How Technology Will Make The Automobile Industry "Change Skin" This Year

- How Technology Will Change The Automobile Industry This Year
Latest update date: February 26, 06

Car manufacturing is the second highest information-driven industry in the world. Thanks to the development of mobile phones and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, today's car manufacturers can gather a lot of information from drivers, including destinations, roads, features. traffic and even predict when products need warranty. The following are technological changes that will make the automotive industry "change skin" in 2020.

Stay connected

More than ever, today's customers desire to experience the uninterrupted connection. By 2020 and beyond, connectivity will not only occur through phones, homes, and offices, but will happen in the transportation arena as well. Drivers can connect to their favorite apps and songs for entertainment. Children can access video games, even online homework right on the way home. Previously cars with wifi were not popular, but from 2020 wifi in cars will become an indispensable feature when customers choose to buy a car.

- How Technology Will Change The Automobile Industry This Year

Self-propelled vehicles

Autonomous vehicles level 4 is still a dream of businesses. Many companies like Waymo, Uber, and Tesla are showing their capabilities in the field, but the prospect of ordinary consumers being able to buy and use self-driving cars is still quite far. The revolution of self-driving cars will become more and more evident in the coming years, reflected in the pioneering products in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Fair (CES).

Better user experience

In the past, the navigation and voice control systems in cars have yet to work flexibly and quickly. Businesses today are improving the user experience with new systems, such as Apple Play Car, in which all information displayed on a user's iPhone will be able to appear and synchronize when users change. Change information on cars and phones.

- How Technology Will Change The Automobile Industry This Year

Car manufacturing is the second highest information-driven industry in the world. Photo: Getty Images.

Product life cycle is getting shorter

Technology pressure is reducing the average life cycle of cars, because customers tend to switch to more modern and advanced equipment. The life cycle of 5-8 years of the present in the future can be shortened to 1-2 years.

This means that manufacturers can now sell more cars, consumers need to find new solutions to have money to exchange cars. Will short-term car rental, instead of buying cars used in the long term, become the new trend? The answer is most likely.

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Remote update

The need to visit the warranty station every time the warning light on the vehicle lights up is no longer available. Thanks to the ever-connected vehicle status, consumers can now update technology and safety measures without having to set foot in repair and warranty shops.

Predictions of warranty

Today, cars can gather a bunch of data, send them to the cloud for processing and then warn users about a range of problems that are likely to be encountered in the future, from engine failures to braking. broken car. Predicting when a vehicle needs a warranty today is up to 90% accurate with 30 day prediction errors.

Increase security

A lot of people are syncing data on their phones to rental cars without even thinking about security risks. As information can gather more and more, security becomes more important than ever. However, research shows that drivers who are not aware of any parts of the vehicle, including the engine, brakes, steering wheel, etc., can be attacked by hackers.

In the future, there will be more and more public awareness campaigns on car connection security, which will put pressure on car manufacturers to prioritize security when providing vehicles. product.

- How Technology Will Change The Automobile Industry This Year

Personalize the driving experience

When different individuals use cars, they have different customization needs. This problem can now be solved with artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT. Cars can even adjust the tilt of the seats, the position of the mirrors, adjust the radio and air conditioning every time a new driver drives. AI can even read moods and sound alerts when drivers fall asleep or distracted. These great features can make the car more convenient and safer.

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Improve the car buying experience

Most people buy a car that is often stressful to make sure the model is right for them but nowadays new technology can solve this problem. Toyota has introduced an augmented reality (AR) system that enables buyers to learn about cars without having to step into car galleries or download any applications.

Audi also offers a virtual reality (VR) experience to help customers choose cars, thereby increasing 60-70% of sales in car showrooms testing this technology. In fact, virtual car galleries also help sellers save costs for car display space and a strategy to help both parties, both sellers and buyers, benefit.

According to Forbes Vietnam

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