Rescue Plan For A Car In A Roadway

car rescue plan
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What to do when a car breaks down in the middle of the road? When to call for help and when not to? What should be done before calling an ambulance to keep you safe? Which rescue plan is suitable for the type of vehicle you are using?

Equipping yourself with some basic knowledge when a car crashes in the middle of the road is very necessary. That's why, in this article Thanh Phong Auto will share with customers the most complete information around car rescue when having trouble in the middle of the road. Please refer.

car rescue plan
Car rescue

What To Do Before Calling For Help If Your Car Has A Problem In The Middle Of The Road?

1. Placing Signs Or Signaling Warnings 

Your car is on the road suddenly having trouble, you should turn on the emergency lights first. Then get off the bus to see if there's a good spot to put a warning sign or device (what you can get in the car or around, maybe obvious attention).

In front and behind the vehicle, about 50m away is an appropriate place to place signs to attract attention and make them recognizable so that vehicles in traffic can avoid collisions and do not have time to handle them. This is very important when the vehicle is located on highways, roads at night, hidden roads.


car rescue plan
Place signs in front and behind the vehicle about 50m

2. Know the Basics of Cars 

If it is not your car, but you borrow or rent it, it will be difficult for you to understand and answer accurately the information about the car. Therefore, you need to be prepared to know some basic information in advance such as car model, model, technical specifications, etc.

In order to find support faster, you also need to know what is wrong with the car, usually on the clock face behind the steering wheel will show a basic error. You need to read it correctly and take a photo again to use for the next step.

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3. Refer to the Craftsman, Garage Friendly

Usually when a car has a problem, you can ask for advice from people who are in the car repair profession that you know. Immediately save the phone number of a familiar Garage technician or switchboard in your contacts. Your phone number right now if you don't have it yet.

4. Self-Test And Fix Some Basic Failures If Experienced

car rescue
Self-check and repair cars when there is a problem if experienced

If the errors are small or basic, you can fix them yourself, then start working to save time and money. Please check if your car is fully equipped with replacement and repair parts?

5. If You Have No Experience – Don't Try to Repair Your Car

Contrary to the advice above, if you do not understand anything about the car or the fault it is having, do not try to repair it. Also, do not subjectively follow the instructions of the Internet if you have never done it before, the consequences will make the car damaged more severely. 

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6. Choose the Right Car Rescue Plan

Car rescue vehicles are divided into 3 classes: Light - under 5 tons, medium - under 10 tons and heavy - over 10 tons. At the same time, depending on the characteristics of each type of car, the form of rescue is also divided into 3 types: forklift truck, truck with carrier and truck with crane.

car rescue plan
Choose the right type of rescue vehicle
  • Tow truck tow truck: for manual transmission cars.
  • Rescue vehicle with carrying deck: suitable for automatic transmission cars. With this vehicle, failure to comply with the manufacturer's recommendations may burn or destroy the automatic transmission. Therefore, it is best to use a car rescue vehicle with a floor, or tow with a non-active bridge.
  • Ambulance with a crane: necessary for the case of cars getting bogged down, or stuck in pits, ditches, etc., maneuvering a car rescue vehicle with a crane and using cloth rescue ropes is considered the optimal solution. , the safest.

* Note, especially for high-end cars such as BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, etc., it is necessary to call a rescue vehicle with a floor. Because even though the car has turned off, in fact, the car's computer is still working "silently", the equipment inside the car can still be activated, potentially adversely affecting the vehicle's operating condition. when being lifted quite high. 

Above, Thanh Phong Auto has summarized some information and notes about Rescue plan for cars crash in the middle of the road. Hope to be useful to you.

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