad.
  • To clean the surface to be painted, we will wash it with water, remove the wheel. Then it is necessary to clean the small objects in the wheel recesses, remove the plastic shields to ensure the best effective cleaning ...

Vehicle cover methods

- Should or Shouldn't You Paint the Undercarriage of Cars?

Chemical underlay

Currently on the market there are many different types of chemicals, each with different origins and different prices for customers to choose from, typically some types such as: 3M, Moly, Liqui, Vaber Tex, ...

Shoot dry ice CO2

Depending on the condition of the underbody, each measure will have its own advantages and disadvantages. So before deciding to use, the car owner should consult carefully for advice from technicians ..

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Above are the sharing about Should or should not cover the car as well as the benefits of covering a car. If you care about service or product packages Car Maintenance & Care Please contact Thanh Phong Auto Through the Hotline number to get a specific consultant and we will give the best solution for your car.

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