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Child lock lock, tire wear bar, automatic transmission lock release ... are small details in cars that not everyone knows, even though they have used the car for many years

Child lock on back door

This part is usually located on the rear door of the car, the contact surface with the latch on the body. The use of a child lock is not to open the door from the inside, whether the vehicle is moving or stopping.

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Child lock on Ford Escape

The location of a child lock pad is usually located inside or along the rear door body of the car. This part is designed with a pin or lock so that it can be turned by hand or the tip of the key.

When using this mode, the passenger cannot open the door from the inside. Only the driver can open the door from the outside. To cancel this mode, the driver opens the door and turns the switch to its original position.

Anti-glare rearview mirror

On high-end models, there is usually an automatic anti-glare mirror. However, popular cars may not have this function. Instead, the manufacturer has designed a small lever behind the rearview mirror.

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Drivers should put up anti-glare mirrors when moving at night

In daytime conditions, without anti-glare, the driver should adjust the mirror enough to observe. When moving at night, the driver swipes to switch to anti-glare.

At this time, the view in the rearview mirror may be reduced slightly, but it will reduce the discomfort caused by the headlights of the rear vehicles projected.

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Automatic gearbox unlock lever (Shift Lock)

The role of this pin is to return to mo (N) in emergencies where the engine cannot be turned on. For example, when the transmission is jammed, the vehicle runs out of power completely, pull the car when it is flooded or move by an ambulance without starting the engine ...

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The automatic transmission release pin is usually next to the gear lever.

To open the latch, the driver uses the key, the screwdriver to press the unlock lever near the gear lever, now the gear lever can be N. On some models, the Shift Lock position can be designed. Add snap cap to ensure aesthetics.

Some high-end cars may not have Shift Lock.

Hazard warning lights (hazard lights)

Many drivers have a habit of using danger warning lights "innocent" when passing a vehicle, passing through a roundabout or intersection. As the name suggests, hazard warning lights should only be used in case of danger and warn of danger to other vehicles.

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Many drivers use hazard warning lights as priority lights.

According to the expert's instructions, danger warning lights are used in cases such as vehicle breakdown, roadside stop or in emergency situations such as loss of brakes or uncontrollable ...

In addition, drivers can also use emergency lights in some other situations such as walking in fog, heavy rain to make it easier for other drivers to see.

Small slots on the dashboard

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The small slits located near column A have the main effect of ventilation and glass drying

The small slots on the dashboard are often confused with the air vents of the air conditioner. They are designed near column A and have a diagonal direction to the outside. The true effect of these slots is ventilation and drying the glass so the driver can see well, even in conditions of high humidity.

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Tire wear index

Tire wear indexes (wear bars) are located in the main grooves and equidistant from the tire. When the tire is worn out equal to the length of the bar, the driver should replace the tire.

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Location of tire wear index

If you go little, the driver should still change the tire after about 6-7 years, according to the manufacturer's recommendation. Even if the tire is not used, the car is not running, it will need to be replaced after 10 years.


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